1978, Winchester Lake State Park, Idaho: Snow Shoer Sees Bigfoot


1978, Winchester Lake State Park, Idaho: Snow Shoer Sees Bigfoot

Adam Farkas was camping for a week in Winchester State Park. He had signed up to learn how to snowshoe. After a lesson and two group trips, Farkas headed out on his own.

He had been walking for about 25 minutes when he stopped for a cigarette. As Farkas stood there trying to find his matches, he noticed something pop up from behind a snowbank not too far from him. Farkas was surprised because it looked like a giant hairy apeman covered in snow slowly stood up.

The creature puffed itself up and then shook like a wet dog all the snow from its brown fur. It raised its arms over its head in a morning stretch. Then the Bigfoot arched its back and yawned a terrible and loud yawn.

Farkas felt the unlit cigarette fall from his open mouth. He found himself praying that the monster did not notice him, nor was it hungry after it first woke up. Luckily for Fakas, the creature just turned and strolled off into the trees, slowly scratching its butt.

1985, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs


1985, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs

Daniel Cortland was taking photos for his family Christmas card in the Gifford Pinchot Forest. He had gotten some nice shots, but nothing that was really great.

As he plodded along through the snow, he saw a tree that was completely outlined in snow. As he inched closer for the perfect angle, he was hit in the head with a snowball. Startled he called out. He was immediately answered by a laughing howl. Then another snowball hit him. And another.

Cortland twirled around and tried to find the culprit. He spied a 12 foot hairy beast hiding behind one of the larger trees about 100 yards away. He raised his camera to get a shot of the Bigfoot, but only saw the white blur of the snowball that smacked into his camera.

Cortland called out angrily that his camera was off limits, but was answered only by a more intense barrage of snowballs. Completely humiliated, Cortland turned heel and ran away. The soft pad of snowballs followed as he ran.

Cortland remains surprised that when he tells of his Bigfoot encounter, most people believe everything except the creatures impeccable aim.

2012, Sproul State Forest, Pennsylvania: Snowmobile Driver Sees Bigfoot


2012, Sproul State Forest, Pennsylvania: Snowmobile Driver Sees Bigfoot

College student Jason McDonald drove his snowmobile along Pete’s Run Trail. It was a quiet afternoon and there were no other people around. As McDonald passed a row of trees, he heard a terrible knocking sound. He stopped the snowmobile because he thought something was wrong with it.

Then he saw two of the trees shaking. The snow fell from their branches. McDonald felt he was in a movie watching something emerge from the woods. Just then, he saw the back outline of a 10 foot tall man walk between the trees. It turned its head to look at McDonald.

McDonald was certain from the slump of its shoulders and the way it turned its neck, he looked right at a real life Bigfoot. McDonald watched as the creature moved back and forth, shaking the trees. Then it turned and walked off in the other direction.

McDonald was too scared to go after it or even go toward the trees to examine the footprints. He just started his snowmobile and sped out of the area.

1962, Devil Tack Lake, Minnesota: Woman Sees Bigfoot Eyes Staring at Her


1962, Devil Tack Lake, Minnesota: Woman Sees Bigfoot Eyes Staring at Her

Joanna Gilmore awoke around 3 AM. She left the tent she shared with her sister Joanie. She was on her way to the outhouse, when something caught her attention in the trees.

At first Joanna thought it was the wind. But then she was convinced she saw a man or monkey jump between branches. She froze where she was and stared as hard as she could into the black night sky. She scanned the inner darkness of the trees. Suddenly, two red glowing eyes blinked open. They stared right at her.

Joanna screamed a little scream and jumped back. She could not take her eyes off the glowing orbs high among the branches. The two were locked together until a small squirrel or other woodland creature made a scurrying sound and the eyes in the trees flicked to spy on the motion.

Joanna, free of the stare of the creature, turned and ran back to her tent. The next morning she returned to the trees where she saw the eyes and found Bigfoot prints all around the tree trunks. Joanna realized that the Bigfoot was not IN the trees, but just nearly as tall as them which gave that impression.

When Joanna told her parents of the encounter, they assured her it was probably an owl. Though she remained dubious of that explanation.

1884, outside Missoula, Montana: John Stoner Attacked By Wild Man


1884, outside Missoula, Montana: John Stoner Attacked By Wild Man

Mapmaker and photographer John Stoner was returning to his home in Missoula, from a day trip. He rode on his wagon seated on his camera box. As the horse drawn wagon turned a bend in the road, Stoner noticed the horse was frightened by something. The horse slowed down to a near stop.

No matter how vigorously he tried, Stoner could not get the horse to move forward. Stoner noticed that in the bushes a few yards ahead were shaking violently. He called out, which just made the bushes shake harder. The horse became more uncomfortable.

Stoner jumped from the wagon, picked up a rock and lobbed it into the brush near the commotion. Just as the rock thumped down, the bushes exploded with a hairy wild man. The crazed wild man raced at Stoner with a murderous look in his eye and swinging his massive arms. The man stood on stubby legs with gigantic feet, had arms that were too long for his body, was naked except for a coat of body hair that covered him completely.

