1907, Black Creek Wilderness, Mississippi, Wildman Killed By Falling Rocks

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1907, Ethelbert Bogue writes a letter to the newspaper in which he claims to have killed the infamous Black Creek Wildman. The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Editor,

While walking in a dense and remote ares of the wilderness last week, I came upon a large pile of scat. Upon examination a wildman over eight feet tall came at me with ill intentions. I beat upon him with my sturdy walking staff. In the scuffle some rocks were dislodged. They and the wildman fell into a ravine. The wildman was crushed and broken. I am sure he was killed in the fall. Upon further examination, I my hypothesis was confirmed. So please alert all those citizens still fearful of the supposed Wildman of Black Creek, that I, Etherlbert Bogue, can account for his existence and subsequent demise.”

Days before his own death in 1915, Bogue still told the same story, never once changing a fact. Nor was the wildman ever seen or heard from again.