1995, Hochstetler Farm, Millersburg, Ohio: Amish Corn Field Completely Eaten


1995, Hochstetler Farm, Millersburg, Ohio:  Amish Corn Field Completely Eaten

Henry Hochstetler and his sons – Shaphat, Jonnes, and Ben – were awakened in the middle of the night by a great rustling in their corn field.  Unable to see much, since the Hochstetler’s were Amish and shunned electric lights and flashlights, they were sure that someone or something was messing about in the crop.

The four men started whooping and hollering and making a great commotion.  The idea being to scare away any of the animals or trespassers.  All the noise only woke the rest of the Hochstetler family and set little baby Noah crying.

Upon day break, the family gathered on the back porch as Henry and his sons walked, completely dumbfounded, through the completely destroyed field.  All the corn stalks were broken.  Every single plant.  Most of what remained on the ground looked trampled down, after being bit and gnawed on.

Alan Peters, the Hochstetler’s non-Amish neighbor, informed the family that all that destruction was clearly the work of a Bigfoot.  A Sasquatch.  They do not eat often, but when they do, they work up a mighty fierce appetite.

It is unclear what credence, if any, the Hochstetler’s gave Peter’s explanation.

2004, Chippewa Nature Center, Michigan: Girl Finds Muddy Tracks


2004, Chippewa Nature Center, Michigan: Girl Finds Muddy Tracks

Jen Darvill was walking with her dad around the Chippewa Nature Center.  It had rained all weekend and this was the first remotely nice day.

Jen remembers: “I left the path because I saw an oddly shaped puddle.  At the time I was more concerned about the worms floating in it  than I did of the shape.  My dad warned me not to get muddy, when I told him I had to rescue the worms.  Eventually, he came over because I was taking so long – but in my defense I was rather young at the time and there were A LOT of worms.  Once my dad came to fetch me, he noticed that the puddle I was playing in was actually a footprint.”

“I remember my dad being really excited because he was convinced that I discovered several Bigfoot tracks!  I remember being completely unimpressed at the time and very annoyed when he made me wait, forever, while he searched for someone to show.”

2012, Rocky Gutter Wildlife Park, Massachusetts: Two Boys Discover a Decapitated Bigfoot Foot


2012, Rocky Gutter Wildlife Park, Massachusetts: Two Boys Discover a Decapitated Bigfoot Foot

Two boys, Gilbert Simons and Bobby Anderson, were playing guns in the woods while their fathers sat and talked.  Gilbert crawled into the hallow of a log to get a good sniper’s position on the invisible enemy, when Bobby started screaming.

Bobby was screeching for Gilly to come quick.  “I knew he wasn’t playing,” Gilbert said, “so I ran over.  And that is when I saw it.”

What the boys found was a reddish, slightly decomposed foot.  How the foot got to the park and how it was cut from the rest of its body are still matters of speculation.  The boys’ fathers took to the foot to the police.

After an extensive search, that even included Milo the Police dog, no other body parts were uncovered.  The local coroner has yet to release her full findings, but has titillated the news crews by announcing that the foot is, “unlike any human or animal foot” she’s ever come across.

For their part, the boys are convinced it is a Bigfoot foot that they found.  “I am just worried about what happened to the rest of the big guy,” Bobby told us.