Stoner fought with the wild man. Stoner’s opponent hooted and shrieked like an animal. It’s long nails scratched and clawed at Stoner. The contest ended when Stoner was able to let loose his side arm and fire into the air. The wild man leaped off and scampered away.

Stoner’s encounter with the wild man made the national newspapers. Many, today, are convinced that he barely survived a Bigfoot attack, while others think based on Stoner’s description some other cyrptid attacked him that day.

1999, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida: Trucker Sideswipes Bigfoot


1999, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida: Trucker Sideswipes Bigfoot

Trucker Jerry Trilling was driving his cab through Ochopee, Florida on his way home. He admitted he drank a bit that night and probably didn’t turn on his headlights, but that was no cause of what happened.

The road is straight along the swamp and Trilling drove it many, many times. In addition, there is never anyone on the road after midnight. Or at least not when Trilling drove it before. This night though, Trilling sped along paying close attention to his speed. Suddenly, he heard a ‘thurnk’ as he felt his cab hit something in the road.

Trilling slammed on the breaks thinking the worst. When he jumped out of the cab, he saw a man down on all fours about fifty feet behind him. Trilling called out to the man, who turned to look at him. It was then that Trilling realized that it was no man he had hit with his truck.

The creature’s face was more ape than man, and it was covered in fur. As it rose to its full height, Trilling was astounded to see it was well over ten feet tall. Trilling slowly backed toward his cab, keeping an eye on the monster in the road.

Just as Trilling climbed back into his cab, the Bigfoot bent over and let out a horrible scream, like a woman’s only higher and more agonized. Trilling jumped into the cab and slammed the door. He peeled out and saw that the Bigfoot chased him for about a quarter mile before suddenly disappearing.

Trilling told his trucker buddies about his encounter. Many of them were well acquainted with that creature having had similar encounters themselves along that same stretch of road.

1983, Willamette National Forest, Oregon: Man Finds Bigfoot Tracks


1983, Willamette National Forest, Oregon: Man Finds Bigfoot Tracks

Many people have come across Bigfoot tracks over the years, but David Duff’s discovery set the Bigfoot community abuzz. Dorf claims that while searching for Bigfoot in Willamette Forest, he came across a strange set of tracks.

The footprints were in some soft dirt and not that clearly defined. It was clear to Duff, an experienced Bigfoot hunter, that he was looking at Bigfoot tracks. The footprints were deep, with a raised ridge around the instep. From heel to big toe the impressions were nearly a foot and half long.

Duff set about marking the prints he found so he could make plaster casts of them. He continued to look for better examples. About thirty yards away from the first set of prints, Duff discovered something startling. Duff found himself looking at a clear impression of where a Bigfoot had sat down to rest.

Immediately, Duff set about casting the butt print in plaster. The impression was massive and one can clearly see the knotted fur of each buttock. Duff presented his twenty-three inch impressions to the world, but many within the Bigfoot community scoffed at his casts. Calling him a fraud for showing off what he claimed was Bigfoot’s butt.

1976, Basswood Pond State Forest, New York: Bigfoot Captured on Tape


1976, Basswood Pond State Forest, New York: Bigfoot Captured on Tape

Bigfoot hunter Catherine Sullivan set up her recording gear near Basswood Pond. She and her partner, Donna Simon, placed their idea of Bigfoot bait around the area. This “bait” consisted of tiny baskets filled with one or two apples. Sullivan claimed that Bigfoot loved apples and other fresh fruit, a certainty that came to her in a dream.

Simon and Sullivan were idly chatting around 7:35 PM when Simon stopped the conversation. She motioned for Sullivan to be still. Coming across the pond was a slow moan that grew to a howl. It suddenly stopped, just as Sullivan snapped on the reel-to-reel recorder.

For about twenty minutes, the howling continued. The sound seemed to travel around the lake. Sullivan thinks that the Bigfoot was walking around the lake searching for something, possibly another Bigfoot. She assumed this based on other recordings of the creature which she classified as happy, distressed, and calling out to one another.

Unfortunately, all of Catherine Sullivan’s hours and hours of Bigfoot recordings were destroyed in a house fire in the Summer of 2001. So all we have left are her field notes and stories.

1948, Upper Crater Lake, Wyoming: Bigfoot Sunning on Phantom Ship Island


1948, Upper Crater Lake, Wyoming: Bigfoot Sunning on Phantom Ship Island

William Drexler’s campsite overlooked Phantom Ship Island. He had just finished his sasauge and egg breakfast and was smoking his morning pipe, just looking out over Crater Lake. That is when he noticed something moving on Phantom Ship Island.

Drexler got out his binoculars. It took him a minute or two before he was able to get a good bead on the moving figure. What Drexler saw was a brownish grey Bigfoot, obviously soaking wet, stretching out on some rocks near the water’s edge. The creature was luxuriated. Drexler watched the creature for awhile lounge in the sun. Then after a bit the Bigfoot climbed to the other side of the island and Drexler lost sight of it.

Drexler told his friends about the encounter, but his friends convinced him that Bigfoot was a terrible swimmer and he must be mistaken about what he saw. To this day, Drexler remains confused about the whole scene.