2010, Gila National Forest, New Mexico: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tunnels


2010, Gila National Forest, New Mexico: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tunnels

Dennis Taupeman was hiking along Catwalk Trail in the Gila National Forest. No one else was on the trail, which he thought was odd for the time of year. Then he saw at the top of one of the bends on the gorge, a very hairy man leap up in the air. When the figure landed, it seemed to sink into the ground.

Intrigued, Taupeman scrambled up the gorge. When he got to the spot where the hairy apeman disappeared, he saw Bigfoot pints in the dirt around a patch of weeds. Taupeman looked closely and saw that there was a tunnel entrance hidden in the weeds.

Taupeman’s natural instinct was to leave immediately, but he was curious. So he entered the tunnel, though he did not leap in like the creature. Taupeman only went about twenty, thirty, forty feet into the tunnel before it got too dark for him to go on without fear of hurting himself.

Taupeman concluded that Bigfoot lives most of its life in these or similar tunnels and must have excellent night vision.

1988, Toomey Williams Road, Minnesota: Bigfoot Trail Found


1988, Toomey Williams Road, Minnesota: Bigfoot Trail Found

Russell Butler visited Pine Island, Minnesota while home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Butler walked off Toomey Williams Road to relieve himself. While standing there, he noticed that the ground a few feet away looked padded down.

Butler took a closer look at the ground to discover that it appeared to be a trail. Curious, Butler followed the trail. At one point he thought he lost it, but then saw some scratches on a nearby tree that marked the way.  The markings were crudely carved into the bark by a rock or other stone implement.

About 45 minutes later, Butler’s fears were realized. He came to a part of the trail were the ground was clearly marked with large foot prints. He immediately recognized these as Bigfoot imprints. Butler started to notice that there the trees were shaking and strange noises were all around. Gripped with fear, he high tailed it back to the road.

Butler remains convinced that he was followed out of the woods by several large Bigfoot that day. If he had continued to follow the trail, he is sure they would have attacked him.

1972, Mt. Shuksan, Washington: Bigfoot Scares Campers with Tree Shaking


1972, Mt. Shuksan, Washington: Bigfoot Scares Campers with Tree Shaking

Mark Johson and his family of four were camping in the Mt. Shuksan area of Washington state. They planned this trip for a year and were two days into their vacation.

After turning in for the night around 8:30 PM, the three children playing a card game in their shared tent. Mark and his wife enjoyed some alone time in their tent. The family was startled when the tree next to their camp site began to shake violently. Not just the branches, but the entire tree.

The entire family emerged from their tents to see the tree ripple and quake like a punching bag hit by a professional boxer. When Mark walked around the tree to see what caused this shaking, he came face to chest with a huge Bigfoot. The creature was pounding the tree with both enormous fists.

Mark stood there in shock as the Bigfoot turned to consider this puny human. It looked Mark up and down, howled at the top of its lungs then slowly walked off into the woods.

It took Mark a few weeks to be able to speak about what he saw on the other side of the tree. His family believed it was really a bear he saw, but never had the courage to say it to their father’s face.

1952, Greater Prairie Chicken Trail, Colorado: Bird Watcher Watches Dancing Bigfoot


1952, Greater Prairie Chicken Trail, Colorado: Bird Watcher Watches Dancing Bigfoot

Amateur ornithologist, Avery Hideman, was out birding along the Greater Prairie Chicken Trail in Fort Mason, Colorado. Hideman spied two Cassin’s Sparrows when he noticed something in the lower corner of his binoculars. He swung them down to investigate what he saw made him cruse and nearly drop his binoculars.

Hideman claims he saw two Bigfoot dancing along the ridge about a half mile away. Hideman was certain they were Bigfoot because of their enormous size. They were covered in dark hair and looked like giant apemen. Hideman was totally convinced when the two creatures kick up their heels and he saw their big feet! They were larger than any human feet that he ever seen.

