2012, Lapeer County, Michigan, Bigfoot is Spotted Again Riding a Moutain Lion

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 17 days after Robert (Bob) Wilcox, of Lapeer Country, Michigan, submitted a photograph of Bigfoot to the Tri City Times, Shirley Staffrod reports seeing a Bigfoot and Mountain Lion along the same patch of trail.

Wilcox claims his original photograph was snapped by a motion camera positioned along the woodland trails of North Lake George Road in Attica. The photograph shows a large ape like creature with smooth plastic fur and deep set, black, and empty eyes rubbing its midsection as it moves along the path.

Shirley Staffrod claims to have seen the photograph while sitting in her favorite chair, at the local branch library, where she goes everyday to read about bargins and check her emails. Inspired by the kind look of the creature, Staffrod borrows $2 dollars for gas and drives to the area where the photograph was allegedly taken.

While sitting in her car looking over a medical bill, Staffrod claims to have heard some rustling near the road. She rolled down her window and called out inviting the Bigfoot to have a slice of pizza and some Cheetos she always keeps in her car.

It is after her invitation that she sees the large snarl of a black and tan mountain lion. It is only after she started to roll up her window, that she caught a glimpse of the Bigfoot straddling the mountain lion, seeming to ride it like a rocking horse. Staffrod enjoyed the Cheetos on her own.

1999, Mores Creek Summit, Iowa, Skiiers See A Wood Booger Running the Ridge

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! While on their last skiing trip of the season, Kelli Jones, Traci Gibbs, and Kristi Dubbins record video of a large shadowy figure running along the ridge a few miles above them. Kelli was the first to notice a large man waving his arms at them. He seemed to be covered in some sort of hunting camouflage, but due to the distance and overcast day, she could not make out too many details.

Kelli alerted Traci and Kristi. At this point, Traci got out the small camcorder she had with her to videotape the trio’s skiing antics. Traci managed to capture very brief footage of the creature as it walked a few yards along the tree line ridge before turning and moving out of focus.

Kristi was convinced that they had actual footage of the actual Iowan legendary Wood Booger Man. The legend of the Wood Booger Man was not well known outside of Iowa, but the story was that a pioneer man found the secret to eternal life but that it drove him insane. He wandered the woods of Iowa looking for his friends, all of whom where long dead.

Upon closer inspection of the videotape footage, the creature turned out to be a deer.

1983, Iowa Hill, California, Whacking A Sleeping Bigfoot

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Scott and Doug Driaper were flying kites along the banks of the North Fork American River in the middle of the afternoon. A big gust of wind took their kite into some trees. When the two boys ran into the the woods to fetch their toy, they came upon a large sleeping Bigfoot.

Scott, the older Driaper brother, convinced his younger brother, Doug, to take a broken branch and poke the sleeping monster. Scott was unconvinced that the Bigfoot was real and was not a dead animal, like a bear or maybe homeless man. Even though both boys could hear the massive, stinky creature snoring and snorting loudly.

Emboldened by his brother’s mean taunting, Doug did not simply poke the sleeping Bigfoot – he whacked the creature very hard with the broken branch. When the monster only passed gas, Scott demanded that Doug hit is again. At which point, Doug started crying which woke up the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot stood up and yawned, which so scared the Driaper brothers that the turned heel and ran all the way home. Their mother was disappointed that they lost another one of their toys.

1897, Hans O’Callahan Farms, Michigan, Bigfoot

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! In 1896, Hans O’Callahan inherited a 400 acre farm from his distant relations in the middle of Michigan. Relocating his family from the Carolinas proved most troublesome. More than it was worth, so O’Callahan abandoned his wife and 7 children, faking his own death in a canoeing accident. No one really believed it, especially not Mr. Mortenstern of Mortenstern and Willis Bank who held all the family’s debt. But that is another matter.

O’Callahan made most of his miserable fortune on the grift and graft – selling elixirs and ointments mostly concocted from berries and chalk – and as such was ill prepared to take over a working farm. Let alone a 400 acre one.

After a year of utter failure, poverty, and despair, O’Callahan overheard a drunken discussion of the Michigan Wildman or the Sasquatch. He took great interest in the story of how this fierce and brutal creature, 8 feet tall, with terrible teeth and monstrous paws, terrorized women and road men, alike. A few days later he devised an ingenious ploy to separate fools and their money.

Hans O’Callahan spread a rumor among the town’s general supply store and bars that he had several nasty encounters with this Sasquatch on his land. And that he had come upon nests and other evidence that there were many such creatures living on his 400 acres.

Once the stories were commonplace and he was being asked or stopped anywhere he went. He put into motion the second part of his plan. He organized Sasquatch Hunts. For a small fee, brave and steely men, no children or ladies allowed, could spend a night on his property. Anything they captured or killed would be their sole property, but he did not guarantee anything – let alone survival!

So it was in 1897. that Hans O’Callahan organized the first ever BIGFOOT ATTRACTION!

2011, New Orleans, Louisana, The Epistles of Bigfoot and the Anti-Sasquatch Obama Administration

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Michael Brescani claims that while praying alone in his New Orleans mini-megachurch, he is visited by the Spirit.

The Spirit illuminates Brescani’s mind to certain Christian Facts that have since been ignored by most mainstream denominations.

