1923, Reed Smoot and the Bigfoot Threat to LDS in Georgia

In early 1923, Reed Smoot while on a whistle stop in Georgia wrote in his diary that after praying with representatives from f Georgia’s  Latter Day Saints Churches, several of the state’s elders pulled him aside. They feverishly told him of a grave and existential threat faced by many of Georgia’s LDS congregations. From what the elders told Smoot, a black hairy creature with glowing yellow eyes ransacked several churches, terrorized the children and made the women weep.  But since all the local sheriffs, being Christians themselves, did not look kindly on the Latter Day Saints, and nothing was ever done. They sought Smoot’s intervention in the matter. But Smoot, facing discrimination himself among his fellow Washington politicians, kept silent on the matter, lest he be labelled more of a suspicious kook for believing in monsters.