1963, Saint Joes Forest, Idaho: Man Sees Bigfoot Riding Woodland Caribou


1963, Saint Joes Forest, Idaho: Man Sees Bigfoot Riding Woodland Caribou

Daryl Braun returned from his weekend camping trip with a tall tale.  Braun started telling his friends that while on his morning hike, he saw heard some very strange noises.  It sounded like a cat mewing while someone strong beat two rocks together.  It was a horrible sound.

Intrigued, Braun started toward where he thought the noise was coming from, but quickly realized the noise was coming from everywhere at once.  Fearing he might get turned around and lose his way, Braun turned and retreated the way he had come.

Once he was back on the trail, Braun saw two woodland caribou slowly prance across his path. They seemed shy and tired, but Braun was amazed at their beauty and how closed they came to him.  He stood very still and tried not to scare the creatures. While frozen in place, Braun heard the banging rock and mewing noise get closer and closer.

Then following the two caribou, came a large male woodland caribou.  The biggest caribou Braun had ever seen.  That beast would have been a good enough story to tell people, but the story got weird and almost unbelievable. Because sitting on the back of the male caribou was a large Bigfoot.  Braun was certain it was the monster, since it was hairy all over, had large ape like feet, and unlike any human in both posture and constitution.

Further surprising Braun was the fact that the monster riding the massive caribou was banging two large rocks together and singing a song with a big smile on its small face.  Its deep set features beaming with joy as it hit the rocks together and sang out its mewing, high pitched little song.

Braun did not move, or dare to breathe, until the little parade was clear of the path and the song faded into the distance.

1983, Mount Battie, Maine: Elderly Man Chases Bigfoot Out Of His Backyard With A Rake


1983, Mount Battie, Maine: Elderly Man Chases Bigfoot Out Of His Backyard With A Rake

Eric Smith of Camden, Maine was in his backyard.  An amateur ornithologist, Smith took a break from raking some leaves into a while when he noticed a figure standing in his backyard.

Along the wooden fence in the far Northeast corner of Smith’s backyard stood a 8 to 10 foot ape man.  “He had thick thighs and a really small head for his massive body. Now I am not calling it fat, outright, since I do not know what is normal for a creature like that.  But it was a tad bit plump.”

“It had large feet, too. Which I only noticed after I started waving my rake in the air above my head. I am not, at all, sure what came over me. Maybe it was some sort of natural instinct to protect my property, because I have never been more scared in all my times.”

“I guess I am pretty lucky that I startled the beast. Otherwise, it might have charged me. I can tell you I would not have liked to be pummeled by a thing that big.  So yeah, I think I am lucky. I would tell anyone who comes across it to steer clear.  I got lucky.”

1957, Ponce de Leon Springs, Florida: Naked Skunk Ape Scares Bathing Family


1957, Ponce de Leon Springs, Florida: Naked Skunk Ape Scares Bathing Family

Leroy Flecker and his wife Helen had a yearly tradition of taking their family to Ponce de Leon Springs when the kids got of school for the summer.

This particular trip just did not feel right to Helen, her eldest daughter Anna, remembered, “Mom just felt that something was off. First of all, there were no other people around.  At first we thought this was great. We had the whole place to ourselves.  Us kids, we didn’t notice a thing, really, we were just too excited to be on vacation.  Plus my brothers loved playing in the creek.”

It was probably just after noon, that the family first noticed the strange creature that was sitting in a tree on the far bank.  “My brother Jim had the bright idea to throw rocks at it. This made my father very mad, since you could really hurt someone with a rock. If it hit them you know. And my dad did not like the idea of having to apologize to anyone on us kids’ behalf. So he starts yelling at Jim to get out of the water and stop throwing rocks. “

“That is when my littler brother Brian started crying that the monster in the trees did not have any clothes on.  This was very scandalous to Brian since he loved being naked himself and some of his worst tantrums involved putting on clothes.”

