1965, Stanislaus National Forest, California, Spicer Reservoir Exploding Tree Trunks


Victor Dellcaft claims to have heard strange elephant like cries for over an hour, while he visited Spicer Reservoir in Stanislaus National Forest, California.

“Well, to be true,” Dellcraft a retired machinist who recently took up late night camping, “the sound was more like an elephant playing stomp the monkey tail with a very unlucky monkey.”

After the sounds died down, Dellcraft smoked his last pipe and planned on going to bed. But his plans were interrupted when he saw a large shadowy creature lurking a few feet from his camp’s fire.

“Damn if it weren’t over ten or fifteen feet tall. Wide as one of them interstate trucks you see hogging all the lanes on the interstate. Big rig wide, is what I am saying.”

Dellcraft stood and shook his fists and called out all sorts of noises in an attempt to chase the monster away. Instead, the creature swung it’s mighty arms. One of its massive fists pounded into the side of a tree, which exploded into a shower of bark, splinters, and cracking noise.

“Scared do not even begin to describe it,” Dellcraft said, “had the Bigfoot not runned off, I might have just fell over dead from fear!”

1982 Humboldt Bay, California Lightning Storm Peeping


During a terrible electrical storm that light the night up with shattering bolts of lightning, Marci Carson lay awake in her bed. Ever since she was a small girl, Marci had been dreadfully frightened by lightning. Mainly she hated the loud boom of thunder, which she learned to conceal and deal with over the course of growing up. But the irrational fear of getting struck down by a single flashing bolt of lightning stayed with her into her adulthood.

It was in this frame of mind, that Marci lay awake, staring at the bedroom ceiling. Her husband and dog snoring peacefully next to her.

During one room illuminating flash in the night, Marci swore she saw a silhouette of a man, a shadow outline, really. It was gone in an instant. In fact, her eyes barely had time to focus on the long head and broad shoulders, cast in shadow, across her ceiling.

Then Marci remembers hearing some rustling like a plastic bag was being twisting and crumpled in large hands, before being stomped into the wet earth outside her first floor bedroom window.

Bravely, Marci slid out of bed to creep on tippy toes over to the window. She inched back the curtain just as a daylight bright streak illuminated the night like a flood lamp.

Right outside, its foul breath steaming up the glass pane, was a Bigfoot. Or at least that is what she knows she saw, hunched over the window sill, peeking into her bedroom.

When the creature saw that it was caught, it made a sighing sound, then screamed loudly. The scream was buried in the heavenly clap of thunder. And even the light shade wobbling resonance was not enough to stir her sleeping husband.

Though her dog did look up from where it was curled at the foot of the bed. Marci does not remember seeing the monster leave, since she is positive she fainted, since she woke up on the floor. He husband slept through the whole incident.

1971, Bartlett, New Hampshire, Town Hall Meeting Topic: Bigfoot


Town Clerk, Archie Bailant, was pressured to hold an emergency town hall meeting in the Bartlett Public Library, to address the rash of Bigfoot sightings in and around Bartlett.

Out-of-towners, as well as life long residents, had seen or had been menaced by a large black and brown ape creature. Not at all like a bear.

Suspicions and accusations had grown so large that local militia had organized and armed itself. They patrolled the border with Merriman State Forest.

The Sheriff had warned them that guns in the state park would not be tolerated under any circumstances, let alone one that looks and feels like an organized hunt.

Mr. Bailant spoke at great length concerning the sightings and attempted to reassure the community that there was no imminent danger. The threat was unclear, since all the sightings happened at a distance and the creature seemed incredibly skittish.

The majority of the Bartlett community took great umbrage at the fact that community resources were being wasted on this silly meeting.

The meeting adorned at 7:57 pm.

2009, Gladwin State Forest, Michigan, Sasquatch Upsets Boaters


Kip Regal and his brother, James ‘Pole’ Regal, were canoeing in Gladwin State Forest, Michigan. Along a stretch of flat water, the brothers took a rest from rowing to float along the current.

Kip was eating lunch, while Pole applied sun screen to his chest. They were both suddenly startled as the canoe lurched.

“It was like we run aground,” Kip remembered.

“When I look over the side, I see a big hairy clump of something floating in the water. I said to Kip that it look like we hit a drowned dog or something,” Pole reported.

“He did. Kip said we hit a drowned dog.”

“Yep,” Pole looked at his brother.

“And when I looked over at it, I said it looked more like hat or some sort of fur coat.”

“You thought maybe it was one of them blankets.”

