2006, Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve: Bigfoot Hoaxers Encounter Real Bigfoot


2006, Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve: Bigfoot Hoaxers Encounter Real Bigfoot

High School Seniors Anthony Carrizales, Mary Crate, and Calvin Hayden had found an old, beat up gorllia costume at a local thrift store.  Without thinking they pulled their resources and bought it.  A few days later, Carrizales came up with the idea of creating a Bigfoot hoax.  The idea was simple enough, the trio would go into the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve, Carrizales would put the gorilla suit on.

After some very poor attempts to film Carrizales walking through the trees, Crate came up with the idea that Carrizales should run across the road as sight seers drove past.  While they did get some good footage of cars stopping or backing up to investigate, the teens did not capture very good footage.

They were just about to give up for the afternoon, when Hayden saw a “creature that looked like four football players squished together” walking in the swamp.  Hayden immediately tried to zoom in on the monster, while you can hear Carrizales and Crate expressing their surprise.  The footage of the real Bigfoot was not at all clear and came under intense scrutiny, since the teens admitted they were out there trying to create a hoax.

“But this isn’t a hoax,” pleaded Carrizales, “this is the real deal. Bigfoot!”

1977, Hancock, Maryland: Turkey Hunters Frightened by Bigfoot


1977, Hancock, Maryland: Turkey Hunters Frightened by Bigfoot

George Stickoff and Steve Hamilton were out turkey hunting in Hancock, Maryland.  They had arrived before dawn and shot five turkeys between them.  As they were walking through the woods, Stickoff grabbed Hamilton’s shoulder and pointed wordlessly to the trees about 100 or 150 yards ahead.

Hamilton instinctively levels his rifle to the spot where Stickoff indicated.  It was then that both men claim they saw a brownish or tan monster stumble between tree trunks.  Even from their somewhat safe distance, they could smell the horrible odor of the creature.  And they could hear the strained, heavy breathing of the Bigfoot as it padded slowly by them.

Hamilton did not fire a shot, fearing that the figure they were seeing might be some high school kids pulling a prank or maybe it was stupidly camouflaged fellow hunter.  Though, now, decades later, Steve Hamilton regrets taking the shot.  “Consider how rich I’d be now, and famous, if I shot and Bigfoot.”

“Or you’d be in jail,” Stickoff added.

“Except we both know that was a Bigfoot, George.”

“That we do, Steve.”

1994, Lake Tappan, Ohio: The Pumpkin Tossing Bigfoot Incident


1994, Lake Tappan, Ohio: The Pumpkin Tossing Bigfoot Incident

Jeff German and several friends rented a cabin for the week at Lake Tappan, Ohio.  The second night they were staying there, Pickles the dog, woke the friends by barking and scraping at the back door.  Thinking that Pickles needed to go out to do her filthy business, Jeff let the dog out.  As soon as the door was open, Pickles nosed her way through and bolted off into the woods.  She was heard barking and growling and yelping.  No amount of calling or shaking the treats bag brought her back.

The following morning, Pickles was back.  While she was unharmed, she was covered, head to toe, in mud.  Plus no amount of washing was able to wash out the terrible stink.

That night, everyone was woken, again, by howling.  Thinking it was Pickles, again, Jeff got up.  He found the dog sitting quietly at the back door, softly whining.  The howling was coming from outside.  It sounded like a lady screeching and a hog’s panicked snorting.  Jeff was pretty sure that was the sound a Bigfoot would make.

When the others got up, Jeff convinced them to let him take the large ripe watermelon out for the creature.  Suspecting the Jeff had misidentified the noises, they humored him.  They watched through aimed flash light beams, as Jeff lugged the 6 pound melon out to the tree line.

After Jeff put the melon down on a fallen log and turned to walk back, he heard a large creature plowing through the underbrush.  Jeff turned just in time to see the watermelon fly over his head to hit the side of the cabin.  The melon exploded to the scared cheers of the others who had gathered just outside the door.

Jeff was prepared the following night.  When the Bigfoot returned and started knocking on trees and howling and making such a general ruckus that no one could sleep, Jeff grabbed the huge pumpkin he bought hours before.  He carried out to the same spot.  Again, he heard the monster approach the pumpkin.  He heard the snorting and sniffing, then to his surprise, saw the pumpkin arc through the night sky.  The pumpkin smashed onto the roof.  It damaged several roof tiles.

