1983, Iowa Hill, California, Whacking A Sleeping Bigfoot

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Scott and Doug Driaper were flying kites along the banks of the North Fork American River in the middle of the afternoon. A big gust of wind took their kite into some trees. When the two boys ran into the the woods to fetch their toy, they came upon a large sleeping Bigfoot.

Scott, the older Driaper brother, convinced his younger brother, Doug, to take a broken branch and poke the sleeping monster. Scott was unconvinced that the Bigfoot was real and was not a dead animal, like a bear or maybe homeless man. Even though both boys could hear the massive, stinky creature snoring and snorting loudly.

Emboldened by his brother’s mean taunting, Doug did not simply poke the sleeping Bigfoot – he whacked the creature very hard with the broken branch. When the monster only passed gas, Scott demanded that Doug hit is again. At which point, Doug started crying which woke up the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot stood up and yawned, which so scared the Driaper brothers that the turned heel and ran all the way home. Their mother was disappointed that they lost another one of their toys.

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