Hideman watched for several minutes the two monsters prance around. Unfamiliar with many popular dances, Hideman probably misidentified the Bigfoot dance as “clear square dance moves.”

1956, Titusville, Pennsylvania: Woman is Visited by Bigfoot Ghost


1956, Titusville, Pennsylvania: Woman is Visited by Bigfoot Ghost

Selma Jackson went to church every morning since she retired in June of 1956. Usually, the morning mass. On this particular morning, it started to rain as she made her walk to the church. Not wanting to get wet, she took cover under a little bus shelter on the side of the road.

As she stood there watching the rain pelt the road, she heard a moaning sound coming from behind her. Ms. Jackson turned around to see, much to her chagrin, hovering in the dripping trees the ghostly shape of a Bigfoot. The figure hovered off the ground a few feet and was a blue translucent color. But it was clearly a Bigfoot monster. It had the large apelike features, the massively large feet, the powerfully strong arms, and the whole area around it smelled like burning batteries.

Ms. Jackson started to pray for her safety, but the Bigfoot looked so sad and lost, she began to take pity on the ghost. She called out to it to “get on.” The ghost looked at her and she said again, “go on get on with yourself.” The Bigfoot moaned some but turned and started to float away.

A few minutes after the ghost disappeared, the rain stopped and Ms. Jackson made it to church without missing much at all. She prayed for that Bigfoot ghost that it might find it’s way to some settled peace.

1987, Quinault River, Washington: Water Truck Driver Sees Bigfoot


1987, Quinault River, Washington: Water Truck Driver Sees Bigfoot

Jason Minette, a water truck driver for the City of Quinault, pulled off the road to refill his tanks. Minette’s graveyard shift mainly had him hosing down public areas and watering trees in parks. Minette had just gotten the tank’s hose into the water, when he got a really creepy feeling someone was watching him.

Minette flicked on the searchlight on the passengers’ side of the truck. He swung it around the back of the river and up the road ahead. It was nearly 3:30 AM, which meant that most likely no one was around and Minette was just being silly. But as he swung the light across the river, he caught a glimpse of something dart out of the light.

Minette trained the spotlight on the area and did a more through scan. He caught a hulking black form in the trees. Just as the light toughed it, the mass jolted away. Minette was unable to get the light square on the form.

Then the splashes started. Someone or something was throwing rocks at him. He managed to catch a good look at the creature as it stood up to toss a large rock at him from the opposite bank. It was a Bigfoot, alright. Dirty black and brown hair, huge shoulders, and a rippling muscles.

Minette laughed at the rocks as they fell short of the bank and his truck. He hooted across the river, which seemed to only make the Bigfoot madder. Several more rocks splashed in the river, before the Bigfoot bolted off into the woods.

1938, Deadwood, Ohio: Miner’s Wife Chased Down The Hill


1938, Deadwood, Ohio: Miner’s Wife Chased Down The Hill

Mildred Sabell went looking for her husband, John Sabell, who had not come home after his shift. Mildred suspected that Mr. Sabell was drinking at the Social Hall up the hill from their house. Mildred climbed the hill, muttering a combination of Slovak curses and English prayers.

Just as Mildred got to the bend in the road, she was startled. Standing on the side of the road, cloaked in the shadows of the trees, was a monstrous figure. As she started to say something, the creature stood to its full height of 15 or 20 feet. Its head the size of a car hood. It smelled like a septic and rubbish.

It growled at Mildred, who jumped up and screamed all at once. Before any of the men in the social hall heard her cries, she turned and started to run down the hill. She was in tears as she heard the massive fleshy slaps of the creatures bare feet hitting the road.

Mildred ran faster when she caught a glimpse of her porch light in the distance. She, also, thought she heard the drunken yelling of the men behind her. But it was hard to tell over the heavy breathing hooting that the monster chasing. Mildred raced through the backyard, ducking under the laundry lines, and into the house. The monster, not knowing about the laundry lines, howled and hollered as it got tangled up. It pulled one of the stakes out of the ground and dragged it off with it as it ran back into the woods.

