1988, Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi: Bigfoot Foot Chase


1988, Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi: Bigfoot Foot Chase

Eric Rumbles was training for a marathon. As he was clicking in his fifth mile, he noticed that something was running ahead of him. At first, he Rumbles was not sure what he was seeing, since it had started raining.

Rumbles quickened his pace and was within 1000 feet of the other runner. Rumbles was able to get a good look at the other figure. He realized that there was a medium sized Bigfoot running ahead of him.

Rumbles called out and tried to get the attention of the creature. But it just kept looking straight ahead and thundering down the path. As Rumbles sped up, so did the Bigfoot increase its pace to maintain the same distance between them.

After nearly a mile of chasing Bigfoot, the creature veered off the path and disappeared into the woods. Rumbles thought about following the monster, but thought better of it a second later.


2004, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi: Little Girl and the Sleeping Bigfoot


2004, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi: Little Girl and the Sleeping Bigfoot

10 year old Bethany Byrnes went looking for Rabbiteye Blueberries in Desoto Forest. Her mom and dad let her wander off alone on very rare occasions, mainly because of that incident with the ground bees. Bethany thought they should let it go already, I mean that happened back when she was still in first grade.

Bethany heard from her friend Meegan that the blueberries in this area of the forest were really hard to find, but if you could find a bush, the blueberries would be the sweetest and best you ever had. Meegan was convinced that someone like Bethany, who was big and clumsy, would probably trample all over a blueberry bush if she could locate it at all. Bethany was determined to prove Meegan wrong, again!

Bethany walked very, very slowly through the woods. She barely even lifted her sneakers off the dirt. Instead she slide them along, kind of like the way she would slip along her Nanna’s wooden floor playing Olympic ice skating. Bethany was thinking about how gently she moved through the woods, barely even disturbing the ants on the edges of the leaves, that she almost walked right past the blueberry bush.

Bethany gasp with amazement. She plopped down on the ground in front of the bush full of blueberries. Bethany sat admiring how big and blue and beautiful the blueberries looked. She reached out her hand to pinch a blueberry off it’s branch and noticed her hand was trembling. She would need to leave that part out when she bragged about this next week at school.

Just as she was about to touch the berry, something startled her and made her shoot her hand back to her side. It was a long, loud snort. Like when her Uncle stayed over and feel asleep in front of the tv. Just like his snoring, the sound was deep and guttural and just a little scary.

She lifted herself up just a little, so she could get a better look over the blueberry bush. At first she thought it was a huge dog curled up under the tree. Or maybe it was a piece of carpet that no one wanted anymore. But it moved up and down with each snorting snore. Bethany stood up slowly. Then she got a good look at how massive the thing was and how hairy. Bethany saw one of its paws sticking out.

The paw looked like her own foot, only like 100 times bigger. With huge toes and a gigantic heel. That is when Bethany remembered about Bigfoot. She remembered all about the monster, how it hid in the woods and called out at night and probably devoured little kids.

Suddenly Bethany was very frightened. So scared in fact, that she forgot all about the blueberries. She turned around and started running. Running as hard and fast as she ever could! At first, she was worried that she would wake up the monster with her running, but then she stopped worrying and just started to run faster.

When Bethany got back to her parents, she thought about whether or not to tell them about the Sleeping Bigfoot. She thought maybe they would think she was making up stories again and there could be consequences. But after a few minutes, and after catching her breath, she related the whole adventure to her parents. Her mom seemed to believe her, but her dad just sighed and went back to his bird watching.

The next week at school, she only told a few of her best friends about the Blueberry adventure. Most of them believed her, or at least said they did.

1992, Homochitto National Forest, Mississippi: Dogs Scared by Bigfoot


1992, Homochitto National Forest, Mississippi: Dogs Scared by Bigfoot

Ducky Franici was hiking in the Homochitto with his dogs Tucker and Petey. In a particularly shady spot, both dogs stopped dead in their tracks.  Franici knew there must be a deer or other animal around, since both his dogs were trained hunting dogs.

Tucker was the first to start growling. Then the hair on Petey’s back stood up. Franici tried to calm them down. He wanted them to know they were not working today. Then Franici heard the whooping, a noise unlike anything he had ever heard before. Then Franici heard what sounded like rocks banging against trees.

Both his ruthless hunting dogs slunk their tails between their legs, started whimpering, and cowered behind Franici’s legs. Franici knew that there must be something in the woods that was really mean and evil. He did not wait around to find out what it was, instead he turned around and raced back the way he came.

For a few minutes, Franici swears something large was following him, break branches and rustling leaves. The only thing that could have scared his dogs and made that much noise, Franici concluded was a Sasquatch.

1975, Choctaw Reservation, Mississippi, Wife mistakes Bigfooot for Husband and Son

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1975, Mrs. Janice Bacardi claims that while walking in the woods on the Choctaw Indian Reservation, she mistakes a large hairy Bigfoot for her husband and son.

Tom Bacardi was carrying Dougie on his shoulders and they had fallen behind Mrs. Bacardi. Mr. Bacardi stopped to allow Dougie to pick at a low hanging branch. Dougie Bacardi was an avid leaf collector and had seen a very rare and prized specimen.

Mrs. Bacardi was a few hundred feet ahead. She had walked around a bend in the trail. When she turned to see if they were following her, she saw, what she thought, at first blush, was her husband and son slowly moving through the woods, slightly off the trail. She worried that Mr. Bacardi might trip and fall, sending Dougie into a terrible tumble.

So Mrs. Bacardi, as she often had to when her husband and son were off exploring, shouted out a stern warning for the two to return to the trail. It was then, that she noticed that the figure in the bushes was not her husband and son. It was a Bigfoot. It turned and looked at her, then snorted loudly.

“Like the dang thing was laughing at my concern for my family,” Mrs. Bacardi recalled, “just the rudest noise. If it were my son who made that noise to me. Well, he would have gotten quite the spanking, let me assure you as a Christian woman.”

1907, Black Creek Wilderness, Mississippi, Wildman Killed By Falling Rocks

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1907, Ethelbert Bogue writes a letter to the newspaper in which he claims to have killed the infamous Black Creek Wildman. The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Editor,

While walking in a dense and remote ares of the wilderness last week, I came upon a large pile of scat. Upon examination a wildman over eight feet tall came at me with ill intentions. I beat upon him with my sturdy walking staff. In the scuffle some rocks were dislodged. They and the wildman fell into a ravine. The wildman was crushed and broken. I am sure he was killed in the fall. Upon further examination, I my hypothesis was confirmed. So please alert all those citizens still fearful of the supposed Wildman of Black Creek, that I, Etherlbert Bogue, can account for his existence and subsequent demise.”

Days before his own death in 1915, Bogue still told the same story, never once changing a fact. Nor was the wildman ever seen or heard from again.