1836, Wisconsin Territory: Secretary John Horner Mistakes Bigfoot for Santa Claus


1836, Wisconsin Territory: Governor John Horner Mistakes Bigfoot for Santa Claus

John Horner, still in the middle of dealing with to so-called Toledo War situation between Ohioians and the local, popular government of Wisconisn lead by former Governor Steven T. Mason, was on his way back to his estate by horse and sled.

Just as night fell, the newly appointed Governor, ordered the sled to stop. Gov. Horner bade the driver to take a light into the woods a bit, for he thought he saw a massive figure following their progress.

The driver took a lantern and trudged off into the snow, his rifle at the ready. Just as the driver’s light flickered behind some trees, Gov. Horner saw on  the other side of the sled a large dark figure move quickly between the trees.

Gov. Horner called out for the figure to stop, but that just made the figure jump and increase his speed. The driver hearing the Governor’s shouts raced out of the woods to find John Horner standing on the seat of the sled pointing and waving at the tree line, “Quick driver, I think we are on the trail of Santa Claus, that jolly old elf!”

When they investigated, both the Governor and the driver only found large foot prints like those left by an ape. The prints were over 14 inches long and very deep in the snow, so whatever left them was incredibly heavy.

Governor Horner swore the driver to strict silence about how foolish he acted, calling out, thinking that Santa Claus was real.

1980, Pine Mountain, Kentucky: Bigfoot Smells Like Rotten Cabbage


1980, Pine Mountain, Kentucky: Bigfoot Smells Like Rotten Cabbage

While walking along the horse trails on Pine Mountain, Cliff Winston claims he was confronted by a Bigfoot.

“Just as I came around a bend and there the thing was, just standing in the middle of the trail. The sun behind its shoulders so the whole front of it was a dark shadow. But I knew what it was right away. I mean what else stands over 8 feet tall, straight leg pose like one of them cowboys in the old black and white Sunday morning movies? “

“It had its massive arms at its sides, but I could see it had four fingers and a thumb, just like a man, so it were not no ape nor was it a bear standing on its hind legs. My wife told me that it was a bear. But I know it weren’t no bear!’

“Anyway, the Bigfoot and me just stood there considering each other for a bit, then it snorted and turned slowly toward the incline. It marched up into the woods that direction, only turning to see if I were following once.”

“But I was not darn fool enough to follow it. I am just lucky the dang thing was not hungry that day. I have heard tales about Bigfoot ripping people apart just for fun. Imagine what it would do if it were hungry. I don’t like to think about it.”

“The thing that I remember the most and frankly the thing that I found the strangest of all was just how foul the creature smelt. Smelled like a compost pile behind a Russian old folks home. Nothing but rotten cabbage.”

1976, Kings Mountain, South Carolina: Frog Blocks Photographer


1976, Kings Mountain, South Carolina: Frog Blocks Photographer

Louis Valdiva, an amateur psychic investigator, had set up his infrared cameras in the thickest undergrowth on King’s Mountain. While Valdiva was hoping to capture proof of Revolutionary Era ghosts, instead he was set upon by a curious Bigfoot.

While scanning his surroundings through his camera lens, Valdiva was startled by a large hairy figure leaping toward him. So startled that he fell back into the bushes.

The creature ran past his position several times, hooting and howling in glee. Valdiva could do nothing but cower in the shrubbery, his hands over his eyes, screaming for help.

Finally, the Bigfoot stood and looked at Valdiva curiously. Valdiva gathered his wits enough to reach for his camera. Slowly stretching toward it, trying not to provoke the Bigfoot.

Once Valdiva got the camera and brought it up to snap a photograph a large frog jumped between the camera lens and the Bigfoot. The camera’s shutter noise was enough to scare the Bigfoot, who ran off in the opposite direction.

When Valdiva finally developed his film, all he had was a blurry green smudge where the frog completely obstructed the camera’s view. To many of Valdiva’s family and friends, this was still the best photograph they felt he ever took.

2010, Roxy Ann Peak, Colorado: Man Hears Howls and Knocks


2010, Roxy Ann Peak, Colorado: Man Hears Howls and Knocks

Thomas Colhouse was hiking in Roxy Ann Peak before sunrise.  Colhouse enjoyed the quiet of his pre-dawn hikes.  But on this day, Colhouse was disturbed by a distant howling.

“It was unlike any animal noise I ever heard before,” Colhouse said, “Sounded so mournful and sad.”

Colhouse stopped to listen. He thought someone might be in distress. When the howling continued, it was accompanied by a sharp wood knocking.

“When I head the tree knocking,” Colhouse continued, “I knew it must have been a Bigfoot making those noises. I heard them once before, back when I was younger. That same sad howling followed by the inhuman sound of a powerful blow upon a hollow tree stump.”

Once Colhouse concluded that the howling was some distance away from him, he continued his planned hike without incident.

1996, Mt. Hood Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Seen Dancing


1996, Mt. Hood Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Seen Dancing

Chris Sullivan is hiking alone in the Mt. Hood National Forest. He stops to take some photos with a new camera that his wife bought him for his 30th birthday. As he zooms in to what he thinks might be a woodpecker, he is startled by a large figure moving in and out of his frame.

Curious, Sullivan trains his camera lens on the moving figure. Hoping to catch a bear or something else, what Sullivan sees changes his life forever. He claims he saw several Bigfoot dancing and frolicking.

