1977, McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma: Fisherman Gets Flashed by Bigfoot


1977, McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma: Fisherman Gets Flashed by Bigfoot

Richard Duke had been fishing for Crappie all morning. Just as he pulled all his lines in and started on his brown bag lunch.  He heard the bushes near him rustle. He turned in his folding chair to get a better look.

“Thought maybe it was Sly,” Duke said, “coming to sit a spell.”

Instead Duke saw a Bigfoot peeking out at him. It was clearly startled. Its eyes got wider and it let out a little squeak. Then the Bigfoot jumped back. Duke thought he heard it run away.

“I sat there holding my bologna sandwich, my jaw hanging open, thinking ‘I just saw a damn Bigfoot.’ When if those damn bushes do not split open again. Only this time instead of the creature’s head poking through, it was his other end,” Duke chuckled.

“I imagine not too many people have truly, really seen a Bigfoot, let alone get mooned by one!”

1989, Monkey Mountain, Montana: Man Sees Bigfoot


1989, Monkey Mountain, Montana: Man Sees Bigfoot

Dennis Starcavich claims while walking through Monkey Mountain Park Reserve in Montana that he saw a Bigfoot. It had an enormous chest, with long lithe arms, powerful thighs, and covered in a matted, dark fur. It had reddish yellow eyes, bright white teeth, and tremendous feet.

“Yep. It was a Bigfoot alright. I saw him standing there. He looked and me. I looked at him. Kinda nodded to each other. Then I kept walking along. Figure he either stood there some more or walked away himself,” Starcavich told us over the phone.

1945, Kabetogama State Forest, Minnesota: Man Disappears Hunting Bigfoot


1945, Kabetogama State Forest, Minnesota: Man Disappears Hunting Bigfoot

After several weeks where dogs went missing, trash bins ransacked, and other strange happenings in Kabetogama, John Simon declared that the township had been invaded by a Bigfoot. As evidence he produced several plaster casts of large apelike foot impressions, a tangle of brownish yellow hair, and photographs of powerful claw marks.

His fellow residents dismissed all this as the rantings of a crank. Simon claimed to see UFOs in the skies at least once a month, claimed to have been a spy during the war and in possessions of a serum that gave him super-health.

When Simon packed up enough camping supplies to last him several months, announced he was off to track the Bigfoot,  no one paid much attention either. Simon was gone over six months before his friends and relations started to worry. A search party was organized. They scoured the State Forest for months. The State Police even got involved for a few weeks, organizing hundreds of volunteers and even bringing in a helicopter.

No trace was ever found of John Simon. But people did notice the strange doings stopped just after he left to hunt the Bigfoot.

1971, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Bigfoot Migration Witnessed


1971, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Bigfoot Migration Witnessed

Dr. James Nigel and Dr. Gregory Oscar were setting up an experiment on seed growth in the Salt Fork State Park. It was the second day they were there, just calibrating the measurements. They had stopped to eat their brown bag lunches.

Dr. Nigel noticed the noises before Dr. Oscar, since Oscar is slightly deaf, even though he refused to admit it. Dr. Nigel stood up and pointed to the top of a ridge. Dr. Oscar practically spit out the bite of peanut butter and cheese sandwich he was chewing.

Marching along the top of a ridge about a mile or so from their spot, was a line of six to eight Bigfoot. At first, the two thought the figures were human, but quickly deduced by the breadth of the gait, the long massive arms, and the slight spinal curvature that there was little likelihood the figures they saw where completely human.

Dr. Oscar had claimed for years that he had contact with a Bigfoot when he first moved to the area. Everyone at the University figured it was just a tall tale to entertain the interns, but now, Dr. Nigel was there with him. No one would doubt Nigel’s word!

The two watched in awe as the creatures moved across the ridge in a clear migratory pattern. Each year since, Dr. Nigel and Oscar have organized a Bigfoot watch, hoping to recapture the magic of their first sighting. But some have postulated that the migration is not a yearly occurrence and it may be decades before the Bigfoot pass by again.

