1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot


1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot

Jeffery Walton was fishing on Ghost Lake early in the morning. He already caught several muskies and threw back a little walleye.

Walton got a heavy tug on his line, which startled him. He jerked back uncharacteristically since he was an experienced fisherman. He felt that his line was ripping through something. Maybe a sweater or other sort of submerged piece of clothing. When his line broke the surface of the water, the hook dragged up what looked like a wig of brownish yellow hair.

Just as he reached out to grab his line, his unmoving little boat jerked like it ran aground. He fell forward, losing his grip on his fishing pole.  Walton was on the floor of his boat as the whole thing started violently rocking back and forth. He saw a big hairy paw reach out of the water, grab on to the side of the boat. Then Walton was in the water.

His boat capsized, all his gear sank to the bottom. As he swarm to the surface, she saw a dark murky figure standing on the bottom of the lake. Walton described its piercing red eyes, clearly staring at him. He swam as fast as he could to shore.

Walton’s only explanation was that there was a Bigfoot in the lake. Probably fishing itself, when he line hooked into it. Angry the creature flipped his boat. Walton is grateful the monster did not kill him.

2006, Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge, Montana: Man Pelted with Golf Balls


2006, Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge, Montana: Man Pelted with Golf Balls

Hector Williams was hitting golf balls into the Creedman Coulee wetlands. This was something he did often, even though he knew that it was a stupid and probably illegal thing to do. Williams resented the wetlands. He wanted a golf course instead of a wildlife refuge.

After about a bucket of balls, Williams paused to smoke a cigarette. That is when he felt something whack him in the back, right between his shoulder blades. Just as he turned around to see what struck him, he was hit again. This time on the side of his upper arm. Someone or something was throwing his golf balls back at him and with surprising accuracy.

The next few balls hit him in the leg and buttocks. That is when Williams shouted out for whomever was doing this to show themselves, so Hector could have words with them. The only response Williams got was a loud hoot as a few more balls landed squarely on his chest.

Williams felt the welts growing under his skin, when he saw a large hairy, shadowy figure about half a mile off. Whatever was throwing the balls at him was not human, Williams was convinced.  Suspecting an angry Bigfoot, Williams turned and ran back to his car. He abandoned his golf clubs and other gear.

He never returned to the wildlife refuge. The pictures he took of his bruises did not develop properly, so he has no real evidence of his golf ball assault.

1992, Homochitto National Forest, Mississippi: Dogs Scared by Bigfoot


1992, Homochitto National Forest, Mississippi: Dogs Scared by Bigfoot

Ducky Franici was hiking in the Homochitto with his dogs Tucker and Petey. In a particularly shady spot, both dogs stopped dead in their tracks.  Franici knew there must be a deer or other animal around, since both his dogs were trained hunting dogs.

Tucker was the first to start growling. Then the hair on Petey’s back stood up. Franici tried to calm them down. He wanted them to know they were not working today. Then Franici heard the whooping, a noise unlike anything he had ever heard before. Then Franici heard what sounded like rocks banging against trees.

Both his ruthless hunting dogs slunk their tails between their legs, started whimpering, and cowered behind Franici’s legs. Franici knew that there must be something in the woods that was really mean and evil. He did not wait around to find out what it was, instead he turned around and raced back the way he came.

For a few minutes, Franici swears something large was following him, break branches and rustling leaves. The only thing that could have scared his dogs and made that much noise, Franici concluded was a Sasquatch.

1972, Phillips Lake, Nebraska: Church Group See Glowing Eyes


1972, Phillips Lake, Nebraska: Church Group See Glowing Eyes

18 year old Eddy McColm was leading a Youth Group Retreat for his Christ The Savior Church Youth Group.  They were in a small cabin near Phillips Lake.  Just as most of the kids had wandered off to sleep, Eddy and Jim Blarney stayed up playing cards.

Somewhere around one in the morning, Blarney heard something snorting and scratching at the cabin door.  McColm was sure it was a raccoon, since he heard a lot of them around his neighborhood. Blarney ran and got a flashlight. The two tried to shine the light out onto the small porch.

