2001, Ponca State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Flags Down Police Cruiser


2001, Ponca State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Flags Down Police Cruiser

Officers George Dale and Sylvia Katz were patrolling near Ponca State Park, when a large, furry, bulky individual appeared on the side of the road waving its arms in the air.

The police officers thought they were being waved down by a citizen in distress. But as the officers slowed to approach, it became clear by the size and animalistic countenance of the individual on the side of the road, that it was a Bigfoot that standing there.

Officer Katz had previously encountered a Bigfoot as a child, so she was able to positively identify the figure as an adult male Bigfoot.

When the police cruiser got within 500 yards of the Bigfoot, the creature reared up and jumped across the road. It disappeared into the woods. The officers, while confused why the creature would wave them down, did not pursue the monster.

2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile


2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile

Snowmobile enthusiast, Allen Shannon, had just unloaded his brand new snowmobile from his truck’s trailer. Shannon was about to start the snowmobile up, when he saw out of the corner of his eye a large brown creature moving toward him.

Fearing that a brown bear was coming at him, Shannon quickly got back into his truck and started the engine. As he sat there, he watched as a large Bigfoot walked up to his brand new snowmobile. The creature sniffed it a few times and batted at it with its hands. Then Shannon gasped in horror as the Bigfoot picked up the 100s of pounds of recreational vehicle, lifted it over its head, then slammed the machine to the ground.

The snowmobile seemed to explode into a million, trillion pieces. The Bigfoot kicked at some of the scraps, grunted a few times, then kept on walking as if nothing happened.

When Shannon reported the destruction of his property, he was informed that snowmobiles were not allowed in the Great Burn area, any longer.

2003, Red Bridge Campground, Pennsylvania: Bigfoot Wipes Butt on Pickup Truck


2003, Red Bridge Campground, Pennsylvania: Bigfoot Wipes Butt on Pickup Truck

Buddies, Jay Nanos and LT Lapsley, were setting up their tents in Red Bridge when they heard grunting and growling. Lapsley thought maybe a bear was nosing around his pick up truck, so Nanos went to investigate.

Nanos saw a large hairy Bigfoot pushing on the side of the pickup. The whole truck was rocking back and forth as the Bigfoot rubbed its backside on the side of the vehicle. When Nanos was gone too long, Lapsley joined him.

The two friends watched the Bigfoot rub its butt all over the side of their pickup truck. Then the creature started to shake like a dog who just got out of the bath. The Bigfoot completely ignored the two humans. When it’s butt was sufficiently clean, the creature walked off into the woods.

Lapsley claims he still cannot get the Bigfoot butt smell out of his truck.

2005, Little Missouri State Park, North Dakota: Bigfoot Migration Seen


2005, Little Missouri State Park, North Dakota: Bigfoot Migration Seen

John Joya was hiking around Little Missouri State Park. He had left the established path to look for spiders, when he came upon a truly disturbing sight.

Joya discovered a group of Bigfoot marching along in single file. There were six of them, all about the same size and approximate age, Joya surmised by the color of their hair and ease of their movements. None of the marching Bigfoot looked over toward him. Nor did they seem to look anywhere than straight ahead.

Where that group was going and what they were doing, Joya has a lot of theories. But the fact that he neither followed them nor did he do any sort of further investigation renders his theories as pure speculation.

What does seem clear from this behavior is that these Bigfoot were probably Government Controlled Androids.

2009, Zaleski State Forest, Ohio: Bigfoot Petunia Garden


2009, Zaleski State Forest, Ohio: Bigfoot Petunia Garden

While mushroom hunting in Zaleski State Forest, Bryce Hamilton stumbled upon a clearing in the woods. The clearing was circled with tree stumps and the stumps ringed with an ivy chain. At first, Hamilton was hesitant to enter the ring, until he realized that the entire area within the ring was filled with petunias. Petunias are Hamilton’s favorite flower.

He gingerly climbed over the delicate ivy chain to enter the circle. As Hamilton made his way around the petunia garden, he was amazed at the health and vitality of the flowers. Just as Hamilton was about to pick a few to put in his mushroom sack, he heard a loud and angry growl that turned into a howling shout.

Hamilton, realized that he was trespassing on a Bigfoot Petunia garden. He had heard that the creatures love petunias and eat them like candy.

Hamilton is convinced that, had, he picked a few of the flowers he would be dead today, since the Bigfoot would have been soooo angry it would have killed him. As it was Hamilton leapt over the ivy chain and high tailed it out of the area.


2006, Bradford Woods, Indiana: Kids See Bigfoot


2006, Bradford Woods, Indiana: Kids See Bigfoot

A group of ten summer campers were having their last camping outing before the end of their session. They were just getting done with a team building exercise when one of the little girls excitedly cried out.

