1999, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia: Bigfoot Snow Tunnels Discovered


1999, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia: Bigfoot Snow Tunnels Discovered

While collecting snow samples for a rainfall survey, amateur meteorologist Dave Walker stumbled upon a rare and fabled phenomenon. Walker, like all West Virginians, had heard the stories as children about the extensive tunnels that Bigfoot dig in the winter. But no one he ever knew had actually found any of these fabled tunnels.

But Walker claims he found some. He described them as wide as they were tall and walls and ceilings were covered in a thin layer of ice. The floors of the tunnels were tightly stamped down by the massive bigfeet of numerous Bigfoot. There were great and clear foot impressions on the floors of the tunnels.

Walker followed the tunnel for about half a mile before becoming frightened and doubling back.

1962, Petosky State Park, Michigan: Bigfoot Seen Tripping On Tree Roots


1962, Petosky State Park, Michigan: Bigfoot Seen Tripping On Tree Roots

While camping in the Petosky Park, Michigan native Lou Hutchings saw something he will never forget. While he was hiking around around his campsite, he heard a commotion a few yards ahead of him. It sounded like a large animal struggling to get up – twigs snapped, leaves rustled, and there was a low groan.

As Hutchings approached, he saw an 8 foot Bigfoot slowly getting to its huge feet. The Bigfoot was using a tree for balance. Then the creature took a few cautious steps, before its bigfoot big toe stubbed against a tree root that stuck up out of the dirt.

Hutchings watched in horror as the monster tumbled forward. The Bigfoot landed face first on the ground with a tremendous thud. The creature rolled over on its back, placed its hands behind its large head, and acted as if it meant to lay down and look up at the clouds.

Hutchings feared the the Bigfoot would be angry and embarrassed if it saw him giggling at it, so he slowly made his way back toward his campsite.

1977, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, New York: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs at Hiker


1977, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, New York: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs at Hiker

Daniel Dornhaus was hiking through an isolated area of Pharaoh Lake. He stopped to try to identify a bird he saw on a tree a few yards ahead of him. Suddenly, the tree trunk near the bird was hit with a smack by a snowball.

The startled Dornhaus yelled out in anger at whomever threw the snowball. He pulled his scarf tighter and stated to walk away when a tightly packed snowball pelted him in the back of the head. The snow went down between his jacket and shirt, something that always annoyed Dornhaus when he was a kid in snowball fights.

Dornhaus started yelling for the snowball thrower to show himself. When there was a terrific howl, a long guttural laugh, then like 15 to 25 snowballs came flying at Dornhaus, all at once. Most missed, but a few hit him. One knocked his hat off.

Dornhaus was incredibly angry now and started swearing and cursing. A large brown Bigfoot peeked out from behind a big mound of snowy bushes. The creature seemed to wave and smile at him, before chucking a snowball directly at Dornhaus.

Surprised for the second time that day, Dornhaus took off running as snowballs continued to fall around him and hit trees near him.

2014, Guerneville, California: Bigfoot Seen Drinking from Hot Tub


2014, Guerneville, California: Bigfoot Seen Drinking from Hot Tub

Noelle Powell was staying with her two dogs in a cabin in the Russian River area. She got up in the middle of the night because her larger dog, London, was barking like a crazy person. Powell, more scared of Meth head hillbillies than any sort of creature, looked out the window where London was furiously barking.

Powell saw a Bigfoot leaning over the uncovered hot tub on the side of her cabin. Powell described the creature as incredibly hairy, over 12 feet tall, and with glowering red eyes. She knocked on the window. The creature looked up with hot tub water dripping down its furry face. Powell yelled at the creature through the window to stop drinking from the hot tub, that that water was nasty. The Bigfoot, clearly, confused by the reprimand, slowly backed off into the darkness.

The next day she called her friend to report the sighting this way, “Clearly it was a Bigfoot, which is ridiculous because everyone knows there is no such thing as Bigfoot.”

1968, Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas: Bigfoot Steals Recreation Vehicle


1968, Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas: Bigfoot Steals Recreation Vehicle

Tom and Jenny Apline pulled into a RV park near the Greenbelt Reservoir. They had not even really started to unpack the car for the night. Tom was stretching his legs, while Jenny walked toward their brand new 19 foot Trailblazer Winnebago Travel Trailer.