When John Sabell got home seconds later, he was laughing and out of breath. To this day, Mildred’s Race with Bigfoot is a matter of conjecture. Some say she was the victim of a cruel prank by some of the town’s men, while others claim she barely survived a dangerous encounter with a Bigfoot!

1965, Sam Houston National Forest, Texas: Hiker Mesmerized


1965, Sam Houston National Forest, Texas: Hiker Mesmerized

Mike Christian was hiking along Lone Star trail when he thought someone was following him. He walked a bit faster, but slowed himself up by constantly checking over his shoulder. Every rustle or snapped twig set the hair on the back of his neck to stand up.

He barely noticed when he approached the dark, overgrown section of the trail. A part of the forest where the foliage was so thick that it blocked out the sun. Christian was well into the darkened grove, when he heard the cracking of knuckles and a low guttural growl.

He started to run back the way he came but the sudden crack of a tree stopped him cold. If Christian ran three more steps, the thick tree branch that fell would have crushed him. He shrieked and ran the opposite way. He shouted for help and was waving his arms, trying to scare off whatever animal followed him.

Just as he saw the meadow beyond the trees, the butterflies floating in bright sunlight, Christan came face to face with a monster. Bigfoot had stalked him for miles. Now it stood blocking the path. It was brown, with a gigantic head, beady eyes, and enormous teeth that drooled down on its heaving chest. It bent down and roared in Christian’s face.

Christan fainted. When he woke up, a group of teenagers stood around him. He was soaking wet and covered in scrapes and mud. He was miles from where he last remembered being. And the teenagers who found him could offer no explanation as to how he got there or how long he was blackout.

To this day, Christan believes that Bigfoot put him under a magic spell and kept him as a prisoner for days, though there is little evidence, physical or otherwise, to support his belief.

1978, Morlocks Slough, South Dakota: Hunter Shoots at Bigfoot


1978, Morlocks Slough, South Dakota: Hunter Shoots at Bigfoot

Gerald Berkeley was out before dawn. He wanted to do some target practice before he went to work. He gave himself four hours to mess about. He set up so his back was to the tall grasses and reeds.

He managed to get about half an hour worth of target shooting with his rifle, before he decided to switch guns. As he was unpacking his pistols, he noticed that the grass behind him rustled. He called out then stood tall waving his arms, noticing for the first time all morning he forget to put on his reflecting hunting vest.

As Berkeley called out again, he saw a dark mass rise up out of the grass. It was a hairy apeman, with huge powerful arms, and the flat features of an orangutan. It growled as it stretched, then looked directly at him. Berkeley was startled, but bent down to grab his rifle. He thought of the fame and money he would get if he killed the world’s first Bigfoot!

Just as he rose up to take aim, the Bigfoot hunched over and bolted off in the opposite direction. It did not run upright like a man, but instead raced along on all fours, like a chimpanzee. Its powerful knuckles hitting the ground as its massive feet kicked up clods of dust and dirt.

Berkeley managed to pull the rifle’s trigger several times, but he never reloaded after his target shooting. He claims at least one of those shots, had there been bullets in the gun, would have hit their mark.

2002, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas: Man Smells Bigfoot


2002, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas: Man Smells Bigfoot

Harvey Perez claims that while walking in the Toledo Bend Reservoir, he encountered the worst smell ever. Perez describes the smell as a combination of urine and mud and vomit. He hoped that he would just pass through it as he kept walking. But he didn’t.

In fact, the smell got worse. It seemed to be following him, actually. That is when Perez noticed that there was actually something behind him. At first he suspected it was a dog or maybe some other farm animal. But by the noises he heard behind him, he concluded that it must be a humanoid like creature.

A bear? Not likely. What could smell that bad? When he asked some of his friends that hunted, they convinced him the only creature that smelled like an outhouse and walked like a man was a Bigfoot. So Perez remains convinced today that he was followed by a stinky Bigfoot.