2000, Mud Lake #2, Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Mocks Fisherman


2000, Mud Lake #2, Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Mocks Fisherman

George Jason was fishing in the early morning at Mud Lake #2. He had caught two catfish. He was in good spirits, even though it felt like it had started to rain.

Just as George Jason rebaited his hook, he saw a brown mass floating toward him. At first, he thought it was a dead animal, maybe a dog or raccoon. George Jason went back to his hook and bait, not giving the floating debris a second glance.

That is until the mass doubled under itself and splashed water toward him. Surprised, George Jason gasped when he looked up to see a Bigfoot standing in the five foot deep water. The creature was completely soaked, which made it look all the more dangerous, George Jason thought.

The Bigfoot pointed at him. It made a noise that sounded like laughter, then threw its arms into a pantomime of fly fishing. It tilted its head back and cackled with laughter. George Jason was so frightened he just stared at the Bigfoot, the bait slipping through his quivering fingers.

Bigfoot pointed at George Jason, then slapped its massive hand against its dripping wet chest. The the Bigfoot bend over slightly, swung its arm into the water, as a wave swirled near its shoulder, the creature stood to full height again. Only now, the Bigfoot held three to six wiggling fish inbetween its massive fingers.

The creature held the fish up high for  George Jason to see, then reared its head back and roared with monsterous laughter. George Jason claims, to this day, this is why he quit fishing.

1983, Wayne National Forest, Ohio: Woman Waves at Bigfoot


1983, Wayne National Forest, Ohio: Woman Waves at Bigfoot

Janice Maynard was hiking along the Hocking River in the Wayne National Forest.  Hours before Maynard finished her last midterm for the semester and to celebrate she took her dog, Ginger, on a hike. This particular route was very familiar to both Maynard and her dog, since they often hiked this way on weekends.

It was nearly dusk when Ginger started to act strangely. At first, Maynard thought Ginger was reacting to a small woodland creature. But Ginger’s growl was odd, since if she had spied a squirrel or other small rodent, the dog would bark and charge off into the thicket. Instead, Ginger stood at pert attention, the hair on her back stiff.

Maynard called out the usual commands to get Ginger’s attention. None of them worked. Instead Maynard heard a low growling coming from her dog. Something had that dog spooked.

That is when Maynard looked over toward where Ginger’s focus was most centered. Maynard saw the bushes move. Then a huge brownish Bigfoot stuck its head out. Then the whole massive body slipped from between the branches. When the Bigfoot stood to stretch, Maynard gasp at its height and weight. It was clearly over 15 feet tall and at least 400 pounds.

Ginger yelped and yelped once the Bigfoot was fully visible. This startled the creature, who grunted in shock when it saw the dog and Maynard 50 yards away. The creature stared at the dog, obviously frightened. Instinctively, Maynard raised her hand and waved at the Bigfoot. She heard herself saying, “Don’t worry, she’s friendly.”

But by then the creature at turned around and bolted off into the bushes again. Ginger trotted back to Maynard’s side and sneezed profusely as she got many pets.

2012, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia: Turkey Hunting Bigfoot


2012, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia: Turkey Hunting Bigfoot 

Caleb Sarka and his Grandfather Jim were walking along a ridge near Smith Mountain Lake. On side there was a low grassy area. On the other, a steep slope. Caleb wanted to try climbing up the slope, but his Grandfather said no. It rained and he did not want to take a muddy boy back home.

As they discussed this, Caleb lost interest. Distracted by the group of turkeys. Feeling bad for the boy’s sense of adventure, his grandfather suggested Caleb to see how close he could get to a turkey. Caleb bet he could just about touch one. His grandfather chuckled as the turkeys flew away just as Caleb started down the slope.

Caleb’s look of disappointment quickly changed to surprise. Both boy and grandfather heard a terrifying scream. More like a growling hoot, the sound came from all around them. Caleb ran back up the ridge. His grandfather said it must be kids trying to scare them. Caleb was not convinced but agreed.

They walked on. About five minutes later, they stopped dead in their tracks by a loud thundering noise. Then the ground shook. Like when construction crews drop something on the road they are going to dig up. Caleb and his grandfather agreed that something weird was happening.

Just as they left the woods, the hooting screams got more intense. The anger conveyed was fierce. Caleb is convinced that the turkeys he scared off were being hunted by several bigfoot. They were really mad that he cost them their supper. Caleb’s grandfather agrees that whatever they heard was odd, indeed.

