1977, Collings Mountain Trail, Oregon: Female Bigfoot Seen Nursing


1977, Collings Mountain Trail, Oregon: Female Bigfoot Seen Nursing

Nature hiker, Travis Jonathan, was hiking along Collings Mountain Trail when he stumbled upon something he never forgot.

Jonathan stopped to retie one of his boots. He looked down into the space under a large rock outcropping and saw a hunched over hairy figure. The figure was too human to be a bear and too animal to be a human. Jonathan watched the figure for a few minutes. Finally, he saw it reposition itself.

Jonathan was looking a a mother Bigfoot nursing a baby Bigfoot. The mother looked up and made eye contact with Jonathan, then swung herself around so that he was looking at her back. She turned her head a few times to see if Jonathat was still watching.

Eventually, Jonathan snapped out of his amazement to realize he was being very rude to the mother and child. He turned and continued his hike.

2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile


2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile

Snowmobile enthusiast, Allen Shannon, had just unloaded his brand new snowmobile from his truck’s trailer. Shannon was about to start the snowmobile up, when he saw out of the corner of his eye a large brown creature moving toward him.

Fearing that a brown bear was coming at him, Shannon quickly got back into his truck and started the engine. As he sat there, he watched as a large Bigfoot walked up to his brand new snowmobile. The creature sniffed it a few times and batted at it with its hands. Then Shannon gasped in horror as the Bigfoot picked up the 100s of pounds of recreational vehicle, lifted it over its head, then slammed the machine to the ground.

The snowmobile seemed to explode into a million, trillion pieces. The Bigfoot kicked at some of the scraps, grunted a few times, then kept on walking as if nothing happened.

When Shannon reported the destruction of his property, he was informed that snowmobiles were not allowed in the Great Burn area, any longer.

1994, Unicoi State Park, Georgia: Bigfoot Interrupts Christian Film Group


1994, Unicoi State Park, Georgia: Bigfoot Interrupts Christian Film Group

Reverend Harris Jarvey was recording a video for his Biblical Barley Juice Diet. As Rev. Jarvey was quoting scripture and adding vitamins to a blender, there was a long and loud howl.

Clearly upset by the interruption, Rev. Jarvey started yelling at his film crew. That is when the audio cuts off completely and the film is missing several minutes. In that missing time, Rev. Jarvey claims that a demon in the form of a Sasquatch barrelled into the middle of his video shoot.

The creature spoke in tongues, tossed the blender into the trees, and shoved several of the crew. Rev. Jarvey expelled the demon through the power of prayer.

None of the film crew could be reached for comment.

1994, Winding Stair Campground, Texas: Bigfoot Tosses Thanksgiving Turkey


1994, Winding Stair Campground, Texas: Bigfoot Tosses Thanksgiving Turkey

Jim Magnuson and his family were camping out over the long Thanksgiving Weekend. Jim’s wife Diann had brought a whole, traditional Thanksgiving feast. Jim was attempting to warm up some of the sides over a fire. The Magnuson kids were reading and playing near by.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a 15 foot Bigfoot came rushing out of the woods. The creature overturned the picnic table, grabbing the 20 pound turkey under its massive arms like a tiny, miniture football. As the Magnusons huddled together, not believing what they were witnessing, the Bigfoot let out a loud yell.

The creature seemed to be mock the family as it reached its’ powerful arm backward to toss the lovingly cooked Thanksgiving turkey high above the tree line. The Bigfoot did a little dance, before running back into the woods.

The family immediately got into their car and drove home, abandoning all their camping equipment and what was left of the Thanksgiving Dinner.

2000, Shady Hollow Golf Course, Kentucky: Bigfoot Attacks Golfer


2000, Shady Hollow Golf Course, Kentucky: Bigfoot Attacks Golfer

Semi-pro golfer Stanley Racky was practicing his short game when a “large, abnormally hairy individual came bouncing out of nowhere, screaming and waving his arms.”

The creature raced up to Racky, grabbed his bag of clubs, lifted them all over its head, and then snapped the clubs in two. Racky called out his protests, but the Bigfoot smiled as it dropped the bag of broken clubs on the green.

Racky called out for help as the Bigfoot turned around, let out a massive fart before leaping over the near by sand trap to disappear into the morning dew.

Disgusted by the smell, Racky stomped off to the club house to report his unprecedented assault.

2003, Red Bridge Campground, Pennsylvania: Bigfoot Wipes Butt on Pickup Truck


2003, Red Bridge Campground, Pennsylvania: Bigfoot Wipes Butt on Pickup Truck

Buddies, Jay Nanos and LT Lapsley, were setting up their tents in Red Bridge when they heard grunting and growling. Lapsley thought maybe a bear was nosing around his pick up truck, so Nanos went to investigate.

Nanos saw a large hairy Bigfoot pushing on the side of the pickup. The whole truck was rocking back and forth as the Bigfoot rubbed its backside on the side of the vehicle. When Nanos was gone too long, Lapsley joined him.

The two friends watched the Bigfoot rub its butt all over the side of their pickup truck. Then the creature started to shake like a dog who just got out of the bath. The Bigfoot completely ignored the two humans. When it’s butt was sufficiently clean, the creature walked off into the woods.

Lapsley claims he still cannot get the Bigfoot butt smell out of his truck.

1993, Niobara State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Blocks Road With Logs


1993, Niobara State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Blocks Road With Logs

While driving his RV out of Niobara Park, Strom Hickory came upon the most unusual road block he’d ever seen. Even after years of traveling the country alone, Hickory was well versed in all the unusual things one might encounter on the road. But the pile of logs that were neatly and methodically piled up in the middle of the two lane highway was something Hickory had never seen before.

As he sat there looking out the front window at the log road block, Hickory saw something peeking out over the pile. Hickory honked the RV’s horn a few times. That was when the Bigfoot stood up, waved its massive arms, screamed a high pitched scream, then turned and walked away.

Hickory was amazed and completely uncertain why the Bigfoot had made the road block or what it was clearly waiting to happen.

2016, Pike County, Ohio: Bigfoot Attacks Meth Lab


2016, Pike County, Ohio: Bigfoot Attacks Meth Lab

Detective Ahmed Richy reports that a meth trailer in the woods of Pike County was attacked by a Bigfoot. Or at least some powerful humanoid creature. The siding of the trailer was ripped open like a tin can. There were gash marks clearly made by claws. There were wild hair samples stuck to the sharp edges of the ripped open trailer walls. The inside of the trailer was completely smashed up, demolished in a way that only a beastman could have accomplished. In addition, there were 17 inch paw prints scattered around in the dirt around the trailer.

Detective Richy is certain that the meth trailer was targeted by the Bigfoot because of the noxious odors coming from it.