1998, South Kingston Forest, Rhode Island: Motorist Sees Several Woven Structures


1998, South Kingston Forest, Rhode Island:  Motorist Sees Several Woven Structures

Georgia Frohschammer was driving along through South Kingston Forest around dusk.  When she slowed to allow for a group of birds to flutter away out of the road, she noticed out the passenger window, several large structures.

“The looked like art objects, you know?  Big round cocoons made from interwoven twigs and branches,” Frohschammer recalled.

She pulled off to the side of the road to get a better look, “I just thought, ‘Well, now, if some young person or local artist went to all that trouble to put these things here, why should I not get a better look at them? You understand, I simply adore public artwork.”

“But as I approached the structures, I was immediately put off by the simply horrid smell and the abundance of flies.  It was just all so overwhelming, I was forced to turn around and head back toward my car.  And that is when I heard it…,” Georgia Frohschammer pauses visibly shaken by recalling the memory, “just the most piercing scream, I have ever heard and I worked as a midwife in Africa for many years.”

The scream made Georgia double her pace to the car, “Once inside, I do admit that I sped off.  Quite over the posted legal limits.”

1977, Whitehall, New York: Police Officer Chases Bigfoot


1977, Whitehall, New York: Police Officer Chases Bigfoot

Officer Delano Berube was running a radar speed trap along Ryder Road, about a mile south of Tub Mountain near Whitehall, New York.  It was early morning and there was not much traffic.  Officer Berube had his widow cracked as there was a light rain falling.

“That is when I first heard the screaming,” Berube, now retired told a table of Sasquatch Hunters at a recent convention, “Sounded like a wild animal and one of those ladies in the horror pictures.”

“I shut off the engine to get a better bead on the direction of the screams and was just about to radio it in, when the bushes a few feet in front of my cruiser shook like we were in a terrible winter storm, unnatural like.  Especially, since there was hardly a breeze that morning.”

“I turned on my headlights and that must have startled it.  Because out from the bush, stepping right on to the road, was an 8 foot hairy creature.  The life I lead flashed before my eyes when we two locked gazes.  It was pure evil, I could feel its chilly soul in that hungry gaze.”

“If you remember, I had switched off my cruiser, which I realized when the beast started toward me.  In a pure moment of training, I flipped on the overhead cherries and siren.  The Bigfoot stopped dead in the road.  It threw its hands up over its ears.   Then turned its left shoulder down, just like a running back would the moment of a hand off.”

“I knew it planned on ramming right into my cruiser, but its pause was just enough time for me to start the car and throw her into drive.  I peeled out.  Just was the creature was about to shoulder into my hood, I took evasive maneuver and the damn thing hit the side of the car instead.  Banged it up good.  Had to replace the door, in fact.”

“I half expected the car to flip, but it kept going.  The creature took chase, it was fast enough to stay about three car lengths behind me.  Grunting and growling the whole time.  It finally broke off when I crossed over Wood Creek.  Damned thing just stopped and screeched bloody murder.”

Officer Berube’s story was not believed by many on the force and the resulting repair to his cruiser was docked from his pay.

2002, Duck Puddles, Florida: Omar Stamatoyannopoulos Finds Great Prints


2002, Duck Puddles, Florida: Omar Stamatoyannopoulos Finds Great Prints

While walking around Duck Puddles Lake, Omar  Stamatoyannopoulos sees a deep depression in the grass.  

“It were deep.  Broke right through the straw.  And the heel print were clear.  As was three of the toes.  Musta been over 900 pounds to make a print like that.  Never seen nothing like it before,”  Stamatoyannopoulos reported.

He enlisted the help of his neighbor’s son to create a plaster casting of the impression, “Georgie Wall’s boy were real good at making them things look good.  Georgie Wall’s boy say it look just like them other Bigfoot prints he done collect from all over the area.  Real active hikers, them things, I guess.”

2000, Plymptonville, Pennsylvania: Wilson Roberts Campaign for Bigfoot Crossing


2000, Plymptonville, Pennsylvania: Wilson Roberts Campaign for Bigfoot Crossing

Wilson Roberts, who successfully changed the sidewalk bicycle laws in the 1990s, started to petition City Council on a monthly basis.  As well as writing weekly letters to the Clearfield Progress Newspaper detailing his nearly daily encounters with Bigfoot.