1993, Vinton Furnace, Ohio: Woman Saves Diabetic Bigfoot


1993, Vinton Furnace, Ohio: Woman Saves Diabetic Bigfoot

Claudia Snodgrass celebrated getting a nursing job at Doctor’s Hospital in Nelsonville, Ohio, by treating herself to a long hike in the Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest. It was her favorite place in the world.

About an hour into her hike, Snodgrass heard whimpering coming from below her trail. Snodgrass said it sounded like a dog or other domesticated animal. She slid down the slight ravine, kicking up a lot of dust and making a lot of noise. When she got to the bottom, there was a small creek gurgling along at a leisurely pace.

She listened carefully, then headed in the direction of the crying. She stopped short, gave out a little gasp, and steadied herself when she saw that the source of the whimpering was a Bigfoot. It was slumped against a fallen tree, its massive hands shaking as they pushed against its hairy temples. The creature was clearly in a state of shock.

Snodgrass held up her hands and cooed softly as she approached the monster. Snodgrass recognized all the visible symptoms of low blood sugar of a diabetic. Digging into her backpack she found a power bar which she unwrapped and offered the Bigfoot.

Gently the creature took it from her and devoured it quickly. Snodgrass sat with the Bigfoot until it began to show signs of recovery, then she waved goodbye and climbed back up to the trail. The Bigfoot howled in thanks.

To this day, Snodgrass does not consider herself a hero nor a humanitarian.

1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot


1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot

Steve “Bucky” Calhoun was hunting goat in the Chena River State Park. It was his third day tracking and waiting, but failing to find a singer goat or other large game animal. The day was overcast and evening as approached, Bucky thought about the long drive home empty handed.

Just as he sat down to further contemplate the Monday morning ridicule from the guys at work, he hear a rustling behind him. Bucky slowly turned around to face the noise. In the growing darkness, he was certain he saw a large creature prowling about. He squinted to get a better look at it. Then he leveled his rifle and trained his sight upon it.

He watched it creep about. It was huge. Over 15 feet tall. Very hairy and with massive paws that torn at the branches around it. Bucky realized he aimed his rifle at a genuine Bigfoot. Shaking slightly, Bucky took the shot.

He heard the bullet crack into a tree. The rustling stopped as a bunch of birds flew from the bushes around the stump. Bucky ran over to the spot he just shot at. It was only upon close investigation that he realized what he was certain was a Bigfoot was a burned tree stump the entire time. Bucky felt stupid, but not stupid enough to keep his misadventure to himself.

1954, Wynoochee River, Washington: Man in Canoe Sees Baby Bigfoot


1954, Wynoochee River, Washington: Man in Canoe Sees Baby Bigfoot

Avid canoe enthusiast, Leon Ambrose took his new 12 foot Cartopper out for the day. As he was gliding along a smooth stretch of the Wynoochee River, just about where the railroad crosses the river, Ambrose heard crying. First he paid it little attention, since it was the middle of the day and babies are not uncommon. But when the crying did not let up, he turned his ear to really listening to it.

“The sound was very close to an infant’s wail except that there was a touch of something under it. The more I pricked up my ears, the more I heard the throaty growl. I thought it might be a dog,” Ambrose paused, “Then I quickly put that out of my mind, since no dog I ever heard cried like a newborn baby. I should know having raised hunting dogs all my life.”

As Ambrose floated along, the crying got louder and louder. It encircled him and echoed around the bend.

“Then I saw it. A little baby Bigfoot. The little guy was completely soaked, its brown hair matted down, making it look skinny and frail. It must’ve slipped in the mud and fallen in the river. I splashed the paddle into the water. The little Bigfoot shook like a dog, shot a mean look in my direction, then slowly trudged up the slope toward the railroad trestle.”

Ambrose told his wife when he got home and she scolded him for teasing that poor little guy.