“Hey everybody, look at THAT guy!” she shouted pointing at a large creature slowly walking by the far end of their camp site.

All the other children raced over to see what the little girl was pointing at. Some of the little boys wanted to run over and meet that thing, but their camp councilor yelled for everyone to come back and line up.

The rest of the day the children were inventing stories about the Bigfoot they were all convinced they had just seen. The camp councilors though were not as convinced as the children, that it was, in fact, a bigfoot.

2001, Sweetwater River Campground, Wyoming: Hiker Terrorized In Tree


2001, Sweetwater River Campground, Wyoming: Hiker Terrorized In Tree

While hiking around Sweetwater River Park, Nick Pontsingle claims he was chased by a Bigfoot. Pontsingle claims the monster came lumbering out of the bushes holding a big branch that it swung back and forth at Pontsingle.

The Bigfoot was growling and inching closer and closer to Pontsingle, who was standing very still. It became clear that the Bigfoot intended to swat Pontsingle with the branch, so he turned and ran away.

Pontsingle clambered up a tree, hoping to escape the rushing Bigfoot. As Pontsingle climbed high into the branches, the Bigfoot stood under the tree and growled and waved its hairy arms. The creature would try shake the tree. Would leave for a few minutes, returning with rocks that it knocked on the trunk. When that didn’t work the Bigfoot left, it returned with a large stick that it tried stabbing into the upper branches.

In the two hours that Pontsingle was trapped in the tree, the Bigfoot tried several other ways to shake him out of the tree. Never did the Bigfoot try to climb up after him. This, Pontsingle, believes is because the Bigfoot was afraid of heights.

Eventually, around sundown the Bigfoot sighed heavily, turned and left the area.



2003, US-26, Rhododendron, Oregon: Drivers See Several Bigfoot Crossing Road


2003, US-26, Rhododendron, Oregon: Drivers See Several Bigfoot Crossing Road

Chris Tomlin and Dave Cambodia were driving along US-26, about 1000 feet from Belle Lake Road, Tomlin slammed on the breaks. Cambodia, not wearing his safety belt, hit the dash and dropped his phone.

Tomlin, usually loud and talkative, simply huffed and pointed at the windshield. Cambodia looked up and saw three Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road.

The Bigfoot were slowly walking across the road. The last one in line, also the largest, over 14 feet tall according to Tomlin, was scratching its rear end.

Cambodia claims he saw more Bigfoot off to the side of the road, waiting for the others in the trees. But Tomlin was too focused on watching the trio pad across the asphalt.

Once the Bigfoot were off the road, Tomlin swears that the largest one waved at them a taunting gesture. Cambodia, though, could not verify this, but agrees it probably happened.

2001, Forked Run State Park, Ohio: Rocks Thrown at Hunters


2001, Forked Run State Park, Ohio: Rocks Thrown at Hunters

Vinny Dick, Jr and his hunting buddy Danny Drake had set up their tree stands a few hours before sunrise. They were already four beers into their twelve pack and had not seen a single white tail bopping around the forest. The pair drank in silence. Waiting.

The first rock hit the tree next to Dick’s head. Shards of stone and bark hit the side of his face. The second and third rocks hit Drake in the chest and shoulder. The impact made him drop his rifle to the forest floor.

The rocks flew fast and furious after the gun hit the ground. Dick managed to stand up and shout that he was going kill who ever was throwing rocks them. He managed to get that out before a rock knocked his hat off and broke his nose.

Drake jumped from the tree sit and rolled his ankle pretty badly. He managed to crawl behind some boulders that shielded him from the barrage. Dick was not so lucky, he tried to climb down the rope ladder, but kept getting pelted in the back and legs with rocks.

Dick was bruised and bleeding when he hit the ground. By the time he crawled over to the hiding spot next to Drake, the rocks had stopped, but he howling began. At that point, it became clear that the two had been under attack from an angry Bigfoot.

Dick thinks that the Bigfoot wanted to hunt that same area and was upset by competition. Drake is thankful to be alive, really.

2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night


2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night

Roberto Kira was camping with his soon to be wife at Henry’s Lake State Park. Shortly, before midnight Kira crawled out his tent to enjoy the last cigarette of the day.

As he stood a few feet away from the tent, so as not wake his soon to be wife, Kira heard rustling near the water. Kira has a deadly fear of skunks and thinks getting sprayed by a skunk would be the worst possible thing that could possible happen to a man, turned his back to the rustling.

A few minutes later, Kira heard a soft howl, almost a whimpering. When he pricked up his ear to get a better listen, the howling became full throated. Kira admits now he was scared.

The next morning his soon to be wife asked Kira if he heard the bigfoot howls the night before. Kira played dumb. Something he still regrets.