1981, Kootenai National Forest, Montana: Bigfoot Tug of War


1981, Kootenai National Forest, Montana: Bigfoot Tug of War

While cleaning out his canoe before he continued on his trip, Tim Storez heard grunting and growling just over the hill in front of him. Being a dangerously curious person, Storez walked up to investigate.

When he got to the top of the hill, he saw two large hairy Bigfoot playing tug of war with a tree trunk. The Bigfoot seemed to know each other, according to Storez and were playing more than actually fighting. Storez watch the two pull and yank at the tree trunk of a minute or two, until the Bigfoot smelled him. Storez thinks their eye sight is very poor, because neither seemed to see him, but both stopped to furiously sniff the air.

Once they were satisfied that someone was watching them, they tossed the tree trunk in the general direction of Storez and then raced off in the opposite direction.

1988, Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi: Bigfoot Foot Chase


1988, Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi: Bigfoot Foot Chase

Eric Rumbles was training for a marathon. As he was clicking in his fifth mile, he noticed that something was running ahead of him. At first, he Rumbles was not sure what he was seeing, since it had started raining.

Rumbles quickened his pace and was within 1000 feet of the other runner. Rumbles was able to get a good look at the other figure. He realized that there was a medium sized Bigfoot running ahead of him.

Rumbles called out and tried to get the attention of the creature. But it just kept looking straight ahead and thundering down the path. As Rumbles sped up, so did the Bigfoot increase its pace to maintain the same distance between them.

After nearly a mile of chasing Bigfoot, the creature veered off the path and disappeared into the woods. Rumbles thought about following the monster, but thought better of it a second later.

1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward


1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward

Carson Henke was painting a majestic vista in Baxter State Park. Or at least he was trying to paint the majestic view he saw before him.

Suddenly Henke noticed a large black figure moving slowly across the tree line. Henke was alarmed because the shards of sun light that broke through the trees and foliage, seemed completely absorbed by the figure.

The more Henke watched, the stranger the figure became, for not only did it seem to be eating the sun light around it, the creature seemed to be moving backward. Not like a man walking backward, but more like a movie being rewound.

After doing some research, Henke is sure the creature was a Bigfoot. But Henke is at a loss as to what was happening to it or what it was up to.


1983, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado: Bigfoot Bothered by Reflection


1983, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado: Bigfoot Bothered by Reflection

Lee John Horton was 11 years old when his parents took him to Castlewood Canyon. He was super bored and acting out. So parents made him sit on a rock near a little creek and waterfall, while the hiked around.

Horton was wearing a brand new watch. It was a bit too big for him and he thought it was heavy on his wrist so he took it off. That is when he noticed that the back of the watch face reflected the sun brilliantly.

As he played around aiming the reflection along the rocks and hitting the waterfall, he noticed a creature’s head. At first he thought it was just a beaver, but then it turned and he saw its face. Horton knew he was looking a Bigfoot sitting among the rocks.

Instead of being frightened, Horton aimed his watch reflection at the Bigfoot. It took a few minutes to get the aim just right, but finally Horton managed to get the reflection right in the face of the monster.

After a few minutes, of swatting its huge paws around and rubbing its face, the Bigfoot stood up to its full height. It looked over toward Horton, how threw himself flat among the rocks, trying to hide. Horton heard a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as the Bigfoot screamed at him in agitation.

When Horton peaked his head up, the Bigfoot was gone. To this day, Horton still does not feel bad about teasing the gentle Bigfoot.

1985, Sierra National Forest, California: Ally Sheedy Sees Bigfoot


1985, Sierra National Forest, California: Ally Sheedy Sees Bigfoot


Ally Sheedy was on vacation after the premier of St. Elmo’s Fire. She and some friends were hanging around Shaver Lake. While sunbathing in the late afternoon, Sheedy claims she heard a terrible noise, like someone struggling to breathe. When she sat up she saw two glowing red eyes looking at her from the nearby bushes.

Thinking her friends were playing a trick on her, Sheedy stood up and started to walk toward the bushes. That is when the creature hiding there let loose with a terrifying scream that froze Sheedy and caused goosebumps on her arms.

Sheedy gasp and ran back to where the cars were parked. She refused to leave the car for the rest of the weekend.

To this day, Sheedy will acknowledge the encounter, but refuses to really discuss it.

1986, Masardis, Maine: Burt Poland’s Great Grandson Reveals Note


1986, Masardis, Maine: Burt Poland’s Great Grandson Reveals Note

On August 8, 1897, six year old Lillian Carney wandered into the woods near her home in Masardis, Maine. She was missing for 48 hours. A man who lived near her, Burt Poland found her almost 3 miles from her house.

In 1986, Burt Poland’s great-grandson, John Poland shared a handwritten note that his grandfather wrote the night after he found little Lillian.

In the note, Burt claims that when he found little Lillian, she was wearing a cape of fur and a crown of flowers. She was slightly dazed, but kept repeating that she wanted to stay with her friends because they thought she was a princess. Burt said that Lillian kept talking about the “lights in their eyes.” When he asked Lillian about that she said, the “hairy people had sunlight in their eyes.”

According to John, Burt spent the rest of his days wandering those woods at night searching high and low for the hairy people. Burt was convinced they were a tribe of Bigfoot and was intent on proving it.


1989, Wilderness State Park, Michigan: Woman Sees Bigfoot


1989, Wilderness State Park, Michigan: Woman Sees Bigfoot

Caroline Batoff was hiking around the Porcupine Mountain area of Wilderness State Park. She had not seen nor heard another hiker for at least an hour. About 100 yards ahead of her she saw a figure moving slowly across her path.

Batoff’s first impulse was to wave and say hello, since she is such a friendly person. But as she got a better look at the figure, she became alarmed.

The figure was nearly pitch black, like light was absorbed into it. Plus the figure was much too large to be a human. When it turned to look at her, she saw the bright yellow eyes burn into her. Batoff stood incredibly still. The creature slowly moved on. Batoff knew that she had just seen a Bigfoot. And that the Bigfoot saw her, too.