Jeff was dually surprised because he was certain that Bigfoot loved pumpkins and the pumpkin damage was sufficient enough to them to lose their security deposit.

1977, Chetopa, Kansas: Felix Bentley Discovers Half Mile of Bigfoot Tracks


1977, Chetopa, Kansas: Felix Bentley Discovers Half Mile of Bigfoot Tracks

A full year before the Chetopa Bigfoot hoax, Felix Bentley came upon a full half mile of Bigfoot tracks in the woods.  Bentley claims that while walking his dogs, Muffin and Porky, he noticed some very weird impressions in the mud.  Measuring 17 inches long and 3 inches deep, the footprints were unlike anything Bentley had ever seen.

 Quickly, he followed the tracks.  His dogs sniffing frantically along the tracks.  Bentley estimated that the tracks were clear for at least a half a mile.  Then they started to fade as the ground was more leaf covered.  His dogs, also, started to get distracted by birds and other small woodland creatures.

Later in the day, Bentley took his wife out into the woods to show her the tracks, but he could not find them again as it had rained pretty hard in the meantime.

1884, Queen & Crescent Route, Louisiana: Railroad Workers Attached During Log Rolling


1884, Queen & Crescent Route, Louisiana: Railroad Workers Attached During Log Rolling

Railroad workers who were laying track for the Vicksburg, Shereveport & Pacific railroad along the Queen and Crescent route reported being attacked by “hairy wild men.”  The group of rail workers, who were preparing for the log rolling after clearing a mountain side, told their foreman that, while the group sat drinking their coffee, they were attacked by rocks.

The rocks came flying out of the tree line.  Then they heard growling and an unnatural howling.  Some of the men ran down the hill.  Others stood their ground, hollering and cussing and throwing rocks back into the trees.

That is when a group of three to five “hairy wild creatures, that ran hunched over, propelling themselves on their large fleshy knuckles.”  The attacking monsters were not human.  They had incredibly large feet and smelled like pond and mud water.

The rail workers turned heel and ran down the hill.  No amount of pay was worth getting torn to bits by terrible howling Bigfoot!

1982, Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota: Man’s Claims of Killing Bigfoot Challenged


1982, Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota: Man’s Claims of Killing Bigfoot Challenged

Milton Featherbane brags to his friends that while hunting over the weekend he shot and killed a 12 foot tall Bigfoot.  Featherbane made a detailed description of the creature that sounded suspiciously similar the the Bigfoot on that one episode of The Six Million Dollar Man.  An episode that everyone knew had just been shown in rerun the previous week.

Featherbane, undeterred, told his friends that he could and would produce the Bigfoot body, if they “made damn sure that I get all the credit and attention from this incredible find!”  Laughing at their buddy, Featherbane’s friends went as far as to sign a contract stating without a doubt that Featherbane would get all the fame and money.

Featherbane took a group of his friends to his father’s barn.  Inside was a large wooden crate full of ice, embedded in the ice was a very poor plastic ape decoration.  His friend, Earl, recognized the ape figure from the local dump.

Featherbane made the defense that “that is where the Bigfoot would be, if I did not ate him up.”

1976, Baltimore, Maryland: Police Called After Bigfoot Seen Prowling Old West Baltimore


1976, Baltimore, Maryland: Police Called After Bigfoot Seen Prowling Old West Baltimore

Starting around 9 p.m. the Baltimore Police began to receive numerous phone calls from frightened and concerned citizens in the Old West Baltimore area of the city.  That section of town was in the middle of a redevelopment as the expressway connecting to I-70 was about to open.

The majority of the reports, many from confused senior citizens with tv’s blaring in the background of their calls, had a large hairy ape man walking down Popular Grove Street.  Some people said the ape man was over 10 feet tall, others said it was as wide as three refrigerators.  No matter the variances, the common trait was that it was definitely NOT human and stank of rotten fish guts and dog excrement.

Fearing a growing panic, two squad cars were dispatched to the scene.  When the officers arrived, they found a large crowd of residents blocking traffic.  After much commotion the police agreed to do a through search of the area.  Even bringing in a K-9 unit, although the dog refused to track the ape man.

Reports continued to pour in the following day.  At that point, the ape man had been identified as a Bigfoot and many people living in the area remained very frightened.  The police advised them on how to protect their property and remain vigilant.

