1976, Grose Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming, Bigfoot Laughs at Hippies

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Tammy Christine Reynolds was leading a week long macrame therapy retreat for Adult Victim’s of Past Life Abuse Survivors. The night Reynolds hiked her five member party into the woods to have “an encounter with the shadow self,” something incredibly strange happened that changed Reynold’s life forever.

Reynolds claims that after the group found the designated wild flower clearing and had formed the therapy ring, the bright moonlight became obscured by rain clouds. In the growing darkness, Reynolds led the group in a chant to help them sink into their “time lines.”

When the chant had ended, the group started to hear low humming from the edges of the clearing. The sound was very much like a car engine turning over on a factory floor where a loud ventilation system hummed.

Reynolds assured the group that this was to be expected and started their guided travel through space and time. It was during this meditation that a group of dark seven foot apemen crawled into the clearing. The smell was overpowering. The creatures stood and watched the meditation for a few minutes. One of the smaller creatures threw some mud and grass at Reynolds when she stood to welcome them into the circle.

The creatures darted off into the woods to what sounded to many in the group as peels of laughter.

Reynolds, though, continues to spend her time naked in the wildflower clearing, hoping for the return of her gentle giants.

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