“I did. That is until the damned thing started to move!”

Pole laughed, “You should’ve seen him! He squeaked like a damn chew toy with a squeaker inside it.”

“I did sound like that!”

“We was both looking at it when we seen its face come up out of the water. It had a flat nose with big old nostrils. Bigger than Gilby’s, even.”

“Gilby can fit a half dollar in his nostril,” Kip explained in a stage whisper. “Turn it around 360 in there too. Damnedest thing, let me tell you.”

“Anyway,” Pole continued, “that critter had big beady red eyes like a blood shot old basset hound. And it looked right into our souls!”

“I don’t know about it looking into my soul, Pole.”

Pole contemptuously stared at his brother, ” Well, fine, maybe not yours, then. But I do know I was just so upset by that look. And you were too.”

“And I was too. I was mightily upset, that’s right,” Kip nodded.

“The danged thing floated there a minute looking at us. Then it turned tail and swum away.”

“Sasquatch is what it was.”

Pole nodded deeply, “Yep. Sasquatch.”

1953, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia, Stanka Fishing In the River

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 13 year old Stanka Drazenovich is fishing at the beaver damn with his two coon hounds. He had packed his father’s lunch pail with a cheese sandwich, some saltine table crackers, and an apple he picked from the Babner’s apple tree.

Right in the middle of his cheese sandwich, his two coon hounds, start barking at and lunging at the bushes on the other side of the river. The dogs started to swim toward the other shore. Stanka calls at them to come back, but they continue yelping and swimming across the muddy river.

Stanka can not see what the dogs are so fixated upon. But it is then, while sitting on the beaver damn, minding his own business, eating a cheese sandwich with his fishing line in the river, a dark and hairy man – much like the Indians in his pulp western novels – this tall and vascular man shrieks at them.

The dogs turn around, hightailing it back toward Stanka, who, himself is so frightened, drops his fishing pole into the water and leaves his father’s lunch pail, to run all the way home.

At some point while running through the woods, Stanka’s two coon hounds surpass him. Frightening him all the more.

2001, IHAP Sac, Iowa, Turkey Hunter Becomes the Hunted

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Mitch Clankenside arrived before dawn at the Iowa Habitat and Access Program’s Sac County Location, a few miles East of Odebolt.

Mr. Clankenside entered the wetland area preparing to hunt turkeys. After a few hours of fruitless waiting, he noticed that the environs suddenly became eeriely quiet. When a low humming sound surrounded him. At first Mr. Clankenside thought the noise came from some old farm equipment. The knocks that accompanied the humming pointed to some kind of engine.

Then Mr. Clankenside heard a scary roaring. Like a wilder beast cross with a bear. Mr. Clankenside hunkered down in place, scanning along excellent sight lines, but he saw nothing.

Until after a few minutes more of this scary, unearthly sound, a large man stood up a few hundred yards from Mr. Clankenside’s position. He stood up as well, to alert what he thought was a fellow turkey hunter.

It turned out that Mitch Clankenside was face to face with a Bigfoot. And the Bigfoot was holding it both meaty hands, several dead turkeys. The creature started at Mr. Clankenside, who leveled his gun at the charging monster.

The Bigfoot seeing the pointed gun, started waving his arms in windmill fashion. The wingspan of the Bigfoot, Mr. Clankenside estimates was close to 16, 17, 18 feet.

That is when Mr. Clankenside realized dead turkeys were raining down on top of him. Splashing all around, one missing him by mere inches. He managed to squeeze off one shot. But the shot went wide of the monster, who at this point clotheslined Mr. Clankenside, knocking him to his back.

When Mr. Clankenside managed to get back to his feet, the Bigfoot was almost a mile away, running at quite a fast clip. Mitch Clankenside had his wife take Polaroid photographs of the massive bruise across his chest, where he claimed the Bigfoot knocked him off his feet.

Mrs. Clankenside, to this day, does not accept her notoriously clumsy husband’s tall tale.

1993, Wind Creek State Park, Alabama, Apeman on the Banks

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1993 while rowing in a rented boat, Glynis Hodge and her grandson, Ralphy, claim to see an apeman on the far shore.

“He was just standing there near the trees,” Mrs. Hodge reported, “not that he was doing nothing at all. But it was little Ralphy, maybe about six at the time of this incident. Well, little Ralphy says to me, Grannie, that ape is naked! And sure enough little Ralphy was spot on right about that. The creature was mostly naked and exposed. Except for those sections and portions of his massive physical anatomy where he – and I dare say I do know it was a he, since he was jaybird bare – was lined with a wild and bushy beard. The worse kind of hair, as well. Coarse and rough looking, in desperate need of a bathing or maybe decent grooming.”

