1977, Log Mountain, Tennessee: Hiker Sees Sleeping Bigfoot

Today in Bigfoot History

1977, Log Mountain, Tennessee: Hiker Sees Sleeping Bigfoot

Sam Thompson was hiking around the Log Mountain area in Tennessee. He stopped to tie his shoe and noticed a big black mass in the bushes about 500 yards from where he stopped. Thompson first thought it was a pile of leaves on a dead tree, but when the black mass shifted position, he feared it was a large animal, possibly a bear.

Thompson knelt there very still. He watched as the black mass repositioned itself. When it settled down, Thompson could make out gigantic feet and a large hairy head. Immediately he knew he was looking at a napping Bigfoot.

Upon his realization, Thompson high tailed it out of the area, fearing that he might waken it and become the object of its sleepy wrath.

When Thompson returned to the spot with some friends, they found a distinct impression in the undergrowth. Clearly, something large had lain there recently.

2004, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi: Little Girl and the Sleeping Bigfoot


2004, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi: Little Girl and the Sleeping Bigfoot

10 year old Bethany Byrnes went looking for Rabbiteye Blueberries in Desoto Forest. Her mom and dad let her wander off alone on very rare occasions, mainly because of that incident with the ground bees. Bethany thought they should let it go already, I mean that happened back when she was still in first grade.

Bethany heard from her friend Meegan that the blueberries in this area of the forest were really hard to find, but if you could find a bush, the blueberries would be the sweetest and best you ever had. Meegan was convinced that someone like Bethany, who was big and clumsy, would probably trample all over a blueberry bush if she could locate it at all. Bethany was determined to prove Meegan wrong, again!

Bethany walked very, very slowly through the woods. She barely even lifted her sneakers off the dirt. Instead she slide them along, kind of like the way she would slip along her Nanna’s wooden floor playing Olympic ice skating. Bethany was thinking about how gently she moved through the woods, barely even disturbing the ants on the edges of the leaves, that she almost walked right past the blueberry bush.

Bethany gasp with amazement. She plopped down on the ground in front of the bush full of blueberries. Bethany sat admiring how big and blue and beautiful the blueberries looked. She reached out her hand to pinch a blueberry off it’s branch and noticed her hand was trembling. She would need to leave that part out when she bragged about this next week at school.

Just as she was about to touch the berry, something startled her and made her shoot her hand back to her side. It was a long, loud snort. Like when her Uncle stayed over and feel asleep in front of the tv. Just like his snoring, the sound was deep and guttural and just a little scary.

She lifted herself up just a little, so she could get a better look over the blueberry bush. At first she thought it was a huge dog curled up under the tree. Or maybe it was a piece of carpet that no one wanted anymore. But it moved up and down with each snorting snore. Bethany stood up slowly. Then she got a good look at how massive the thing was and how hairy. Bethany saw one of its paws sticking out.

The paw looked like her own foot, only like 100 times bigger. With huge toes and a gigantic heel. That is when Bethany remembered about Bigfoot. She remembered all about the monster, how it hid in the woods and called out at night and probably devoured little kids.

Suddenly Bethany was very frightened. So scared in fact, that she forgot all about the blueberries. She turned around and started running. Running as hard and fast as she ever could! At first, she was worried that she would wake up the monster with her running, but then she stopped worrying and just started to run faster.

When Bethany got back to her parents, she thought about whether or not to tell them about the Sleeping Bigfoot. She thought maybe they would think she was making up stories again and there could be consequences. But after a few minutes, and after catching her breath, she related the whole adventure to her parents. Her mom seemed to believe her, but her dad just sighed and went back to his bird watching.

The next week at school, she only told a few of her best friends about the Blueberry adventure. Most of them believed her, or at least said they did.

1984, Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado: Hiker Nearly Steps on Slumbering Bigfoot


1984, Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado:  Hiker Nearly Steps on Slumbering Bigfoot

Hiker William Mundy was climbing up Uncompahgre Peak, the sixth highest peak in Colorado, when he nearly stepped on a large mass of reddish brown fur.  At first, Mundy thought it was just some dead animal, but then as he poked it with his walking staff, the mass sighed.

“You know how like a sleeping dog will just sigh like they got the whole weight of the economy on their shoulders?  Well, that is what this thing did, ” Mundy reported by phone, “that is when I got a good look at it. And I will tell you this, it was large.  Like a four person tent, deflated and spread across the ground.  Under the bushes, I could see two glowing yellow eyes, or at least I hope they were eyes.  They blinked at me, and then I heard a loud yawn.”

At this point, Mundy said he did not stick around much longer.  “I will tell you, I was pretty sure that thing down there, looking up at me and yawning, was not about to roll over and go back to bed.  I know what that looks like.  I have been married almost 33 years, so I know when a large creature is not interested me or waking up.”

Mundy continued after a chuckle, “I can tell you rightly, that I am sure glad I did not step on that thing or kick it.  It looked like it would tear the doors off an SUV just to get at a candy bar.  I am so happy I did not find out if it was angry or hungry or both.”

When asked what he thought it was sleeping there on the side of the peak, “Dunno.  But it was pretty scary.”

1983, Iowa Hill, California, Whacking A Sleeping Bigfoot

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Scott and Doug Driaper were flying kites along the banks of the North Fork American River in the middle of the afternoon. A big gust of wind took their kite into some trees. When the two boys ran into the the woods to fetch their toy, they came upon a large sleeping Bigfoot.

Scott, the older Driaper brother, convinced his younger brother, Doug, to take a broken branch and poke the sleeping monster. Scott was unconvinced that the Bigfoot was real and was not a dead animal, like a bear or maybe homeless man. Even though both boys could hear the massive, stinky creature snoring and snorting loudly.

Emboldened by his brother’s mean taunting, Doug did not simply poke the sleeping Bigfoot – he whacked the creature very hard with the broken branch. When the monster only passed gas, Scott demanded that Doug hit is again. At which point, Doug started crying which woke up the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot stood up and yawned, which so scared the Driaper brothers that the turned heel and ran all the way home. Their mother was disappointed that they lost another one of their toys.