1993, Portage County, Ohio: East Swan Lake Circle Cul-de-Sac Sightings


1993, Portage County, Ohio: East Swan Lake Circle Cul-de-Sac Sightings

Craig and Rachel Miller had let their dogs out for their morning pee.  It was 5 AM.  Rachel went to the back door to call the dogs back in, but neither responded to her calls.  Nor were either of the dogs visible in the yard.  Disgusted that they had run off again, probably chasing a skunk or deer that were often lurking along the edge of the yard.

Rachel called to Craig.  “Your dogs have run off again, honey,” she said as she slammed the bathroom door.  Swearing under his breath, Craig Miller pulled on his winter boots and stepped onto the snowy backyard deck.

Just as he was about to call out for the dogs, both of them raced past him, spilling his cup of coffee and almost knocking him over.  Both dogs were whimpering and had their tails lowered in submission.  As Craig turned to return to the warmth of the house, he caught a glimpse of a large hairy Bigfoot.

“It was stomping its huge bare feet in the snow.  It looked like it was brushing the snow from its thighs.  Then he looked up.  We made eye contact.  It was horrible.  Those eyes!  It stared at me for a good minute.  I must have dropped my coffee mug because I was no longer holding it.  The bigfoot creature snarled at me, then slowly walked off toward the lake.”

Rachel refused to trudge through the deep backyard snow to verify Craig’s wild tale.

1878, Ogemaw Springs, Michigan: Lumber Miller’s Wife Assaulted By White Bigfoot


1878,  Ogemaw Springs, Michigan: Lumber Miller’s Wife Assaulted By White Bigfoot

Elise Parliament Card was hanging the washing in her backyard.  Her husband, the afternoon foreman at the West Branch Lumber Mill, had just returned to work after having a sandwich lunch at home.

Elise claimed that she heard a mighty rustling in the cow fields.  Then the cows all became agitated.  That is when she saw a large white monster, running on all fours, leap over one of the cows.  It landed and stood up to its full height of over 12 feet.  It let out a massive roar, then sprang toward the washing line, Elise was standing under.

Fearing, mightily, for her life, Elise took herself into the house as fast as she could.  The screen door slammed behind her as she saw the 12 foot monster, with red eyes, and a large nose, get itself tangled in the washing line.  Screaming Elise fled the house.  She ran all the way to the West Branch Lumber Mill and refused to return home for several hours.

Her husband did find large feet prints in the area around the pulled down washing line and upset clothing.  No other evidence was mentioned in their accounts.

2003, Cazadero, California: Bigfoot Walks Basset Hound Along Russian River


2003, Cazadero, California: Bigfoot Walks Basset Hound Along Russian River

Frank Williams was hiking to Guerneville when he spotted a large hominid-like monster creeping along the other side of the Russian River.

Williams stopped dead in his tracks, since he knew that Bigfoot was often seen around Cazadero, since the area is filled with redwoods.  Everyone knows that Bigfoot loves to make hideouts at the tippy top of redwoods.

What struck Williams as so strange, though, was the fact that this massive creature was walking a slow moving basset hound.  Now Williams heard on the news that week that pets and other small animals should be locked up do to wolves and foxes in the area.  But now here was an actual Bigfoot taking a basset hound for a walk.

When Williams told the story to his pals at Forestville Club, they all told him that was just Big Bear Roberts walking old Goober, his dog.  Williams was unswayed by the evidence.

1987, Barrow, Alaska: Car Attacked By Shadowy Creatures


1987, Barrow, Alaska: Hunter’s Car Attacked By Shadowy Creatures

Tony Sara, an oil rig worker, was hunting on his day off.  While the day was fairly cold, he did manage to bring down several small elk.  He had secured them in the bed of his truck, having recently purchased a meat rack, but neglecting to properly install it.

While he sat in his truck eating his bag lunch and listening to the radio, he claims the truck started to rock back and forth.  At the same time, he heard growls and snorts and all sorts of heavy breathing.  Thinking that a polar bear was outside, Sara grabbed his rifle and started to open the door.

Since all the windows of his cab were steamed up, he could not see outside before cracking the driver’s side door.  That is when he claims to have seen several tall shadowy creatures.  Over ten feet tall and covered in really thick, dark hair but with bare skin patches here and there.

One of the shadow creatures pushed down on the back end of his truck bed, while the other pawed and grabbed at the elk carcases.  Sara yelled at them to stop and step away from the truck.  But the creatures ignored him.  Once they had grabbed the elk, they bolted off together, toward the ocean.

Sara attempted to give chase in his truck, but both his back tires were blown out from the creature’s attack.

1980, Mt. Saint Helens, National Guard Rescue at Ape’s Cave


1980, Mt. Saint Helens, National Guard Rescue at Ape’s Cave

Michael Ramos, a 23 year old National Guard Reservist, claims that he was ordered to descend into Ape’s Cave after reports of a violent hiker attacking people in the cave.  Initial accounts had the hiker injured and trapped.  But when several civilian tourists attempted to assist they were met with fierce hand to hand combat.

Ramos says he was sent into the cave alone because it was his first weekend deployment with his regiment.  The Commanding Officer did not believe the hiker’s account and thought it would be funny to send the new guy in to check it out.  Ramos, later, found out that he had, also, been given blanks for his ammunition.

Once inside Ape’s Cave, it was only a matter of following the horrific groaning to locate the allegedly injured hiker.  Who, or rather what, Ramos found would forever change his belief in the unknown.

Ramos says that he called out several times, announcing who he was and his intent.  These were answered with a guttural growling.  When Ramos shined his flashlight at the far corner of the cave, he saw a “hideously deformed creature, with beady bat eyes and wet fur and the most gruesome broken teeth.  And that smell…Jesus Christ, that smell!”

The creature first covered its eyes from the flashlight beam, but then pounced.  Ramos dropped his flashlight turn tail and ran for all he was worth.  Somehow he got turned around and ended up on the far end of Ape’s Cave, away from where his unit was waiting.

The Creature plowed out of Ape’s Cave, knocking Ramos into a mud puddle before swinging off into the branches and up the mountain.

“As of today, I can fully say that what knocked me over was one of those Bigfoot things,” Ramos said with great conviction.