1873, Big Horn River Indian Camp, Montana, Baby Bigfoots Trained by Sioux

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! The Lakota Sioux forced into an area around the Big Horn River that they called The Greasy Grass, undertook a strange program of military training. The Lakota had long since been friendly with a tribe of Bigfoot, especially the Itazipacolas. In a treaty with the Bigfoot, Chief Sitting Bull managed to recruit a half dozen young Bigfoot to join his growing army.  Sitting Bull knew that with the tremendous strength, long arm span and terrible horror of these massive woodland monsters, the Sioux could easily defeat all the United State Army.

For several years, the Bigfoot lived in a small training camp in the Wolf Mountains. The Bigfoot trained with bows and arrows and close combat. But the Bigfoot, generally peaceful, soon rebelled against their strict schedule. The group knocked their Sioux guards out and fled into the woods.

The Sioux, undaunted, refocused their efforts to training beavers to claw and chew human flesh. Over 1000 such beavers were used against General Custer and his 7th Calvary at the legendary Battle of Little Bighorn.

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