Jenny was just about to open the trailer door, when a giant man creature came roaring out at her. It seemed to have jumped down from on top of the trailer. But Jenny was not totally sure about that. The creature waved its arms before kicking out the trailer hitch.

The hairy monster grabbed the hitch and started to pull the 19 foot trailer off into the woods. Tom came running over and yelled at his wife to get away from the Bigfoot. Tom was less worried about their new mobile home than he was about losing his wife to the Bigfoot. Because Tom knew the stories about Bigfoot kidnapping women to make their forest brides.

Tom and Jenny stood there watching as their massive new recreation vehicle was dragged off into the woods, never to be seen again.


1944, Morin Lumber Company, Montana: Bigfoot Rolls Logs into Workshed


1944, Morin Lumber Company, Montana: Bigfoot Rolls Logs into Workshed

Nightwatch man, Bruce Halfer, heard a commotion up on the ridge above his little workshed. The workshed is where he sat between walking his round around the Morin Lumber yard.

Halfer went out and shone his flashlight up the ridge where he heard the noises. He saw a dark figure on the ridge, three times the size of any of the men who worked at the lumber yard. And so dark that the figure seemed to absorb the light from his flashlight.

Halfer heard the sharp crack of a tree breaking, then heard the distinct sound of a log rolling down the gravel hill. Half did not hesitate, he ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could a several large logs smashed into his night guard workshed. It was completely demolished.

The next morning, in clear day light, Halfer and his boss investigated the site where the logs tumbled from and they found large bare footprints all over the area. Halfer was convinced he had been attacked by a Bigfoot.

1965, Hill City, South Dakota: Bigfoot Seen Wearing Scuba Gear


1965, Hill City, South Dakota: Bigfoot Seen Wearing Scuba Gear

John Hill was driving near Hill City. He suddenly slammed on the breaks as a Bigfoot stepped out into the middle of the two lane highway.

Hill sat in his car watching the Bigfoot take its time crossing the street. Hill described the Bigfoot as brown and white, with a face like a pancake, and the bulk of like several big crates. But what really stood out the Hill was that strapped to the massive back of the monster was a scuba air tank.

At first, Hill thought it was something else. But on closer examination, it was clearly an air tank that scuba divers use. Hill was at a loss to explain where it came from or what the Bigfoot might be doing wearing it.

2001, Ponca State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Flags Down Police Cruiser


2001, Ponca State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Flags Down Police Cruiser

Officers George Dale and Sylvia Katz were patrolling near Ponca State Park, when a large, furry, bulky individual appeared on the side of the road waving its arms in the air.

The police officers thought they were being waved down by a citizen in distress. But as the officers slowed to approach, it became clear by the size and animalistic countenance of the individual on the side of the road, that it was a Bigfoot that standing there.

Officer Katz had previously encountered a Bigfoot as a child, so she was able to positively identify the figure as an adult male Bigfoot.

When the police cruiser got within 500 yards of the Bigfoot, the creature reared up and jumped across the road. It disappeared into the woods. The officers, while confused why the creature would wave them down, did not pursue the monster.

2016, Rangeley Lake Park, Maine: Bigfoot Smashes DVD


2016, Rangeley Lake Park, Maine: Bigfoot Smashes DVD

Parke Warmaiden and his family were packing up their campsite. His youngest daughter, Madison, was sitting in the back of their SUV watching Harry and the Hendersons on the backseat monitor.

During a scene where the fake Bigfoot is having a loud fit, a real Bigfoot came bounding out of nowhere. The creature threw open the side door of the SUV. Madison claims the Bigfoot looked really upset, as it pushed on the small mounted tv monitor.

Finally, after pushing on it for a few seconds, the DVD of the movie popped out. The Bigfoot grabbed the DVD, broke it in half, then shook its head at Madison. The girl thought the Bigfoot was saying to her that she should not watch such bad movies about Bigfoot.

At no point was the child frightened by the creature, but she was slightly upset by the fact that one of favorite movies’ DVD was broken.