2002, Watters Smith Memorial Park, West Virgina: 7 Year Old Girl Hands Mushrooms To Bigfoot


2002, Watters Smith Memorial Park, West Virgina: 7 Year Old Girl Hands Mushrooms To Bigfoot


7 year old Maddie Elkins wandered away from her family’s picnic lunch.  She and her imaginary friend Ted the Leo Lion were hunting for mushrooms, which Ted told her were gnome houses.  Maddie was very excited to gather as many as possible, in the hope of creating a little town for all her gnome friends.

While scouring the dead leaf piles and inching along the exposed roots, carefully plucking more and more little white and gray mushrooms, Maddie came upon a very furry foot.  Her little fingers grabbed hold of a bit toe, which had a long yellow toe nail and hardly any stringy hair on it.  She slowly looked up to see who belonged to that toe.  She was very surprised to see a large hairy Bigfoot sitting on a fallen log.  While looking him over really closely, Maddie found herself still holding on to that toe, even squeezing it tightly off and on.

The Bigfoot barely noticed little Maddie.  It was deep in thought, Maddie could tell, by the way its massive chin was resting in its huge hand.   Maddie felt, immediately, very sorry for that big hairy guy.  So she held up a handful of the mushrooms she had picked.  She thought that Bigfoot probably loves mushrooms, but does not get to eat them that often.  Maddie figured its big fingers would have a hard time picking the mushrooms without smooshing them all up.

No one, she thought, liked smooshed mushrooms, not even hairy beasts.

The Bigfoot was hesitant at first, but soon greedily accepted each mushroom Maddie handed up to it.  Much cheered, the Bigfoot patted Maddie on the head, gently, then ran off into the woods.  Maddie swears the Bigfoot was smiling as it turned to wave goodbye to her.

1992, Hall City Caves, California: Hikers Are Chased Out Of The Woods


1992, Hall City Caves, California: Hikers Are Chased Out Of The Woods

Elliot Stackpole and Eric Garbus were hiking toward Hall City Caves, they had just passed Harrison Gulch mining ruins.  Stackpole felt that they were being watched or possibly followed, which would have been odd considering that they had not seen another person for hours.

Stackpole was about to comment on this, when suddenly, Garbus pointed to the tree line up ahead of them.  A dark figure, huge and slouching stood against the afternoon sun.  Completely bathed in the sillohute of dark shadow, the creature was clearly not a man.

Stackpole claims he knew right away that they were facing a real live Bigfoot.  Garbus said he was sure it was a wild man of the woods or maybe a ghost of an angry miner.

The monster on the ridge started waving its arms above its head.  Garbus said once he saw the sieny length of the arms, he knew it was not a ghost or human, but in fact a Sasquatch.  The creature started racing toward the two hikers.  They both turned tail and ran as fast as they could back the way they came.

They did not stop running until they were back at the car.  The Bigfoot chased them the whole way back and then threw rocks at their car until it drove away.

2010, Plumas National Forest, California: Girl Hears Bigfoot Screams


2010, Plumas National Forest, California: Girl Hears Bigfoot Screams

Lindsay Ortega was hiking in Plumas National Forest just off Bean Clipper Road, when she started hearing some mysterious screams in the distance.  Ortega did not think too much about the screams, dismissing them as animals or maybe teenagers being rowdy.

Later in the day, she noticed that the screams started up again.  Only this time she noted that the screams were louder and closer.  She, also, thought that these were not any man made screams.  They had to be an animal of some variety.  She grew slightly nervous.

As she decided to turn around and start the hike back, the screams got so loud that she thought her ear drums were damaged.  It was then that she claimed she caught a glimpse of a 10 to 12 foot creature with a multicolored coat, step out from between two trees.  The creature had its head back and was screeching into the air.

Ortega became so startled that she started to scream too.  Which she thinks so startled the Bigfoot, who had clearly not seen her, otherwise she knew it would have attacked her.  The startled Bigfoot cried out like it was in pain, before bolting off deeper into the woods.

1978, Clifford Township, Pennsylvania: Hazel LaBrecque Life of the Bigfoot Party


1978, Clifford Township, Pennsylvania: Hazel LaBrecque Is the Life of the Bigfoot Party

First fascinated by the legend of the Sasquatch when he was still in grade school, Hazel LaBrecque, became obsessed once he hit puberty.  It was all he would talk about and all he would think about.  When he was not at home or at school, he was wandering the woods looking for Bigfoot or evidence of its existence.

LaBrecque tried to organize hunting parties with his few friends.  Most of them used the hikes into the woods as good excuses to drink beers, smoke the wacky tobacky, and otherwise party down.  Soon LaBrecque’s Bigfoot expeditions were popular with all sorts of his classmates. LaBrecque never seemed to catch on or maybe he just did not care about the party attitudes, as long as he had people helping him search and listen to his theories.

Upon graduation, LaBrecque continued to lead weekend expeditions, but as the years passed he started to notice that all his Bigfoot enthusiasts were getting younger and younger.  The idea of leading teenagers into the woods to hunt for Bigfoot while they drank beers, smoked wacky tobacky, and sang songs on acoustic guitars felt weird to him.