1991, Forest Grove, North Dakota, Bigfoot Wants a Cupcake

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Peter John Flying Bay recounts that while walking his dog, Cupcake, in the woods, he feels as though someone were following him. Cupcake started whining and pulling back toward the way they had just come. Flying Bay kept walking along his normal route. As he tried to speed up, Cupcake seemed to slow down. The dog was stubbornly pulling and sitting, refusing to be moved.

While bending down to reassure his dog, Flying Bay heard loud rustling in the trees a few yards away. Cupcake lunged toward the noise, frantically barking. Flying Bay almost lost his hold on the dog’s leash. He started to jog forward, jerking the barking, yelping dog after him.

Near the edge of the woods, where the road was visible, Flying Bay heard loud tree knocks and a profound growling. While he did not see anything he was convinced that a Bigfoot had been following him and upset his dog.

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