“My father just went nuts when he saw what us kids were all pointing at.  He started yelling at us to get out of the water as quickly as we could.  He really was frantic.  I do not think I ever saw him turn beet red like that.  Later he explained to us that he was deadly frightened that that naked ape looking creature would do something ghastly to us kids.”

“Well, once we all got out of the water. My little brother Phil only after my dad threatened to beat him raw with a belt.  My dad pushed all us kids into the back of the car, still dripping wet and leaving Jim’s shoes behind.  Which made Jim cry, until I reminded him that shoes were clothes.  And dad just hauled ass out of there.”

“It was not until a couple years later that all us kids put two and two together and figured out that what dad was so scared of was one of them Bigfoot Skunk things.  I think dad was nervous because it was naked as a jay bird.  And those monsters are supposed to be hairy.”

1993, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia: Twin Hikers Followed By Bigfoot


1993, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia: Twin Hikers Followed By Bigfoot

Twins, Jordan and Gordon Tisch, of New York, were on vacation and hiking along the Chattahoochee River.  They stopped to have a brown bag lunch that they had packed.  After lunch, they started to hear twigs breaking and loud thumping coming from behind them.

At first, neither of them said anything, thinking they were just hearing small woodland animals frolic behind them.

“I thought it might be a rabbit or a couple squirrels or a raccoon or a …” Gordon said.

“Or at fox or a beaver or a deer or a opossum,” continued Jordan.

After a quarter of an hour, the twins exchanged looks.  They waited on the trail to see if they could catch a glimpse of the animal or animals that were following them.  After a little bit, the decided that whatever it was following them, had grown bored or scared and scampered off.

It was not long before they heard the stomping of the ground and heavy breathing and sighs.  They stopped again.  Jordan was the first to see the dark figure nearly 12 feet tall, hugging a tree trunk, maybe 25 yards away.  Jordon pointed it out to his twin, who just caught a glimpse of the massive figure, sulk off into the woods.

“I have no doubt from the profile of the thing, that it was a Bigfoot,” Gordon said.

“That or it was a very lost NBA basketball player,” Jordan said.

“I thought we agreed it wasn’t that,” Gordon said as Jordan laughed and laughed.

2001, Mohawk Trail State Forest, Massachusetts: Little Girl Shares Leaf Dinner With Ape Man


2001, Mohawk Trail State Forest, Massachusetts: Little Girl Shares Leaf Dinner With Ape Man

Joyce Parrish, age 8, was camping with her family (her mom Sherri, her dad Joe, and little brother Joe Jr.) in Mohawk Trail State Forest.  Joyce was playing with her dolls near the campsite.  She was making her dolls a pretend campfire skillet full of leaves and bark.  Her little brother Junior was bouncing around behind her, jumping off the jutting roots and chasing a butterfly.

Suddenly, out of the woods appeared a very tall man. According to Joyce, the man was more like a caveman or maybe like that one monkey she saw at the zoo, the one that her brother thought was so funny.  He was covered in hair, had a big nose, and a very big bushy eyebrows.  But he was nice.  He sat down and watched Joyce pretending to cook.  He ever let her give him a little bark plate serving.

The little Bigfoot tea party was rudely interrupted by Junior who got very frightened by the hairy ape man.  This did not make sense to Joyce, since the ape man looked so much like the monkeys at the zoo.  But Junior’s cries scared the Bigfoot, who shot up and ran off into the woods, again.  He did look back and wave, Joyce said.

Sherri and Joe, Joyce’s parents, came running over, but did not see anyone or anything around.  They calmed Junior down by promising him he could play with the worms that Joe had for fishing bait.  Joyce spent the rest of the weekend camping site talking about her new ape man friend.

1950, Willow Creek, California: Man Arrested For Dressing Like Monster and Selling Autographs


1950, Willow Creek, California: Man Arrested For Dressing Like Monster and Selling Autographs

Unemployed veteran, Geoffry “Duke” Sullivan, was visiting his sister’s family in Willow Creek. He had just hitchhiked across the country looking for work.

