2010 Bigfoot Trap, Siskiyou National Forest, Jackson County, Oregon

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! The world’s first and only, official Bigfoot Trap is located in Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon. It is a little reported fact that every Thanksgiving week, the trap is baited with a whole roasted turkey. For the last several years, the turkeys have been expertly removed from the interior without triggering the trap. At first the North American Wildlife Research Team, who built and has operated the trap since 1974, dismissed the missing fowl on smaller woodland creatures. But then last year, 2010, they discovered several Bigfoot tracks in the mud around and inside the trap. As well, they discovered that many of the smaller foliage was bent or broken down, like a large animal had had a picnic there. This year, cameras have been installed around the trap and a pumpkin pie has been added to the baited feast.