1999, Mores Creek Summit, Iowa, Skiiers See A Wood Booger Running the Ridge

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! While on their last skiing trip of the season, Kelli Jones, Traci Gibbs, and Kristi Dubbins record video of a large shadowy figure running along the ridge a few miles above them. Kelli was the first to notice a large man waving his arms at them. He seemed to be covered in some sort of hunting camouflage, but due to the distance and overcast day, she could not make out too many details.

Kelli alerted Traci and Kristi. At this point, Traci got out the small camcorder she had with her to videotape the trio’s skiing antics. Traci managed to capture very brief footage of the creature as it walked a few yards along the tree line ridge before turning and moving out of focus.

Kristi was convinced that they had actual footage of the actual Iowan legendary Wood Booger Man. The legend of the Wood Booger Man was not well known outside of Iowa, but the story was that a pioneer man found the secret to eternal life but that it drove him insane. He wandered the woods of Iowa looking for his friends, all of whom where long dead.

Upon closer inspection of the videotape footage, the creature turned out to be a deer.

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