“It was specific,” Sullivan said, “the way humans dance. With purpose and meaning!”

Sullivan was so shocked by what he saw, he dropped his camera down the cliff. It shattered into a thousand pieces. All the great footage he captured gone in a poof!

Sullivan continues to devote his life to finding that band of dancing Bigfoot again and documenting the most amazing thing he ever saw.

1919, Boomer Hill Area, Oregon: Bigfoot Seen Eating Beehive


1919, Boomer Hill Area, Oregon: Bigfoot Seen Eating Beehive

Buck Troll and his brother Heck Troll were fledgling Oregon moonshiners. Not that they were very adept at concocting the stuff. In fact, they nearly blew themselves up with their second still. The first failed due to lack of piping.

Their third still was brewing up nicely. Buck arrived to relieve his brother for the afternoon, since Heck had an appointment with a judge. As the two brothers exchanged their scant pleasantries, there came a loud commotion from a few yard behind their stillhouse.

Heck grabbed the shotgun as he followed Buck toward the noise. Both stood in wordless amazement at what they saw. A 12 to 18 foot man creature was pulling at the large honeybee hive hanging in the upper branches of one of the trees. The creature was entirely covered in thick stringy hair which smelled like the bottom of a fish barrel.

Heck started laughing something awful when he saw the monster finally pop the beehive from the branch and stuff it into its gigantic mouth. Buck did not laugh on account of being so scared. Buck knew what he was looking at, while Heck did not. See, Buck was the older brother and grew up knowing about the Boomer Hill Monster.

A creature so fierce it would eat whole beehives including the bees and not care one whit if it got stung in the mouth or the throat or the belly! Now Buck was face to face with his worst nightmare, he was too scared to run.  But not too scared to knock the shotgun out of his damn fool of a brother’s hand, when Heck leveled it at the creature.

Heck’s yell in protest scared the Boomer Hill Monster, Buck figures, because the creature leaped from the tree and took off like a stuck pig into the woods. Buck refused to return to the stillhouse ever again, even through Heck assured him the creature never returned.

1996, Fires Creek Wildlife Area, North Carolina: Bigfoot Startled By Children


1996, Fires Creek Wildlife Area, North Carolina: Bigfoot Startled By Children

Pepper Wheeler tells the story of the time him and his brother and their brother’s friend startled a Bigfoot, then all three of them chased it off with sticks.

Wheeler and his brother and his brother’s friend were playing “forest pirates.” They were racing toward a little creek, pretending to chase some bandits who stole their gold. As they plunged through the woods, they were laughing and screaming and carrying on as kids do.

Wheeler recalls as the trio careened down the embankment toward the creek, they stopped dead in their tracks. About twenty feet from them, a black and brown Bigfoot crouched at the creek drinking water. The Bigfoot did not hear or see the boys until Wheeler’s brother’s friend picked up a rock and threw it at the creature.

The rock bounced off the shoulder of the Bigfoot who was so startled it feel into the creek. Almost totally soaked, the Bigfoot turned and howled at the boys, who responded with more rocks and sticks.

The Bigfoot was so ashamed that it ran across the creek in two long steps then off into the woods. Wheeler is not proud about how they treated that Bigfoot.

1988, Kimbolton, Ohio: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tree House


1988, Kimbolton, Ohio: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tree House

Turner Gipson was hiking not far from his trailer off Boone Road. Gipson noticed a lot of branches, leaves, and other broken under bush surrounding one tree. This particular tree was large and old. It was sturdy and tall.

As Gipson peered up, he thought he saw movement in the branches. The harder he focused, he was able to determine that he was looking at some sort of shanty structure. Figuring some kids in the area made themselves a tree fort, Gipson laughed and kept walking.

A few minutes later, he heard someone coming toward him. Since it was getting dark out earlier in the day, he thought nothing of it. Probably just a neighbor walking by. Gipson called out. A guttural growl responded.

Gipson knew he saw no dog with the hulking massive black shadow that approached him.  He called out again. This time he saw the glowing eyes of an ape. Then he saw the full details of a massive Bigfoot racing toward him.

Gipson ran and ran. He later figured out that the Bigfoot was protecting its tree house home. When he returned to the tree a few days later, the structure was gone as was all evidence.

1990, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: Bear and Bigfoot Wrestle


1990, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: Bear and Bigfoot Wrestle

Ranger Jen Stewart was collecting samples of seeds and plants for her upcoming Junior Ranger program in Elim. When she sees a brown bear in the distance. It is acting very strangely, then it stands on it back paws in an aggressive manner.

That is when Ranger Stewart spies a very large man in a big coat running toward the bear. She starts to yell in horror. She digs her binoculars out of her backpack to better see what is happening.

Once she gets a good bead on the pair, they are locked in an upright wrestling hold. She is so frightened for the man. That is when she realizes the bear is not wrestling a man at all. The other creature looks like nothing she’s ever encountered before. Though it does resemble what she’s always heard Sasquatches look like.

Amazed at the display she watches the pair scuffle. It becomes clear that the bear and the Bigfoot are not fighting to the death, instead playing around. The grunts almost sound like laughs. The exhibition abruptly ends when Ranger Stewart’s radio crackles with static. Both creatures, startled, bolt away in different directions.

When Ranger Stewart reports what she saw, no one is that surprised.