2010, Blackstone Park, Canada

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Hunter Mark Squall and Trapper Jonas Yaak discover deep primate looking tracks in the woods. Determining that the foot impressions were made within a few hours, they decide to follow them. A few hours later, they come upon another hunter’s snare, they find a brutally torn apart deer, devoured by a large beast based on the teeth marks left on bloody bone. Squall and Yaak made some sketches and mapped the footprints, but were unable to make further recordings.

1971, Demopolis Alabama RV Camp, Tire Popping Bigfoots

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Retired couple Krystal and Mac Dyer were RV camping at Demopolis State Park, Alabama. Three nights in a row they were disturbed by a large man pushing on and pounding the side of their recreation vehicle. On the fourth night, Mac exited the RV to confront the villain, only to discover himself facing off against a massive Bigfoot. “Bigger than anything I ever saw on two feet,” Mr. Dyer reported. Mac proceeded to yell at the creature, who smirked then stuck his claws into the front tire, deflating it. “That damned thing was laughing at me as it ran off into the woods.”

1983, Fort Mountain State Park, Georgia, Sasquatch Thrashing

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! The Pine family reports that they campsite is ransacked by a trio of Sasquatch-looking creatures. Having set up three tents in an un-designated camping area of the Fort Mountain State Park, the Pine family return from a day of hiking to discover three hairy beasts trampling their tents and throwing their supplies around. Too frightened to intervene, the Pine family watches and waits in nearby bushes as the three Sasquatch creatures continue to thrash and destroy. A low flying biplane frightens the beasts off, presumptively, because the creatures did not want to be photographed from the air.

1956, Mount St. Helen’s Washington, Easter Egg Toe

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! On the rainy morning of Easter Sunday, the First Annual Christian Congregational Easter Egg Hunt began without a hitch. As the children ran and searched among the thrush and tall grasses, one five year old, Clementine Wilson finds what she things is a brownish fleshy egg sticking out from one of the twig piles. When she grabbed it, she quickly realized, by the thundering scream, that she had grabbed a Bigfoot Toe! As the congregation came running, their pale pink and tan hats flapping and flying off, the creature moved the bushes apart to look at the little girl smiling up at him. Then the Bigfoot grabbing his toes hopped off into the woods. A few of the men followed a few feet into the forest before being called back by the shrieks of their wives and children, worried for their mortal well being!

2006. Hunt’s Corners New York, Bigfoot John Deere

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Thomas Williams cutting the grass on his back forty, lets his John Deere tractor idle while he steps into the bushes to relieve himself. When he turned around, zipping up, he saw a Bigfoot like creature sitting on his riding mower. Before thinking of any personal safety issues and only thinking about how much he still owed on the mower, he charged the beast. Williams yelled, hollered, and waved his arms like you are supposed to do if you see a bear. The creature, startled, leaped from the mower and bolted across the field. The hairs stuck to the seat proved inconclusive by science.

1886, Martins Ferry Ohio, Chicken killing wild man

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Farmers in and around Martins Ferry, Ohio report that their chicken coops have been damaged or destroyed. And all their chickens viciously devoured. The farmers organize a farm watch. Night after night they confront a large, smelly wild man covered in fur and moss and twigs. Unnaturally strong and scary, the farmers take up arms to hunt the creature. They discover his nest in a clump of jutting rocks, which they set on fire. Subsequent attempts to trap or track the creature are futile. After a few weeks, the chicken coop attack cease.

2000, Michigan, Port Huron State Game Area, Beer Can Fight

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Curtis Miller and Frank Tuffalo were camping near Port Huron State Game Area in ST Claire County of Michigan. While wrapping up their dinner, they hear rustling in the bushes just beyond the firelight. Curtis shouts to scare the animal away, instead a giant Bigfoot stands up and screams back at the two campers. Frank instinctively throws his half empty beer can at the beast. It harmlessly bounces off the thick hairy hide. For the next 15 to 20 minutes, Curtis and Frank continue to throw beer cans at the Bigfoot, who, in turn, whips them back at the two. The next day, Curtis and Frank have their girlfriends take photographs of the welts and bruises on their upper bodies as proof of their beer can fight with Bigfoot!