1994, Seiad Valley, California: Hiker Hears Stone Knocks


1994, Seiad Valley, California: Hiker Hears Stone Knocks

Monty Christopher told his grandson, Tom Christopher, about the time in 1994 when he was hiking through Seiad Valley on his way along the Pacific Crest trail. It was near dusk and Christopher stopped to tie up his boot again.

That is when Monty heard the stone clacking. At first he thought maybe there was a rock slide somewhere nearby. But then the knocking became too rhythmic. It sounded like someone or some thing clapping two large rocks together and alternating banging them on a tree.  The knocking went on for nearly 20 minutes.

When Monty described the sounds to a fellow hiker, they told him it was not uncommon to hear in the valley, since it was a way for the Bigfoot to communicate. Monty was suspicious, but did some research and found out this to be true.

2015, Big Tujunga Canyon Road, California: Creature Standing in Road


2015, Big Tujunga Canyon Road, California: Creature Standing in Road

While driving along Big Tujunga Canyon, Jeremy Chaste skidded to a sudden stop along a tight left curve. Stunned he could not even toot his horn, because standing in the middle of the road was a gigantic bigfoot.

The creature was hunched over, picking at something between its massive toes. Bigfoot slowly turned his head to look at Chaste’s silently idling Prius. Chaste was too amazed to be frightened.

Then he remembered that his phone was charging next to him. He could get a photo at least, if not an amazing video. So he slowly, without trying to seem like he was moving, reached over to his phone.

Just then the Bigfoot jumped up, seemed to stick its tongue out at the car before leaping hi up the rocky slope to disappear over the top.

Chaste was unable to get any footage of the creature.

1969, Redwood State Park, California: Man Sees Blurry Figure


1969, Redwood State Park, California: Man Sees Blurry Figure

David Keys hiked up to a overhang to get a better scenic view of a valley in Redwood State Park. As he scanned the vista and dug through his napsack looking for his sketch book, Keys caught a glimpse of something very strange.

Racing down the steep, flat front of a rock face was a figure that looked half man, half beast. At first, Keys thought it was an animal that might have taken a tumble. But as he watched it move down the incline, Keys was convinced that it was no normal animal.

For one thing, it was much too large to be a bear or goat. And for another thing, it was moving too quickly and agilely to be falling. When the creature got to the loose rocky bottom of the incline it steadied itself before racing off out of sight.

When Keys described what he saw, his Park Ranger friend agreed that it might have been a Bigfoot. There had been several other reports of strange ape or bear like creatures running around the park.


1990, Lava Beds National Monument, California: Hiker Discovers Bigfoot Cave Art


1990, Lava Beds National Monument, California: Hiker Discovers Bigfoot Cave Art

Experienced caver John Stromberg was exploring a series of interconnected caves in Lava Beds National Monument. He was mapping the cave system for his own amusement.

As he diligently made his way through the caverns, he came upon chamber that took his breath away.

He came upon three walls worth of elaborate cave art. All of it carved and colored with berry stains. The figures seemed to depict a tribe of hairy, ape creatures as they moved across a great expanse.

Stromberg immediately understood that he came upon a sacred spot for an ancient tribe of Bigfoot. He sat down and copied the carvings the best he could, detailing and tracing the images.

Unfortunately, his notes and tracings were all destroyed when he fell into a deep cave pool. He has been unable to find the chamber again, though he returns to the cave system often to try to located it again

1978, Six Rivers National Forest, California: Hikers Smell Bigfoot


1978, Six Rivers National Forest, California: Hikers Smell Bigfoot

Edward Rousey and Mike Doland were hiking in Six Rivers Forest. Suddenly, everything around them got eerily quiet. No birds chirped. Not a single bug buzzed around. Even the light breeze seemed to die down.

Mike jumped when he heard a loud rustling to their left. Just as Ed stepped toward the noise, both men froze when they heard twigs snapping behind them. They feared they were surrounded. That is when they smelled it.

Or they smelled it before they heard it. A rancid stench that was part rotten eggs, onion, and the worst acid smell they ever smelled. It was clear that just a few feet away from them a Bigfoot had just relieved itself.

The two men slowly backed away, creeping back along the path they had just hiked. While the idea of catching a glimpse of a Bigfoot or gathering some scat was really appealing to them, the stench was overpowering. Both agreed it was close to getting pepper sprayed.

1977, Tahoe City, California: Woman Nearly Runs Over Bigfoot


1977, Tahoe City, California: Woman Nearly Runs Over Bigfoot

Mildred Casey often drove herself home from parties at her friend’s Lake Tahoe cabin near Tahoe City, California. On this particular night, she is certain that she was not drunk. She clearly recalls that she did not drink any of her beloved burbon since she was taking an antibiotic for a foot infection.

Mildred steered her Lincoln Continental slowly around the winding road leading back down through the woods. As she navigated a particularly sharp bend in the road, she was forced to suddenly swerve to her right. Her car barreled up the slight hill, kicking up dust and dirt and twigs.

She slammed on the brakes and the engine stalled. Once Mildred gathered her wits about her, she creaked open the car door to see if everyone was okay. Mildred swerved to avoid hitting a man standing in the middle of the road.

But when Mildred looked over the roof of her car, she discovered that the figure in the road was no man at all. In fact, it was not human in anyway!

Mildred found herself eye to eye with a large female Bigfoot. It appeared slightly dazed. Its eyes unfocused and blurry. The creatures brown hair was greasy and matted. It stooped over and seemed unable to stand straight up. Feeling immediate sympathy for the creature, Mildred called out asking if it needed help.

The Bigfoot snapped out of its daze, stared at the car before making eye contact again with Mildred. She swears to this day the creature shook its head, no, then quickly jumped off the pavement. Mildred heard it rustle through the trees as it made its way off into the night.

Mildred often worries about that monster. She really hopes everything was okay that night she almost ran over a Bigfoot.

1966, Baseline Road, San Bernadido, California: Teen Girls Menaced by Bigfoot


1966, Baseline Road, San Bernadido, California: Teen Girls Menaced by Bigfoot

Annie Meeks, 15, and her friend, Brenda Washburn, 14, were walking aimlessly around the undeveloped area along Base Line Road. They spent most of the summer slowly meandering up one side, then down the others side of the dead end road.

Often they ran into other teenagers. Sometimes there might be an impromptu beer party. Other  times, everyone just sat on tree stumps and swatted the mosquitoes, just hanging out.

This particular afternoon felt off, in a strange way. Kinda like how it felt inside the house before a big thunderstorm. Annie had just noticed a Robin Red Breast flying along neck to neck with two Blue Birds. Just as she was about to mention it to Brenda, Annie felt a strong jerk on her arm.

Annie noticed that there was a massive hand, three or four times stronger than the strongest football player she knew of, Burt Gibbode. Annie was disgusted by the hairy paw like feel of the hand, as well as its excessive moisture. The skin had the same texture of a dishrag.

Brenda started to scream when she heard Annie squeal in pain. Annie screamed in fear when she saw that the hand belonged to a Bigfoot. Over 10 feet tall and soaking wet, its platinum blonde fur, and smelled like moth balls and used kitty litter.

The girls’ screaming must have startled the monster because its eyes got every big and then it let out a little squeak of displeasure before letting go of Annie and running into the woods.

The girls sprinted all the wall to the local police station where their story was dismissed as a prank devised by the girls in a moment of summer reading boredom.