1967, Belmont, Ohio: Construction Worker Attacked by Bigfoot


1967, Belmont, Ohio: Construction Worker Attacked by Bigfoot

Peter Brockhaus just got to the job site. It was a little after 5:30 AM. He lit a cigarette and thought about the rest of the day. He was going to shovel out the sides of the hole that that big diggers dug overnight. Get those holes ready. He thought about how he had time to eat breakfast, but he raced out of the house. He was the first one there. He was kicking himself now.

Just as he turned to lean on the hood of his car, he heard the back window of his car crack. Then a big rock hit the roof of his car. Brockhaus swore loudly, yelling for whomever was throwing rocks at his car to stop. As the big clumps of earth continued to rain down, Brockhaus pleaded loudly that he only had a few payments left. He was just a working guy. But the only response he got came as an inhuman screech.  Then some animalistic hoots.

The barrage only stopped when the pickup truck of the job’s foreman skidded to a dusty stop twenty yards from where Brockhaus squatted. When the foreman reached him, Brockhaus was beside himself. The foreman couldn’t understand why someone would attack like that. Once he got Brockhaus squared away with a blanket and a cup of coffee, the foreman called the sheriff.

The sheriff and the foreman found huge apelike footprints along the ridge above the job site. The two of them decided to destroy the evidence. They concocted a story about high school kids who had been drinking up on the ridge. Years later, the foreman told the story about how Bigfoot attacked Brockhaus for no good reason he could think.

1999, Big Bend National Park, Texas : Bigfoot Trap Covered in Doughnuts


1999, Big Bend National Park, Texas : Bigfoot Trap Covered in Doughnuts

Jonny Lund and his brother Lenny were on vacation with their family. Bored with the scenic views and constant hiking, they came up with the idea of constructing a bigfoot trap a few yards from their campsite.

 Neither boy was ever a boy scout, nor did they have any skills, other than imaginary, in tracking or trapping. So the actual trap they created was more of a useless art project of useless rope and leaves and a small hole in the dirt. But it took the boys all day to make and they were quite proud of their accomplishments. Needing some bait, they approached their stepmother, Janice, for some ideas.

Janice wanting to placate the boys and reward them for leaving her alone for most of the days, offered them the jelly doughnuts. The same jelly doughnuts she was convinced the boys would love as a surprise treat, failing to anticipate the fussiness of both boys. Jonny hated jelly and Lenny would not eating anything that he said, “squished.” Janice was very hurt by these responses, but felt redeemed slightly when the boys responded with fist pumped glee when she handed them the box.

The boys spent the next hour or so carefully arranging the doughnuts in a path leading right up to the middle of their pretend bigfoot trap. After dinner, the boys were so excited it took nearly forever to get them to sleep that night. After the boys were asleep, Janice and their father Joe, laughed as they guessed which animal was going to enjoy all those stale jelly doughnuts.

The next morning the boys raced out to their trap to find that all the doughnuts were gone. Jonny did notice a lot of tiny paw prints. After some fast talking, he was able to to convince his bother, Lenny, that those raccoon prints were a baby bigfoot. Since everyone knows that baby bigfoot love doughnuts.

1976, Mount Adams, Washington : Hikers Followed By Baby Bigfoot


1976, Mount Adams, Washington : Hikers Followed By Baby Bigfoot

Pyle Lenning and Milton Beas were camping on Mount Adams in Washington State.  On the second night of their trip, Beas was awoken by pound rustling around his pup tent. By the time he found his flashlight, whatever was checking out his tent had shuffled off.

Beas told Lenning about the noises. Lenning explained that raccoons often bothered the tents, especially around dawn. Beas was satisfied. A few hours into this hike, the pair stopped to eat lunch. While they were finishing up, Lenning heard some human like sighing behind them. When he shushed Beas’ harmonica playing, the breathing was no longer audible.

That night another visitor snorted around the edge of Beas’ tent again. This time he called out, which audibly startled the visitor, who could be heard scampering off.  The next morning, Lenning found human like footprints in the dirt a few feet from the camp. The prints were, in Lenning’s opinion, clearly a young Bigfoot.

The next few days, both men heard the loud breathing, snapping of branches, and a soft whine at night. While the continued to find foot print evidence, neither of the men actually saw the creature. Lenning postulated that the young Bigfoot was on his own for the first time and had yet to determine if campers were friendly or hostile. He hoped that their interaction would not give the creature a false sense of security.