At first they were not able to see anything. Then McColm gasped. He saw a very hair man-like figure, too big and out of proportion to be an actual man. McColm knew it must be a bear or other creature. Blarney claims he saw the figure turn toward him, wave a massive hairy arm at the light and then sprint from the cabin.

The boys scanned the darkness. Just as they caught the red glowing eyes of the Bigfoot crouching a few yards off, they heard a terrible howl, that woke most of the sleeping youth group.  After sunrise, the youth group missed breakfast looking for footprints, hair, or other evidence of their nighttime visitor.

No real evidence was discovered.

1921, Post Falls, Idaho: Dr. Otis Sherman Arrested for False Claims


1921, Post Falls, Idaho: Dr. Otis Sherman Arrested for False Claims

Dr. Otis Sherman was a traveling confidence man of some infamy.  Throughout 1919 Sherman traveled up and down the East Coast,  in a horse drawn carnival car selling an elixir he purported would increase intelligence, virility, and cure rickets.  When several lawsuits were filed against him, it was nearly impossible for him to pull into a town without the local authorities taking notice.

Sherman moved West. Slowly making his way across the county, Sherman perfected his new scheme of selling Wild Sasquatch Milk. Basically, Sherman sold water mixed with a bit of chalk and onion stirred in. Claiming that he kept a female Bigfoot chained up in the woods just outside of town. A thing that would be cruel if the female Bigfoot were not so dreadfully terrified by human contact and would stop her from producing the magical potion. This Bigfoot Milk would shrink enlarged kidneys, clarify blurry eyesight, and quiet all chest complaints.

His final mistake occurred in Post Falls, Idaho.  After a lively afternoon of hacking his quackery, Sherman decided to stay the night in town since they had a first class hotel and it had been weeks since he slept on a real mattress.  Some of the young men from the town mustered up enough bravery to head out into the woods to see this Bigfoot for themselves. After several hours of searching and finding nothing, the young men returned.

The group stomped into Sherman’s room and demanded proof of the Bigfoot. Sherman hemmed and hawed and grew somewhat agitated – a ploy that usually allowed him a speedy escape. But this time, one of the young men happened to be the sheriff’s boy. So when the sheriff arrived at the disturbance, he gave Sherman a choice, either produce the Bigfoot or stay in jail until he would.

After spending three days in jail, Sherman admitted that there was no Bigfoot. At which point he was arrested on making false claims and confidence schemes.  A month later, at his trial, Sherman claimed that angels had told him divine secrets and if he did not turn his life around he would burn in hell. The jury believed him and did not convict him. Though he did have to repay any money to people who wanted a refund.

Unsurprisingly, few people who purchased the Bigfoot Milk came forth to demand a refund from the now Holy Seer, Dr. Otis Sherman.

2012, Conecuh National Forest, Alabama: Man Develops Perfect Bigfoot Bait


2012, Conecuh National Forest, Alabama: Man Develops Perfect Bigfoot Bait

Jason Batt, a 30 year veteran Bigfoot hunter, develops what he claims in the perfect Bigfoot bait – Bacon Pellets.  Batt assures anyone who buys his bacon pellets that if there is a Bigfoot in a five mile radius, they are going to get that Bigfoot to come and eat those bacon pellets.

Batt claims, “I first discovered that Bigfoot loves bacon by accident. I was out scouting this one area and I had just come from having my breakfast at a local diner. I am a real messy eater, I guess, because suddenly I hear all this rustling and growling. Then I see the biggest and meanest Bigfoot I have ever seen. It was crazy. It came running right at me. It tore the shirt off my back and started sniffing it like a dog sniffs the ground for treats. Anyway, I guess my shirt smelled like bacon and even had a little piece that fell out of my mouth and landed in the breast pocket of my shirt. Like I said, I am a real messy eater, I guess.”

Over the next few months, Batt experimented with bacon. “I tried it all. Cooked, uncooked, back and Canadian. Bacon dog treats, you name it. Everything. Then I struck upon the perfect combination or real and artificial bacon flavors. This is the concoction that I put into my Bigfoot Bacon Pellets Bait.  Guaranteed to attract any and every Bigfoot in the area.”

