2001, Forked Run State Park, Ohio: Rocks Thrown at Hunters


2001, Forked Run State Park, Ohio: Rocks Thrown at Hunters

Vinny Dick, Jr and his hunting buddy Danny Drake had set up their tree stands a few hours before sunrise. They were already four beers into their twelve pack and had not seen a single white tail bopping around the forest. The pair drank in silence. Waiting.

The first rock hit the tree next to Dick’s head. Shards of stone and bark hit the side of his face. The second and third rocks hit Drake in the chest and shoulder. The impact made him drop his rifle to the forest floor.

The rocks flew fast and furious after the gun hit the ground. Dick managed to stand up and shout that he was going kill who ever was throwing rocks them. He managed to get that out before a rock knocked his hat off and broke his nose.

Drake jumped from the tree sit and rolled his ankle pretty badly. He managed to crawl behind some boulders that shielded him from the barrage. Dick was not so lucky, he tried to climb down the rope ladder, but kept getting pelted in the back and legs with rocks.

Dick was bruised and bleeding when he hit the ground. By the time he crawled over to the hiding spot next to Drake, the rocks had stopped, but he howling began. At that point, it became clear that the two had been under attack from an angry Bigfoot.

Dick thinks that the Bigfoot wanted to hunt that same area and was upset by competition. Drake is thankful to be alive, really.

2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night


2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night

Roberto Kira was camping with his soon to be wife at Henry’s Lake State Park. Shortly, before midnight Kira crawled out his tent to enjoy the last cigarette of the day.

As he stood a few feet away from the tent, so as not wake his soon to be wife, Kira heard rustling near the water. Kira has a deadly fear of skunks and thinks getting sprayed by a skunk would be the worst possible thing that could possible happen to a man, turned his back to the rustling.

A few minutes later, Kira heard a soft howl, almost a whimpering. When he pricked up his ear to get a better listen, the howling became full throated. Kira admits now he was scared.

The next morning his soon to be wife asked Kira if he heard the bigfoot howls the night before. Kira played dumb. Something he still regrets.

2003, Kettle Moraine Forest, Wisconsin: Man Bumps into Bigfoot


2003, Kettle Moraine Forest, Wisconsin: Man Bumps into Bigfoot

While taking an after lunch hike in Kettle Moraine Forest, Eric Searles claims he was nearly knocked over by a rushing Bigfoot.

“There I was just walking through the forest, when straight from behind a couple trees comes this large brown creature running straight at me,” Searles recounted over the phone, “I barely had time to register it as anything other than a brown blur.”

“But as the creature rushed past me, first I smelled it’s horrible oniony body stink, then as it towered over me, I knew it was a Bigfoot. There had been a rash of sightings of the guy for about a month. I am not sure where he was going in such a hurry, but he nearly knocked me over.”

Searles claims that he was too shocked to try and follow the Bigfoot. He claims he was not frightened at all by the encounter.

2001, Janesville, Wisconsin: Man Sees Bigfoot Dive into River


2001, Janesville, Wisconsin: Man Sees Bigfoot Dive into River

Mark Remington was walking along Bellrichard Bridge about dusk. He stopped midway across to watch the Rock River and finish his cigarette. Remington noticed something odd just under him on the bridge. It looked to him like a person was hanging and swinging from under the road.

As traffic whizzed by Remington leaned over the side just as the monstrous form leaped into the air. In a brown blur of fur and skin, the creature performed a perfect swan dive down into the river.

Remington watched in awe and astonishment as the creature surfaced, blew a stream of water out of its mouth, before diving back under the water to swim away. Its massive feet kicking up foamy waves in its wake.

Remington is not completely sure that what he saw that day was inhuman, but he is fairly certain that he might have seen a Bigfoot dive into the Rock River. Or possibly the hairiest hobo in all of human history.

2008, Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah: Man Discovers Bigfoot Toenail


2008, Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah: Man Discovers Bigfoot Toenail

Steve Grahams claims in a press release that he was in possession of a verified Bigfoot toenail. Grahams’ claim is that while hunting for a rare termite in Cedar Breaks Park, he discovered the toenail lodged in a rotten log.

At first, Grahams dismissed the find as human. But he collected it with his specimens, anyway. Later, back in his lab, he ran some tests on the toenail. The exact nature of these tests, Graham refuses to disclose, but he claims that the tests definitively ruled out human origin. Graham concedes that other animals have toenails, but remains assured that the toenail is not from any known animal.

Graham refused to release photos or display the toenail for second party examination, citing the monumental nature of his find, he fears it will be stolen or maliciously lied about in the scientific community.

When pressed about the press release, Graham said he wanted the world to know that Bigfoot exists. And that there is proof.

2000, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Bigfoot Technology Unearthed


2000, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Bigfoot Technology Unearthed

Dr. Armando Redlawn and his archaeological team uncovered strange artifacts while excavating the coast of Mink Island in the Katmai National Park.

The artifacts consisted of a strange musical instrument surrounded by necklaces of semiprecious stones underneath a unusually wide wooden boat. Upon further investigation, Dr. Redlawn became convinced that these artifacts were not of human origin. The age and craftsmanship was unlike any other indigenous people’s crafts.

Dr. Redlawn and his team ran some sensitive scientific tests which determined that the beads were carved with stone tools and the wood used in the boat construction came from hundreds of miles away. Dr. Redlawn theorized that the boat and artifacts were part of the Great Bigfoot Migration. Dr. Redlawn speculates that due to tribal tensions a group of Bigfoot left the California coastal area by boat to slowly move up toward Alaska.

Dr. Redlawn refuses to share anything but the most grainy photographs of his findings with the public. Dr. Redlawn justifies this by claiming that Bigfoot Scholarship is filled with cranks and quacks.

2002, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas: Man Smells Bigfoot


2002, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas: Man Smells Bigfoot

Harvey Perez claims that while walking in the Toledo Bend Reservoir, he encountered the worst smell ever. Perez describes the smell as a combination of urine and mud and vomit. He hoped that he would just pass through it as he kept walking. But he didn’t.

In fact, the smell got worse. It seemed to be following him, actually. That is when Perez noticed that there was actually something behind him. At first he suspected it was a dog or maybe some other farm animal. But by the noises he heard behind him, he concluded that it must be a humanoid like creature.

A bear? Not likely. What could smell that bad? When he asked some of his friends that hunted, they convinced him the only creature that smelled like an outhouse and walked like a man was a Bigfoot. So Perez remains convinced today that he was followed by a stinky Bigfoot.