Roberts claims that along almost all the roads in Plymptonville, one might catch a glimpse of a hunched, unibrow cave man looking creature, with white to reddish hair and large naked feet.  “Clearly we are living among a nest of Bigfoot.  The fact that they mean us no harm is self-evident.  As is the fact that they fail to understand our basic traffic laws.”

Roberts went so far as to start wearing a cheap gorilla mask to City Council meetings, which he refused to take off while reading his statements.  This lead to considerable delay and confusion, as he was asked to repeat himself over and over, until the Council could understand his point.

When asked to produce photographs or other physical evidence, Roberts became rather violent in his refusals.  The Council did cost out the price of a Bigfoot Crossing sign which was not expensive.  This enraged Roberts, who, felt that the county needed signs at regularly spaced intervals along all the two lane roads.

The Council promised to take a survey, which was tabled until more definitive proof could be produced.

1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man


1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man

Twin sisters, Crystal and Patricia Sosa, were traveling by snowmobile between St. Mary’s and Mt. Village.  It was dusk and the two came from a birthday celebration for their co-worker, Randy Lee Booth.

Crystal was driving since her twin sister, Patricia, was too impaired to drive.  Though the level of impairment remains a matter of some disagreement.

It was Patricia who first saw the shadowy figure racing after them, “It came straight behind us.  Bounding right a long the tracks we left in the snowy mud. At first, I paid little attention to it, thinking it was just some dude.”

“But when the thing started to catch up with us,” Crystal interrupted.

“Can I finish my story?” Patricia snapped.

“Hurry up, then,” Crystal tsk tsked with her tongue, “She always tells the roundabout.”

“I do NOT!”

“What my sister means to say is that, she screamed holy hell, a screech like a trapped wolf,” Crystal said.

“Like a banshee, Mom would say,” Patricia chuckled, “Anyway, as it got closer, I could tell it was another one of those Bigfoot creatures.”

“Mr. Toth has had such a terrible time keeping those monsters out of his chicken house.  They make the most horrible mess of all the waste pails too,” Crystal added matter-of-factually.

“Well, when I screamed, it made Crystal hit the gas and we sped off.  The Bigfoot waved its arms like we were leaving our purses behind, but I could tell it was a trick to get us to stop so it might eat us.”

“Or worse.”

“Or worse,” Patricia agreed.

1984, Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado: Hiker Nearly Steps on Slumbering Bigfoot


1984, Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado:  Hiker Nearly Steps on Slumbering Bigfoot

Hiker William Mundy was climbing up Uncompahgre Peak, the sixth highest peak in Colorado, when he nearly stepped on a large mass of reddish brown fur.  At first, Mundy thought it was just some dead animal, but then as he poked it with his walking staff, the mass sighed.

“You know how like a sleeping dog will just sigh like they got the whole weight of the economy on their shoulders?  Well, that is what this thing did, ” Mundy reported by phone, “that is when I got a good look at it. And I will tell you this, it was large.  Like a four person tent, deflated and spread across the ground.  Under the bushes, I could see two glowing yellow eyes, or at least I hope they were eyes.  They blinked at me, and then I heard a loud yawn.”

At this point, Mundy said he did not stick around much longer.  “I will tell you, I was pretty sure that thing down there, looking up at me and yawning, was not about to roll over and go back to bed.  I know what that looks like.  I have been married almost 33 years, so I know when a large creature is not interested me or waking up.”

Mundy continued after a chuckle, “I can tell you rightly, that I am sure glad I did not step on that thing or kick it.  It looked like it would tear the doors off an SUV just to get at a candy bar.  I am so happy I did not find out if it was angry or hungry or both.”

When asked what he thought it was sleeping there on the side of the peak, “Dunno.  But it was pretty scary.”

1971, Congaree National Park, South Carolina: Scott Radier is Partially Abducted by Bigfoot


1971, Congaree National Park, South Carolina:  Scott Radier is Partially Abducted by Bigfoot

Scott Radier barely remembers his childhood, but when he does remember his 1971 trip along Kingsnake Trail in the Congaree National Forest.  He was 7 years old and hiking with his mom and her new boyfriend.  They were in a remote and shady place along the trail.

Scott ran ahead while his mother and her new boyfriend held hands and giggled.  Scott remembers hearing a rustling near the trail.  He stopped to look, as he crouched down to get a better angle, the world went dark.

Scott has been told that then next few hours involved a fairly large search party and a lot of guilty mommy tears from his mother and her concerned new boyfriend.  The police, who were called, finally, directed the search downhill, over some steep drops and near the creek.

