2012, Lapeer County, Michigan, Bigfoot is Spotted Again Riding a Moutain Lion

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 17 days after Robert (Bob) Wilcox, of Lapeer Country, Michigan, submitted a photograph of Bigfoot to the Tri City Times, Shirley Staffrod reports seeing a Bigfoot and Mountain Lion along the same patch of trail.

Wilcox claims his original photograph was snapped by a motion camera positioned along the woodland trails of North Lake George Road in Attica. The photograph shows a large ape like creature with smooth plastic fur and deep set, black, and empty eyes rubbing its midsection as it moves along the path.

Shirley Staffrod claims to have seen the photograph while sitting in her favorite chair, at the local branch library, where she goes everyday to read about bargins and check her emails. Inspired by the kind look of the creature, Staffrod borrows $2 dollars for gas and drives to the area where the photograph was allegedly taken.

While sitting in her car looking over a medical bill, Staffrod claims to have heard some rustling near the road. She rolled down her window and called out inviting the Bigfoot to have a slice of pizza and some Cheetos she always keeps in her car.

It is after her invitation that she sees the large snarl of a black and tan mountain lion. It is only after she started to roll up her window, that she caught a glimpse of the Bigfoot straddling the mountain lion, seeming to ride it like a rocking horse. Staffrod enjoyed the Cheetos on her own.

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