1969, Trap Rock Gap, Georgia, Jimmy Carter Hears Some Wood Knocking

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1969, eight years before he would be elected President, Jimmy Carter was visiting Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. He hiked to Trap Rock Gap a site that contains mysterious rock carvings, some people claim document alien visitations to the Catabwas. Jimmy Carter had only weeks before seen his first UFO and learned that Trap Rock Gap might help him understand the strange images he felt in his head.

While examining the stone carvings, Carter and his hiking partner Rayden Haimes, both heard strange sounds. It sounded like a rock was being smashed against a tree. Then Haimes recalls hearing the hooting howl like a monkey mimicking a hyena. Jimmy Carter thought the sound was a Bigfoot, straight away. Haimes needed some convincing before he gave up the notion that it was some teenagers playing some sort of prank.

In a 2001 interview about the incident, Jimmy Carter theorized that the Bigfoot had also seen the same UFO and was upset that he had to wait to visit the Trap Rock Gap carvings.

1976, Six Rivers National Forest, California, Cherie Darvell Escapes Bigfoot Captivity

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1976, Six Rivers National Forest, Eureka, California, Cherie Darvell wanders into a resort lodge, disoriented and carrying a bushel of lilies and twigs. She claimed that three days earlier, she was abducted by a large hairy ape creature who she believed was of the Bigfoot Species. Cherie claimed she was grabbed by the creature while she was hiking with an expedition that set out to film evidence of Bigfoot.

Around dusk, she became separated from her group. It was at this point that she was captured by the Bigfoot. She was dragged through the woods to the Bigfoot’s den. Over the next few days, the Bigfoot presented her with berries and dead birds. In addition, the Bigfoot entertained her with small shows of pebbles and rocks.

Cherie managed to escape when the Bigfoot fell asleep. The Eureka County Sheriff’s office deemed the whole story impossible to believe and treated it like a hoax. Cherie sold her story to the Weekly World News for 250 dollars.