1820, Cumberland Gap, Kentucky: Bigfoot Emerges From Portal


1820, Cumberland Gap, Kentucky: Bigfoot Emerges From Portal Carrying a Squid

Andrew Rock and James Stanwick were riding through Cumberland Gap when just about sundown they witnessed a truly horrifying event.

Rock and Stanwick’s horses started getting very nervous. The kind of nervous that let you know a dangerous snake was near or a big storm was coming. They both horse bucked and tried to throw their riders.

Stanwick saw what frightened the horses. Up on the side of one of the cliffs, a swirling color tide pool appeared. Stanwick said it looked like when the water goes down a drain but instead it was the side of the mountain that disappeared. Out of the swirling mass stepped the biggest hairy creature either of the two men had ever seen.

The creature was over 16 feet tall. Rock swore it was a Bigfoot, but Stanwick said it was too big. Either way the monster stepped out into the air, and walked down like it was walking down stairs, until it was on solid dirt.

The creature snarled at the two riders, then walked off without further incident. The portal it emerged from, slowly closed up with a slight popping sound.

1954, Cumberland Gap, Kentucky: Children See Bigfoot Digging in Mud


1954, Cumberland Gap, Kentucky: Children See Bigfoot Digging in Mud

Slim Ian and his two brothers, Mark and Dickey Ian, were playing around some trees in Cumberland Gap. Their parents were back near the car listening to the radio. The boys were throwing pine cones at each other and whipping each other with branches. Slim stopped short as the pine cone Dickey threw at him bounced off the back of his head. Instead of turning to fight, Slim just stood there as in a daze.

It was when Dickey and Mark ran up to Slim’s side that they understood Slim’s lack of reaction. About twenty five feet from where the brothers stood was a Bigfoot digging in the mud. The Bigfoot’s hands grabbed a huge pile of mud and then flung it into the air, high over the boys heads. Dickey, being the youngest, started to scream. The Bigfoot glanced over at the trio, which was enough to send all three brothers running away in tears.

When they arrived at the car, all three were out of breath, panting, and flushed. Their father laughed at them thinking they scared themselves somehow. It was only later that night that Dickey was able to tell his mother the tale of the digging monster. His two brothers would not talk about what they saw, so their mother assumed it was a backwoods hill person that scared her sons. And that just made her mad.

1980, Pine Mountain, Kentucky: Bigfoot Smells Like Rotten Cabbage


1980, Pine Mountain, Kentucky: Bigfoot Smells Like Rotten Cabbage

While walking along the horse trails on Pine Mountain, Cliff Winston claims he was confronted by a Bigfoot.

“Just as I came around a bend and there the thing was, just standing in the middle of the trail. The sun behind its shoulders so the whole front of it was a dark shadow. But I knew what it was right away. I mean what else stands over 8 feet tall, straight leg pose like one of them cowboys in the old black and white Sunday morning movies? “

“It had its massive arms at its sides, but I could see it had four fingers and a thumb, just like a man, so it were not no ape nor was it a bear standing on its hind legs. My wife told me that it was a bear. But I know it weren’t no bear!’

“Anyway, the Bigfoot and me just stood there considering each other for a bit, then it snorted and turned slowly toward the incline. It marched up into the woods that direction, only turning to see if I were following once.”

“But I was not darn fool enough to follow it. I am just lucky the dang thing was not hungry that day. I have heard tales about Bigfoot ripping people apart just for fun. Imagine what it would do if it were hungry. I don’t like to think about it.”

“The thing that I remember the most and frankly the thing that I found the strangest of all was just how foul the creature smelt. Smelled like a compost pile behind a Russian old folks home. Nothing but rotten cabbage.”

1989, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky: Wilma Than Claims Bigfoot Impregnated Her


1989, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky: Wilma Than Claims Bigfoot Impregnated Her

Wilma Than claims she was abducted from her Bee Rock campsite by a black and red haired Bigfoot.  The creature, Than continued, smelled like pine cones and sexy musk, had nearly perfectly white teeth, and feet larger than most men.