After a year in production, Batt retired from the Bigfoot business and retired out of the country.

1979, Copalis National Wildlife Refuge, Grays Harbor, WA: Silver Back Bigfoot Spotted


1979, Copalis National Wildlife Refuge, Grays Harbor, WA: Silver Back Bigfoot Spotted

Josiah Levant was hiking along the coast in Copalis National Wildlife Refuge.  He spotted what he thought was a large dog.  It had enormous shoulders and powerful haunches. It crawled along the ground, lower than a dog would.  Its hair was fine and wispy and entirely silver.

Josiah did not want to approach the animal. He did not want to startle it.  When the creature turned to look at him, Josiah saw its fiery red eyes and large fang like teeth.  One of the teeth was chipped and stuck out over the top lip, like a cartoon bulldog.

Josiah was sure the creature made eye contact with him.  As it reached the edge of the woods, it stood up on its haunches.  Just like a man, the creature walked into the woods.

Josiah estimates that the erect creature was over 15 0r close to 18 feet tall.  While he could not find any footprints, he is certain that he encountered an elderly Bigfoot.  There was such sadness and reserve in its eyes.

2011, Shasta, California: Man Claims Bigfoot Is Teasing Him


2011, Shasta, California: Man Claims Bigfoot Is Teasing Him

Doug Ken owns a small house on a piece of property not too far from Whiskey Lake in Shasta, California.  Mr. Ken claims that a Bigfoot has been teasing him since January.

“The creature comes onto my property,” Mr. Ken said, “sometimes it just howls. Others it will move a couch.”

The creature Mr. Ken has seen is over 12 feet tall, with a large belly, and huge feet. “I know a damn Bigfoot when I see one, damnit,” Mr. Ken said.

Mr. Ken’s neighbors do report strange goings on around Mr. Ken’s property.  “There is a lot of junk all around it,” a neighbor who would not give her name reported, “Mostly car parts. But the other day, there was a big pile of poop. I mean big. Inhuman.”

Which seems, in part, to substantiate some of Mr. Ken’s claims.

1987, Hockomock Swamp, Massachusetts: Baffled Girl Emerges From Swamp


1987, Hockomock Swamp, Massachusetts: Baffled Girl Emerges From Swamp

12 year old Elizabeth Lynch wandered out of Hockomock Swamp late in the afternoon. Elizabeth Lynch had been reported missing for nearly a week when she was found.

Nearly unharmed, Elizabeth was completely baffled as to how long she was missing.  She remembers becoming separated from her brother, Eugene, when they were exploring the wetlands.  Her brother scared her with a tale of a wild goat creature that sucked the blood of little girls.

Eugene reported to his parents and the authorities, it was as if his little sister had vanished into thin air. She was a few feet away pouting as he poked at a log with a stick, when he turned back to say something to her. She was gone.

The story Elizabeth recounted involved a disorganized series of events.  She remembered a big nest high in a tree, a gentle Bigfoot who showed her around the swamp, and possibly a young  Bigfoot who was her playmate.

The authorities, disbelieving the account of a Bigfoot, suspect that the child was abducted by swamp people. Who most likely were going to try to ransom the child, until they thought better of their scheme and let her go.

2008, New York University, New York: Chaim Declan Lectures on Bigfoot Migrations


2008, New York University, New York: Chaim Fliver Lectures on Bigfoot Migrations

Prof. Chaim Declan, internationally recognized Economist from the University of Cork College in Ireland, presents his research on Bigfoot at NYU.  Prof. Declan was invited to speak at a week long symposium entitled, (De)territorializing Bigfoot: The Body Without Organs as Crypid Machine.

Prof. Declan’s paper entitled, “The Progressive Symptom of Temperature and Migratory Patterns of Bigfoot Sightings.”  In it, Prof. Declan argued that mutualism fails when climate response differs between interacting species. “Timing and temperature is everything when species interact.”

Prof. Declan’s research was very well received, though he was denied tenure, in part, because of his Bigfoot distractions.