While drinking in a local bar, Duke heard stories about a monster who lived in the woods, threw garbage cans at houses, and generally made a mess of other people’s property.  Thinking about this over the next couple days, Duke got what he considered a brilliant idea.

Acting on his brilliant idea, he spent hours locked in his sister’s sewing room, stitching up a very crude furry monster costume. Duke liberated a few fur coats out of his sister’s wardrobe.

Once his costume was to his liking, Duke started walking up and down the country roads at dusk.  He waved his arms at passing cars and sat on rocks with his chin in his hands.  Cars would slow down, then speed up, once he started to move toward them.  At night, Duke listened to the locals gossip about the various monster sightings.

After a month of laying the ground work, Duke got some his brother-in-law, who was an amateur photographer, to take some candid snapshots.  The best of which Duke walked into the newspaper.  Startled, the editor paid him 3 dollars for them, with a promise of $4.25 for any more he was able to capture.  Without telling his brother-in-law about the cash, Duke developed a stack of them.

Duke’s photos ran on the front page of that week’s newspaper. The town was buzzing with speculation.  People who had seen the creature came forward to tell their stories to the newspaper.  A special edition came out.

The local boy scouts started a Willow Creek Monster club which organized weekend monster hunts and coloring competitions.

After selling a few more blurry pictures, Duke decided to cash in completely.  He set up a stand in the town square and announced that the monster had been captured.  Duke promised to display the creature on an upcoming Friday night.

When Friday came, Duke made a big production, having paid a local hobo to wear the monster suit and stand in a poorly constructed wooden cage.

A massive crowd, nearly the entire town, showed up wanting to see the monster.  Before un-draping the cage, Duke sold autographs for a quarter.  Once the crowd was at a near fever pitch, Duke unveiled the monster.  Taking one good look at it, everyone was furious. Clearly, it was a man in a poorly stitched up fur coat costume.

Duke’s sister was the most furious of all.  Demanding the Duke to be arrested, on the spot, for stealing and destroying her precious fur coats.  For the vandalism, Duke spent a week in jail and was fined $250 dollars.

1999, Ryan Falls near Wallace Falls Park, Snohomish County, Washington: Bigfoot Kidnaps Bathing Boy, Furious Pursuit Ensues


1999, Ryan Falls near Wallace Falls Park, Snohomish County, Washington: Bigfoot Kidnaps Bathing Boy, Furious Pursuit Ensues

Damoniko Hampton, aged 6, was playing near Ryan Falls, which is on private property.  He had wandered away from his mother’s boyfriend Jaymee Lincoln, who had parked the car on the side of the interstate to check directions.

Jaymee did not hear little Damoniko’s cries for help, but did see him as he was carried across the interstate by a 12 foot tall hair Bigfoot.  The Bigfoot had snatched Damoniko and held him like a human football as it ran full speed into Wallace Falls Park.  Jaymee claims he was so frightened by seeing the Bigfoot carry off his girlfriend’s child, that he turned around and drove home.

It was a few days before the child was reported missing as Damoniko’s mother thought that he was with her boyfriend and Jaymee was too scared to tell anyone the truth, fearing that no one would believe this is what happened to the child.  Once reported to the police, though, the sheriff deputized a posse and about 25 men went into the woods.

The posse found a trail which looked like a large man was dragging a small child behind.  Several times the tracks abruptly stopped.  The lead tracker, Jim “Bull” Miller, claimed he had tracked Bigfoot before and gotten several rifle shots into the monster, before it managed to give him the slip by climbing into the trees.  Miller suspected, but could not prove, that the Bigfoot had a whole transportation system in the trees, which aided in its ability to hide from the humans.

After 15 hours of searching, the sheriff and his posse found Damoniko sleeping in a pile of leaves. The child had no recollection of what happened.  Unsatisfied, Bull Miller spent the next week in the woods, searching for the Bigfoot kidnapper.  He found little, other than some foot prints and a candy wrapper, which Damoniko said he gave to the Bigfoot.