1952, State House, Olympia, Washington: Man Claims State of Washington Covering Up Bigfoot Evidence


1952, State House, Olympia, Washington: Man Claims State of Washington Covering Up Bigfoot Evidence

Herbert Delaney organized a protest in front of the Washington State House in Olympia on this day in 1952.  He and his small group of family and friends were picketing to raise awareness of what Delaney called the “most egregious abuse of power by the worst kind of dictatorship” in the history of Washington.

Delaney claimed that Governor Arthur Bernard Langlie was in cahoots with powerful logging barons to intimidate witnesses and suppress evidence that would definitively prove, once and for all, the existence of Bigfoot.

The State government’s rationale for this action, according to Delaney was to federal intervention that might classify the Bigfoot as a threat to man or worse deem the creature worthy of study and protection.  This sort of thing would really upset the commercial interests of the logging barons.

Delaney and the five other protestors marched in a circle in front of the State House chanting awkward slogan like, “Provide us with the evidence of the Bigfoot!” and “We will not be silenced until the Evidence of Bigfoot is released to us.”

After thirty minutes of this sort of chanting, the local police were called and asked the protestors to disperse.  As Delaney had not obtained the proper permits, he quietly packed it up and went home.

This did not detour him, though.  For in the next five years, Delaney wrote over 400 letters to the Governor demanding all the evidence of the Bigfoot be released to the public.  Never once, did Delaney get a response.

1890, Bollinger Mill, Missouri: Man Assaulted While Crossing Burfordville Covered Bridge


1890, Bollinger Mill, Missouri: Man Assaulted While Crossing Burfordville Covered Bridge

Sandy Sparks, an employee at the Bollinger Mill, was walking home from his shift grinding corn.  He stopped on the Burfordville bridge to smoke a cigarette before making the walk uphill toward home.

Sparks admitted that he was not paying close enough attention to have seen which way it came from, but suddenly he was being attacked by a hairy ape-thing.  The creature, completely covered in hair and smelling like manure, was pummeling him with large meaty fists.

Caught unawares, Sparks suffered for nearly a minute under this hairy attack.  But quickly, Sparks recovered his wits and fought back.  Sparks prided himself on his boxing abilities, which he honed while in a prison camp during the great war between the States.

Sparks quickly turned the tables and made short order of his ape attacker.  Sparks delivered furious blows and eventually landed a knockout punch.  It was this punch that sent the beaten apeman over the railing of the bridge, falling the 14 feet into the Whitewater River.

Sparks watched as the ape creature sank like a stone.

2009, Gold Lake, CA: Man Claims To Have Hunted and Killed Two Bigfoot


2009, Gold Lake, CA: Man Claims To Have Hunted and Killed Two Bigfoot

Justin Smeelack was hunting with his boss, Randall Dereks.  The two men claim that in the early afternoon, they began to hear a very heavy creature moving toward their stakeout positions.  Dereks described the breaking of trees and the shuffling of dirt and leaves.  Smeelack reports that he was frightened and wanted to flee the scene, fearing that what was approaching them was a battalion of ATVs or other hillbilly mobile transportation devices.

Smeelack had insulted some towns people the night before while the friends drank in a bar.  During a contentious drunken game of darts, Smeelack accused the locals of tampering with the flights on his darts.  A heated argument ensued and the authroties were called to the bar.  A few of the local toughs were arrests for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Smeelack was convinced that those guys were out of jail and hot for revenge.  Dereks was unconvinced that there was any chance that the thing moving toward them was anything other than a large animal, quite possibly a bear.

Smeelack readied his rifle and as soon as the creature broke the clearing, he fired several rounds into the creature.  Just as Smeelack rapidly fired, Dereks shouted, “HOLY SHIT! THAT AIN’T NO BEAR!!”

In fact, Smeelack immediately broke down fearing that he had killed a person.  That is when Dereks opened fire.  Smeelack did not see what Dereks was shooting at, until the smaller creature fell dead, shot in the back several times as it tried to get back into the woods.

Smeelack and Dereks had killed a Bigfoot and its child.  Panicked they quickly fled the scene without taking photographs, or marking the exact spot or trying to bring the bodies with them.  They did claim, in subsequent interviews, to have carved out enough flesh meat to make three decent sized Bigfoot steaks.

The pair have defended their story for many years now.  Neither has deviated from the original telling, though, other researchers have challenged the veracity of their tale.