1. Jesus and Bigfoot are one. As such all those who encounter the woodland creature encounter God. The Revelation they have been given has yet to be understood. Seek the answers in the Pacific Northwest.

2. Obama is the Anti-Sasquatch. His administration has made tracking and stopping the Bigfoot Revelation. This is one of the reasons why Obama is so anti-pipeline as it would upset the hunting grounds where Bigfoots live. They must to captured and killed, not driven into hiding.

3. Obama’s National Park Policy must, also, be stopped since it is designed to capture and kill Jesus. As Jesus is a Bigfoot.

Micheal Brecani takes to the web to preach the Epistles of Bigfoot.

1907, Black Creek Wilderness, Mississippi, Wildman Killed By Falling Rocks

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1907, Ethelbert Bogue writes a letter to the newspaper in which he claims to have killed the infamous Black Creek Wildman. The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Editor,

While walking in a dense and remote ares of the wilderness last week, I came upon a large pile of scat. Upon examination a wildman over eight feet tall came at me with ill intentions. I beat upon him with my sturdy walking staff. In the scuffle some rocks were dislodged. They and the wildman fell into a ravine. The wildman was crushed and broken. I am sure he was killed in the fall. Upon further examination, I my hypothesis was confirmed. So please alert all those citizens still fearful of the supposed Wildman of Black Creek, that I, Etherlbert Bogue, can account for his existence and subsequent demise.”

Days before his own death in 1915, Bogue still told the same story, never once changing a fact. Nor was the wildman ever seen or heard from again.

1976, Grose Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming, Bigfoot Laughs at Hippies

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Tammy Christine Reynolds was leading a week long macrame therapy retreat for Adult Victim’s of Past Life Abuse Survivors. The night Reynolds hiked her five member party into the woods to have “an encounter with the shadow self,” something incredibly strange happened that changed Reynold’s life forever.

Reynolds claims that after the group found the designated wild flower clearing and had formed the therapy ring, the bright moonlight became obscured by rain clouds. In the growing darkness, Reynolds led the group in a chant to help them sink into their “time lines.”

When the chant had ended, the group started to hear low humming from the edges of the clearing. The sound was very much like a car engine turning over on a factory floor where a loud ventilation system hummed.

Reynolds assured the group that this was to be expected and started their guided travel through space and time. It was during this meditation that a group of dark seven foot apemen crawled into the clearing. The smell was overpowering. The creatures stood and watched the meditation for a few minutes. One of the smaller creatures threw some mud and grass at Reynolds when she stood to welcome them into the circle.

The creatures darted off into the woods to what sounded to many in the group as peels of laughter.

Reynolds, though, continues to spend her time naked in the wildflower clearing, hoping for the return of her gentle giants.

1991, Forest Grove, North Dakota, Bigfoot Wants a Cupcake

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Peter John Flying Bay recounts that while walking his dog, Cupcake, in the woods, he feels as though someone were following him. Cupcake started whining and pulling back toward the way they had just come. Flying Bay kept walking along his normal route. As he tried to speed up, Cupcake seemed to slow down. The dog was stubbornly pulling and sitting, refusing to be moved.

While bending down to reassure his dog, Flying Bay heard loud rustling in the trees a few yards away. Cupcake lunged toward the noise, frantically barking. Flying Bay almost lost his hold on the dog’s leash. He started to jog forward, jerking the barking, yelping dog after him.

Near the edge of the woods, where the road was visible, Flying Bay heard loud tree knocks and a profound growling. While he did not see anything he was convinced that a Bigfoot had been following him and upset his dog.

2008, Old Bee Lick Road, Kentucky, Bigfoot Roadblock on a Monday Night

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Troy Blankenshemp and his girlfriend Kaela Moss were driving home from having dinner at a pizza place. As Blankenshemp looked down to see where he dropped his cigarette, Moss screamed for him to stop the truck.

Standing in the middle of the road were two massive black creatures. Over six feet tall and carrying a tree trunk between them, the creatures looked at the pickup. Blankenshemp flashed the headlights, like you should do when deer are stuck in the road.

The creature in the lead screamed at the pickup before darting off into the woods. A second later the smaller creature dropped its end of the tree trunk and sprinted after its partner.

Moss refused to exit the pickup to help Blankenshemp move the tree out of the road enough for them to pass.

1873, Big Horn River Indian Camp, Montana, Baby Bigfoots Trained by Sioux

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! The Lakota Sioux forced into an area around the Big Horn River that they called The Greasy Grass, undertook a strange program of military training. The Lakota had long since been friendly with a tribe of Bigfoot, especially the Itazipacolas. In a treaty with the Bigfoot, Chief Sitting Bull managed to recruit a half dozen young Bigfoot to join his growing army.  Sitting Bull knew that with the tremendous strength, long arm span and terrible horror of these massive woodland monsters, the Sioux could easily defeat all the United State Army.

For several years, the Bigfoot lived in a small training camp in the Wolf Mountains. The Bigfoot trained with bows and arrows and close combat. But the Bigfoot, generally peaceful, soon rebelled against their strict schedule. The group knocked their Sioux guards out and fled into the woods.

The Sioux, undaunted, refocused their efforts to training beavers to claw and chew human flesh. Over 1000 such beavers were used against General Custer and his 7th Calvary at the legendary Battle of Little Bighorn.