2008, Old Bee Lick Road, Kentucky, Bigfoot Roadblock on a Monday Night

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Troy Blankenshemp and his girlfriend Kaela Moss were driving home from having dinner at a pizza place. As Blankenshemp looked down to see where he dropped his cigarette, Moss screamed for him to stop the truck.

Standing in the middle of the road were two massive black creatures. Over six feet tall and carrying a tree trunk between them, the creatures looked at the pickup. Blankenshemp flashed the headlights, like you should do when deer are stuck in the road.

The creature in the lead screamed at the pickup before darting off into the woods. A second later the smaller creature dropped its end of the tree trunk and sprinted after its partner.

Moss refused to exit the pickup to help Blankenshemp move the tree out of the road enough for them to pass.

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