1987, Hickory Knob State Park: South Carolina: Bigfoot Knocks Down Tree


1987, Hickory Knob State Park: South Carolina: Bigfoot Knocks Down Tree

Amateur nature photographer, Kenny Geraci, was snapping landscape photographs in Hickory Knob Park right around sundown. Geraci heard a thundering crash about 100 yards from where he was taking pictures. Geraci slowly made his way toward the direction of the sound. He would stop cold in his step as he heard growls and grunts.

Honestly, Geraci was hoping that a bear or other large animal was around so he could get some good pictures of it. Just as he was considering himself very lucky, a big tree just to the left of him cracked like thunder and crashed to the ground.

As the tree fell, there was a horrible human animal screech unlike anything Geraci has ever heard again. He saw a large dark figure move into the distance. He did not pursue the creature since Geraci had just missed getting killed by the falling tree. He thinks he may have been in shock. Whatever knocked that tree down was a more monster than human.

1935, Mount San Jacinto State Park, California: Bigfoot Steals Picnic Basket


1935, Mount San Jacinto State Park, California: Bigfoot Steals Picnic Basket

While on a day trip picnic with his sweetie, Peter Smith and Dolly James, experienced a horrifying and unforgettable encounter.

Just as Peter uncorked the bottle of wine, a large hairy man leaped from the bushes. The man was completely covered in filthy dark hair, had the facial features of an ape, and smelled like raw sewage. The wild man waved his massive arms up and down and screamed a terrible, high pitched scream.

Peter and Dolly jumped up and ran down toward their automobile. When they returned a half an hour later, the couples picnic basket was gone and the rest of their belongings were strewn all over.

Years later, when telling the story, Dolly was informed that she had seen a Bigfoot. She just clucked and said, “I don’t know about all that.”

2005, Little Missouri State Park, North Dakota: Bigfoot Migration Seen


2005, Little Missouri State Park, North Dakota: Bigfoot Migration Seen

John Joya was hiking around Little Missouri State Park. He had left the established path to look for spiders, when he came upon a truly disturbing sight.

Joya discovered a group of Bigfoot marching along in single file. There were six of them, all about the same size and approximate age, Joya surmised by the color of their hair and ease of their movements. None of the marching Bigfoot looked over toward him. Nor did they seem to look anywhere than straight ahead.

Where that group was going and what they were doing, Joya has a lot of theories. But the fact that he neither followed them nor did he do any sort of further investigation renders his theories as pure speculation.

What does seem clear from this behavior is that these Bigfoot were probably Government Controlled Androids.

1971, Oasis Mobliehome Park, California: Bigfoot Rocks RVs


1971, Oasis Mobliehome Park, California: Bigfoot Rocks RVs

Denise and Joel Whitestein were sleeping in thier parked RV. It was the third and final night they were staying at Oasis Park in California.

Denise woke up suddenly. At first she thought they were having an earthquake since the RV was rocking back and forth. She shook her husband, but he just rolled over and muttered something about “just riding it out.”

But when the growling and scratching started at the side windows, Denise screamed and Joel finally got up. When he saw how violently the RV was rocking and heard the beast noises outside, he, too, was concerned. He crept over to the window and looked out. Joel claims to have seen a large ape man pushing on the side of the RV.

Joel and Denise cowered in the corner until the beast moved on.

The next morning the side of their RV was scratched up. Several other campers reported similar damage. Some of the campers thought it was hippies on drugs. Denise was certain it was a monster. A few suggested a Bigfoot. No one there had a plausible explanation.

2016, Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Juice Experiment


2016, Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Juice Experiment

Housewife and blogger Robyn Rook invented a juice that she claimed would attract Bigfoot. The unimaginatively named Bigfoot Juice was made from a secret combination of fruits and berries, native to North America. One person who tried the juice himself said it tasted a lot like ordinary cranberry juice.

In order to boost sales of her product, Rook orchestrated a publicity stunt in which she left big open vats of Bigfoot Juice around Uwharrie Forest. The local news sponsored the motion activated cameras set up to record the inevitable arrival of Bigfoot.

Unsurprisingly no Bigfoot showed up. Rook’s sales spiked, then dropped off completely. Rook stopped production of Bigfoot juice in 2017 and deleted her blog.

1883, Smoky Bear, New Mexico: Werewolf Billy the Kid Fights Bigfoot


1883, Smoky Bear, New Mexico: Werewolf Billy the Kid Fights Bigfoot

Two years after the supposed killing of Billy the Kid by Sheriff Pat Garrett at Pete Maxwell’s, the good Christians near Smoky Bear, New Mexico reported seeing a terrible wolf monster killing livestock and terrorizing small children.

A posse was called up and the group spent several long nights patrolling the area with no sign nor signal of any monster or rustler.

Then on the night of September 19, a group under the leadership of Col. John Williams Jasper came across a truly disturbing scene. The group of five men, rounded a bend in the road to find a man with a wolf’s head locked in mortal combat with a large hairy ape man.

At first the group thought it had to be a joke played by a visiting theater troupe or maybe some mischievous teenagers. But when they saw the gore start to fly through the air and heard the painful howls of both creatures, the men could not mistake the fight as real and true.

The ape creature prevailed, finally gutting and lopping off the head of the wolfman. It screamed in victory then slowly lumbered off into the darkness to lick its own substantial wounds.

When the men went to examine the body of the wolfman, they were horrified to discover the man was dressed just like the dead man Billy the Kid. Uncertain what to do, Col. Jasper ordered the body to be burned and swore the men to secrecy.

Whatever those men saw that night, surely disturbed them. But the wolf creature killings suddenly stopped.

1989, Lassen National Forest, California: Two Bigfoot Holding Hands


1989, Lassen National Forest, California: Two Bigfoot Holding Hands

Mike Burris was hiking toward Chaos Crags when he heard something moving heavily through the forest behind him. Burris stopped on the trail and waited to see who was following him.

After a few minutes of waiting and no one emerging around the bend, Burris continued on his hike. About twenty minutes later, Burris saw something that he will never forget.

Burris claims to have seen a large Bigfoot holding hands with a smaller Bigfoot cross the path ahead of him. The larger one was a blackish brown and the smaller one was more reddish blonde. Burris is certain that the large one was a male and smaller one was female. The male was clearing leading the female along.

Burris thought about following the pair, but by the time he started after the Bigfoots, they had completely disappeared. Burris is pretty sure they knew he was there and hid from him.