But Scott and his new hairy buddy were up the hill.  Playing holes in the dirt.  Scott now realizes that he was snatched by a young Bigfoot, who was looking for a playmate.  The Bigfoot would dig a hole with its massive paws.  Then Scott would jump in.  For some reason, this was so much fun.

As the sun started to go down, Scott and his new Bigfoot pal, heard a terrible high pitched howl.  Like the monkeys at the zoo.  The Bigfoot got a scared look on its face and waved its arms for Scott to run down the hill.

Scared Scott tore down the hill.  Branches and stumps ripped his clothes and welted his skin.  After a few minutes of trundling down the hill, Scott emerged from the undergrowth, right in the middle of a search party.  Who were incredibly surprised to find him.

Though once he told his tale about the holes and his new hairy ape friend, his mother put him in counseling.  She suspected that some wild mountain man had interfered with her young son.  For his part, Scott never had had such a fun afternoon.

1979, Neches River, Texas: Cappy Soileau Gets a Spider Bite While Looking at Two Bigfoot


1979, Neches River, Texas: Cappy Soileau Gets a Spider Bite While Looking at Two Bigfoot

“I was just walking along one morning,” Cappy Soileau told us while picking at he teeth with a toothpick, “pretty much minding my own business.  When what do I spy but a couple of figures out over across the river.  First, I thought they were just teeny boppers, since they were throwing rocks at a plastic bag caught on some rocks.  They were not doing a good job of hitting anything other than the water.”

“I was just about to call out, ‘Hey you hooligans, stop throwing rocks, you could hurt someone,’ when they both stood fully upright.  Erect they were over 10 or 12 feet tall and super dark.  Pitch.  Like they were made from suits of the dark starless night.  It frightened me, I am not too proud to tell you.”

“I know I thought it at the time, but I know it now, they were Bigfoots.  One of them squatted down for a spell, while the other one hugged a tree.  Don’t know what or why they were doing that.  But as soon as I could get my wits about me, I turned tail and ran.  Ran as fast as I could, until I was out of the woods and back in my car. Even then, I did not feel safe.”

“So that is my Bigfoot story.  Gave me the worst scare of my life. And while I was fleeing the scene over by the river, I got a nasty spider bite on my neck.  Took almost a month to stop itching.  No matter about that, though, I know I think I saw a couple of Bigfoot that day.”

1983, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas: Vernon “Daffy” Harrar Trains Dogs to Track Bigfoot


1983, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas:  Vernon “Daffy” Harrar Trains Dogs to Track Bigfoot

Vernon “Daffy” Harrar first ran into Bigfoot when he was a child.  Daffy was playing in his backyard when the Bigfoot came out of nowhere, kicked up the sand in his sandbox and stole his red bouncy ball.  The story was well known to all of Daffy’s friends.  Many of whom, Daffy tried to convince to go Bigfoot hunting.  No one ever did.

So Daffy bought some bloodhounds.  He and the dogs would walk all through the Ouachita National Forest.  He would tell people that he was training those bloodhounds.  Training them to track Bigfoot.  When people would ask how he was training them to track without any scent, Daffy would wave them off.

“If anyone is gonna find that Bigfoot guy,” Daffy would boast, “that someone will be my dogs.”

1989, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky: Wilma Than Claims Bigfoot Impregnated Her


1989, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky: Wilma Than Claims Bigfoot Impregnated Her

Wilma Than claims she was abducted from her Bee Rock campsite by a black and red haired Bigfoot.  The creature, Than continued, smelled like pine cones and sexy musk, had nearly perfectly white teeth, and feet larger than most men.

The Bigfoot grabbed Than and whisked her off into the woods.  Before Than could cry out, the creature had her back at its nest.  Than described the Bigfoot den as rather cozy, if somewhat primitive.

“After a few days of wooing me,” Than wrote in her journal, “the creature finally consummated the relationship.  Immediately, I knew I was pregnant with our love child.”

Than claims that Bigfoot babies only take three weeks to gestate.  Once the infant was born, the Bigfoot’s whole demeanor toward Than cooled.  “Typical male,” Than laments, “once he got what he wanted, I was fried shoelaces.”

A few days later, Than woke up and the Bigfoot and their infant baby were both gone.  “Never did see either one of them again.  But the worst part? I had to walk back to camp on my own.”