The Bigfoot grabbed Than and whisked her off into the woods.  Before Than could cry out, the creature had her back at its nest.  Than described the Bigfoot den as rather cozy, if somewhat primitive.

“After a few days of wooing me,” Than wrote in her journal, “the creature finally consummated the relationship.  Immediately, I knew I was pregnant with our love child.”

Than claims that Bigfoot babies only take three weeks to gestate.  Once the infant was born, the Bigfoot’s whole demeanor toward Than cooled.  “Typical male,” Than laments, “once he got what he wanted, I was fried shoelaces.”

A few days later, Than woke up and the Bigfoot and their infant baby were both gone.  “Never did see either one of them again.  But the worst part? I had to walk back to camp on my own.”

1998, Bulitt County, Kentucky: Bigfoot Sniffs Around Old Folk’s Home


1998, Bulitt County, Kentucky: Bigfoot Sniffs Around Old Folk’s Home

Joy Hoope, a nurse at Shady Acres Nursing Home, claims that, while working the night shift, she sees a Bigfoot stalking the grounds.

Ms. Hoope, first, sees a large hairy head move past the windows along the hallway.  Not sure what she saw, possibly shadows cast by a passing motorist, she thinks nothing of it.  That is until later, when she is cleaning her coffee mug in the kitchen, she sees an ugly creature peeping in the back door.  Since all the windows and doors are locked and secured with a grate, she is startled but not frightened.

“I knew that thing could not get in,” Ms. Hoope said, “so I just walked right up to the backdoor to get a better look.  I kinda wish that I hadn’t, actually.  I am have seen some real nasty things in my time working with the old, infirm, and sickly, but this thing out back was just foul.

“He had the worst teeth I ever seen, plus his hair was just sweaty and full of bugs.  They seemed to be falling out of clumps of hair.  Plus it sounded like he was farting and burping at the same time.  I know it was Bigfoot I seen, though what he was doing peeping at old people, I do not know.”

The following three nights, she claims to have seen the creature several more times. “The last time, I heard him growling and grunting outside the kitchen.  One of the windows were open, and boy you could smell that beast out there.  Worst smell I ever smelled.”

No one else witnessed the Bigfoot visitations, though the grounds crew did find some suspicious looking footprints and broken shrubs near the kitchen windows.

2008, Old Bee Lick Road, Kentucky, Bigfoot Roadblock on a Monday Night

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Troy Blankenshemp and his girlfriend Kaela Moss were driving home from having dinner at a pizza place. As Blankenshemp looked down to see where he dropped his cigarette, Moss screamed for him to stop the truck.

Standing in the middle of the road were two massive black creatures. Over six feet tall and carrying a tree trunk between them, the creatures looked at the pickup. Blankenshemp flashed the headlights, like you should do when deer are stuck in the road.

The creature in the lead screamed at the pickup before darting off into the woods. A second later the smaller creature dropped its end of the tree trunk and sprinted after its partner.

Moss refused to exit the pickup to help Blankenshemp move the tree out of the road enough for them to pass.

1782, Kentucky Wilderness, Bigfoot Throws a deer at Daniel Boone

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! In around 1782 or earlier, Daniel Boone was making his way though the Kentucky wilderness. When he comes upon a cave. He takes up in this cave, laying out for a few nights to rest up his boots. On the second night of laying out, Boone is rudely awaken by a loud noise of a tree falling or maybe a flood. Then the moon and stars are bloated from the sky as a huge monster looms over him, smelling and sniffing at his provisions and privates. Having thought he dreamed the entire horror, Boone lays out the following night. Again something like the events of the night previous, repeat. Only with more familiarity. The next day, Boone is off down by the nearby creek preforming his daily ablations, when out of the bush a live deer comes flying through the air. Boone is able to narrowly avoid the animal’s landing. But he gets the hint and hightails it out from that cave immediately.