1988, First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, Montana: Bigfoot Rides a Buffalo


1988, First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, Montana: Bigfoot Rides a Buffalo

Eric Killan claims that while camping in the flats of First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, he saw something truly amazing and possibly unbelievable.

Killan was sitting in the sun watching a hawk circle above him, when he noticed a line of dust off to the right. He went into his tent to get his binoculars. When he aimed the spy glasses at the dust, he nearly dropped the binoculars.

He is sure he saw a large North American Primate riding a buffalo. Killan is certain it was a young Bigfoot that straddled the buffalo as it ran in a straight line across the plain. When he was able to dig out his camera the buffalo was no longer running. And the bigfoot was no where to be seen.

Killan is certain he saw what he saw, even though he had eaten a lot of mescaline that morning with breakfast.

1985, Helena National Forest, Montana: Psychic Holds Bigfoot Seances


1985, Helena National Forest, Montana: Psychic Holds Bigfoot Seances

Today marks the first time, Miss Olga held her weekly Bigfoot Seance in Helena National Forest. Miss Olga, a renown psychic was reading tarot cards one night. The cards behaved strangely that night, so strangely that Miss Olga could not finish the reading because she became so frightened.

That same night, Miss Olga experienced a lucid dream in which a group of brown and yellowish Bigfoot communicated with her. She dreamed that she was floating in Helena National Forest when she came upon a Bigfoot tribal circle. The tribe welcomed Miss Olga and showed her their entire race history in a few psychic blasts.

When Miss Olga woke the next day, she understood that she had been called to spread the beauty and truth of the extinct Bigfoot race that lived in North American thousands of years before man. To this end, she organized a series of seances in a very secret and remote clearing that had been shown to her by the Bigfoot spirits.

Miss Olga successfully lead these seances for nearly twenty years, until she died suddenly of obesity.

1884, outside Missoula, Montana: John Stoner Attacked By Wild Man


1884, outside Missoula, Montana: John Stoner Attacked By Wild Man

Mapmaker and photographer John Stoner was returning to his home in Missoula, from a day trip. He rode on his wagon seated on his camera box. As the horse drawn wagon turned a bend in the road, Stoner noticed the horse was frightened by something. The horse slowed down to a near stop.

No matter how vigorously he tried, Stoner could not get the horse to move forward. Stoner noticed that in the bushes a few yards ahead were shaking violently. He called out, which just made the bushes shake harder. The horse became more uncomfortable.

Stoner jumped from the wagon, picked up a rock and lobbed it into the brush near the commotion. Just as the rock thumped down, the bushes exploded with a hairy wild man. The crazed wild man raced at Stoner with a murderous look in his eye and swinging his massive arms. The man stood on stubby legs with gigantic feet, had arms that were too long for his body, was naked except for a coat of body hair that covered him completely.

Stoner fought with the wild man. Stoner’s opponent hooted and shrieked like an animal. It’s long nails scratched and clawed at Stoner. The contest ended when Stoner was able to let loose his side arm and fire into the air. The wild man leaped off and scampered away.

Stoner’s encounter with the wild man made the national newspapers. Many, today, are convinced that he barely survived a Bigfoot attack, while others think based on Stoner’s description some other cyrptid attacked him that day.

1906, Big Hole National Forest, Montana: The Surveyor and the Boulder


1906, Big Hole National Forest, Montana: The Surveyor and the Boulder

Tim Fisano was hired by the Federal Government to survey the newly created Big Hole National Forest in Montana. Fisano had worked since dawn setting up his Y-Level and plum bobs.

He took a break to organize his notes, sitting on the edge of a large rocky section of terrain. He had his papers spread out weighed down by little rocks and pebbles he obsessively pocketed throughout the day.

Fiano heard a scraping noise above him. Then a shower of dirt and debris pelted his papers. He looked up just in time to see a huge creature push against a boulder at the edge of the cliff. Fisano quickly leaped out of the way as the boulder crashed down upon his notes. If he had not moved he would have been killed.

Fisano looked up to see the hairy wildman beating its chest and howling like a hundred wolves. When Fisano reported this to his superiors, they told him in confidence that he narrowly escaped an attack by a Bigfoot. This particular Bigfoot had been troubling rangers and other hikers in the area for years. Many disappeared without a trace. Fisano was dubious.

1989, Monkey Mountain, Montana: Man Sees Bigfoot


1989, Monkey Mountain, Montana: Man Sees Bigfoot

Dennis Starcavich claims while walking through Monkey Mountain Park Reserve in Montana that he saw a Bigfoot. It had an enormous chest, with long lithe arms, powerful thighs, and covered in a matted, dark fur. It had reddish yellow eyes, bright white teeth, and tremendous feet.

“Yep. It was a Bigfoot alright. I saw him standing there. He looked and me. I looked at him. Kinda nodded to each other. Then I kept walking along. Figure he either stood there some more or walked away himself,” Starcavich told us over the phone.

2006, Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge, Montana: Man Pelted with Golf Balls


2006, Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge, Montana: Man Pelted with Golf Balls

Hector Williams was hitting golf balls into the Creedman Coulee wetlands. This was something he did often, even though he knew that it was a stupid and probably illegal thing to do. Williams resented the wetlands. He wanted a golf course instead of a wildlife refuge.

After about a bucket of balls, Williams paused to smoke a cigarette. That is when he felt something whack him in the back, right between his shoulder blades. Just as he turned around to see what struck him, he was hit again. This time on the side of his upper arm. Someone or something was throwing his golf balls back at him and with surprising accuracy.

The next few balls hit him in the leg and buttocks. That is when Williams shouted out for whomever was doing this to show themselves, so Hector could have words with them. The only response Williams got was a loud hoot as a few more balls landed squarely on his chest.

Williams felt the welts growing under his skin, when he saw a large hairy, shadowy figure about half a mile off. Whatever was throwing the balls at him was not human, Williams was convinced.  Suspecting an angry Bigfoot, Williams turned and ran back to his car. He abandoned his golf clubs and other gear.

He never returned to the wildlife refuge. The pictures he took of his bruises did not develop properly, so he has no real evidence of his golf ball assault.

1989, Limestone Hills Training Area, Montana: National Guard Exercises Interrupted by Bigfoot


1989, Limestone Hills Training Area, Montana: National Guard Exercises Interrupted by Bigfoot

Maj. James Ward said that while his unit was completing a validation process for some Bradley Fighting Vehicles, some of his soldiers were involved with live fire exercises. It was during one of these exercises, that Pvt. Dave Gassy spied a group of figures couched in the fire line.

“There was just no explaining how or why they were there,” Pvt. Gassy explained, “but I called it in.”

Maj. Ward continued, “At first, Gassy had some trouble getting them to believe him, but it was clear as day that something was out there. First, we thought it might be a bear family, but when we called a cease fire, the creatures stood up.”

“They were tall, sir,” Pvt. Gassy added.

“And hairy, filthy red hair,” Maj. Ward said.

“They cleared out of there fast,” Pvt. Gassy continued, “I think only a few other folks got to see them before they were gone.”

“I have no doubt that we almost blew up a family of Bigfoot,” Maj. Ward said.

Pvt. Gassy nodded, “Sure glad we didn’t.”