2011, New Orleans, Louisana, The Epistles of Bigfoot and the Anti-Sasquatch Obama Administration

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Michael Brescani claims that while praying alone in his New Orleans mini-megachurch, he is visited by the Spirit.

The Spirit illuminates Brescani’s mind to certain Christian Facts that have since been ignored by most mainstream denominations.

1. Jesus and Bigfoot are one. As such all those who encounter the woodland creature encounter God. The Revelation they have been given has yet to be understood. Seek the answers in the Pacific Northwest.

2. Obama is the Anti-Sasquatch. His administration has made tracking and stopping the Bigfoot Revelation. This is one of the reasons why Obama is so anti-pipeline as it would upset the hunting grounds where Bigfoots live. They must to captured and killed, not driven into hiding.

3. Obama’s National Park Policy must, also, be stopped since it is designed to capture and kill Jesus. As Jesus is a Bigfoot.

Micheal Brecani takes to the web to preach the Epistles of Bigfoot.

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