Ms. Hodge, reached by phone, continued, “Ralphy just stared and stared. I even caught him shading his eyes and squinting like he was looking for a contact lens on a shag carpet! I eventually, felt the need to scold little Ralphy. I told him, ‘Little Ralphy you stop your staring, this very instant!”

“But Granny, that ape man is naaaaakid!”

“Well, I had had enough of this nonsense. So I waved my arms and shouted and splashed my paddle to frighten the nasty bareassed monster. His white eyes just bore deeper into us,” Mrs. Hodge shuddered and coughed, “Nasty thing.”

Mrs. Hodge’s grandson recalls seeing a naked man once while boating with his grandmother, but is unconvinced that the naked man was a Bigfoot or other Apeman.

1989, Whipple Hollow National Park, Vermont, The Best Prints Yet

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Donald Cook, published anthropologist, makes the best plaster cast of any Bigfoot print found in Chittenden, West Rutland, Vermont. He was leading a weekend group of grad students in a gridline search of Whipple Hollow National Park, when the single foot impression was discovered in some soft earth under a thin layer of leaves.

Don Cook spent years scouring the wooded areas, in and around, the Chittenden National Forest, for evidence of the Vermont Bigfoot. Cook first encountered the creature in 1965, when he was driving through the forest on his way to a meeting about his tenure at a nearby University. by his own admission, he was “zoning out” and not paying the closest attention to the road in front of him.

Because he was so distracted, he nearly ran his car into a large hairy monster squatting by the side of the road making its toilet. Cook was so shocked that he nearly drove into a tree. Which would have made him late for his tenure meeting.

Luckily for the tree and Cook, he made it to his meeting and was granted tenure in the Anthropology Department. Cook spent the following years searching the woods for this creature who so startled him. Cook had a massive personal collection of scat, hair, and plaster footprints, but never actually came face to face with the Vermont Bigfoot, again.

1975, Choctaw Reservation, Mississippi, Wife mistakes Bigfooot for Husband and Son

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1975, Mrs. Janice Bacardi claims that while walking in the woods on the Choctaw Indian Reservation, she mistakes a large hairy Bigfoot for her husband and son.

Tom Bacardi was carrying Dougie on his shoulders and they had fallen behind Mrs. Bacardi. Mr. Bacardi stopped to allow Dougie to pick at a low hanging branch. Dougie Bacardi was an avid leaf collector and had seen a very rare and prized specimen.

Mrs. Bacardi was a few hundred feet ahead. She had walked around a bend in the trail. When she turned to see if they were following her, she saw, what she thought, at first blush, was her husband and son slowly moving through the woods, slightly off the trail. She worried that Mr. Bacardi might trip and fall, sending Dougie into a terrible tumble.

So Mrs. Bacardi, as she often had to when her husband and son were off exploring, shouted out a stern warning for the two to return to the trail. It was then, that she noticed that the figure in the bushes was not her husband and son. It was a Bigfoot. It turned and looked at her, then snorted loudly.

“Like the dang thing was laughing at my concern for my family,” Mrs. Bacardi recalled, “just the rudest noise. If it were my son who made that noise to me. Well, he would have gotten quite the spanking, let me assure you as a Christian woman.”

Lake Erie Monster, Cleveland, Ohio 2012


I am taking a break to inform you about a great new comic book project THE LAKE ERIE MONSTER published by SHINER COMICS.

The Lake Erie Monster is a quarterly horror and suspense anthology comic book, being created and published out of Cleveland, Ohio by J. Kelly and John G. The flagship story is an “adaptation” of an fake movie that J. Kelly developed for a series of Ten Imaginary Movie Posters. Set in the 1970s, we follow a cast of eclectic characters as they have to navigate the choppy waters stirred up by a Monster born out of the pollution from a city gone to seed. Along with the main title, each issue will feature at least one short back up story.

Everyone who loves sea monsters, bigfoot, and other mysterious mysteries should buy this fantastic comic. Jake Kelly and I are working on a top secret Bigfoot Comic that should be published sometime, at some point, in the future!

But back to the product at hand, THE LAKE ERIE MONSTER is published on heavy stock, in full color, and is simply gorgeous!

Do it and tell them BIGFOOT HISTORY sent ya!


Brilliant and Gorgeous