1998, Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming: Campers Rushed by Bigfoot


1998, Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming: Campers Rushed by Bigfoot

Campers Kristen Murphy and Elaine Gelles were sleeping in their tents in Bighorn National Forest. There was not a cloud in the sky, so the moon lit up the area. Around 3 AM, Gelles awoke suddenly. She had heard something moving around their campsite.

Gelles peeked out of her tent to see a brownish hairy figure creeping around. She curled up in the middle of her tent and held her breath. Hoping whatever it was outside her tent would just go away.

Meanwhile, Murphy, also, awake in her own tent heard the sniffling and grunting of the animal outside. While she did not brave a peek, she did see the shadow of the man-creature on the side of her tent.

The next morning the two friends exchanged notes about what they had witnessed and found Bigfoot tracks around some of the trees near their campsite. They packed up and did not spend another night at that location.


2001, Sweetwater River Campground, Wyoming: Hiker Terrorized In Tree


2001, Sweetwater River Campground, Wyoming: Hiker Terrorized In Tree

While hiking around Sweetwater River Park, Nick Pontsingle claims he was chased by a Bigfoot. Pontsingle claims the monster came lumbering out of the bushes holding a big branch that it swung back and forth at Pontsingle.

The Bigfoot was growling and inching closer and closer to Pontsingle, who was standing very still. It became clear that the Bigfoot intended to swat Pontsingle with the branch, so he turned and ran away.

Pontsingle clambered up a tree, hoping to escape the rushing Bigfoot. As Pontsingle climbed high into the branches, the Bigfoot stood under the tree and growled and waved its hairy arms. The creature would try shake the tree. Would leave for a few minutes, returning with rocks that it knocked on the trunk. When that didn’t work the Bigfoot left, it returned with a large stick that it tried stabbing into the upper branches.

In the two hours that Pontsingle was trapped in the tree, the Bigfoot tried several other ways to shake him out of the tree. Never did the Bigfoot try to climb up after him. This, Pontsingle, believes is because the Bigfoot was afraid of heights.

Eventually, around sundown the Bigfoot sighed heavily, turned and left the area.



1983, Little Belt Mountains, Wyoming: Hikers Chased by Wild Bigfoot


1983, Little Belt Mountains, Wyoming: Hikers Chased by Wild Bigfoot

Becky and William McRoberts had spent the day hiking around the Little Belt Mountains area in Wyoming. They came upon a particularly dense area of the woods. Becky noticed the slight tempeture drop and asked William if they could backtrack out of the area. After looking at his map, William decided that they should keep pressing forward since there was a road less than half a mile away.

About five minutes after this conversation the McRoberts heard some rustling behind them. Then they heard tree knocking, followed by a mournful howl. Becky became quiet alarmed, but William assured her to keep going. Soon enough though the noises seemed to be coming from in front of the couple, instead of behind them.

Becky begged William to stop so they could get a bearing on where the sounds were coming from, but he refused. As they stood arguing about it, a large Bigfoot stepped into view about 20 yards away. The couple described it as over 9 feet tall, orange in color, and with the most yellow eyes possible. It smelled like fish and body odor.

When the Bigfoot waved at them, Becky screamed and ran away. William took a second to figure out what was happening and followed her. For the next twenty minutes or so the Bigfoot chased the couple through the woods. Just when they would stop to catch their breath, the creature would pop up and growl at them. This scared them into running again.

Eventually, the couple got away from the monster. Or more likely the Bigfoot grew bored with its little game. The McRoberts consider themselves very lucky to be alive.

1961, Lloyds Drive In, Woland, Wyoming: Ape Man Attacks Concession Stand


1961, Lloyds Drive In, Woland, Wyoming: Ape Man Attacks Concession Stand

Shaniece Roby was selling hotdogs and other concessions at Lloyd;s Drive In.  The the 7:00 pm show just started and her line was only a few people long.  When suddenly she heard some loud thumping, like trunks and car doors being slammed shut.

Then the screaming started.  People were running all over the place. Then the horns started honking. Tires squealed.

As she leaned over the counter to try and see what caused the commotion, she saw a large black figure leaping from car roof to car hood.  It made a straight line toward her concession stand.

Shaniece Roby recalls the ape creature bang into the side of the counter. And how it smelled of onions and rotten cabbage. And how tall and wide it was and how all its hair seemed matted and wet.  And then Shaniece Roby recalls running.

By the time the police arrived, all the cars were long gone (though some fenders remained).  The concession stand was completely ransacked.  All the hot dog buns were missing and there was mustard everywhere.  The police found footprints measuring over 23 inches long.  Along with the hair that was recovered at the scene, the police reported this as the attack of a transient.

But if you asked them unofficially, a few might say, that Lloyd’s Drive In was attacked by a genuine Bigfoot.

1976, Grose Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming, Bigfoot Laughs at Hippies

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Tammy Christine Reynolds was leading a week long macrame therapy retreat for Adult Victim’s of Past Life Abuse Survivors. The night Reynolds hiked her five member party into the woods to have “an encounter with the shadow self,” something incredibly strange happened that changed Reynold’s life forever.

Reynolds claims that after the group found the designated wild flower clearing and had formed the therapy ring, the bright moonlight became obscured by rain clouds. In the growing darkness, Reynolds led the group in a chant to help them sink into their “time lines.”

When the chant had ended, the group started to hear low humming from the edges of the clearing. The sound was very much like a car engine turning over on a factory floor where a loud ventilation system hummed.

Reynolds assured the group that this was to be expected and started their guided travel through space and time. It was during this meditation that a group of dark seven foot apemen crawled into the clearing. The smell was overpowering. The creatures stood and watched the meditation for a few minutes. One of the smaller creatures threw some mud and grass at Reynolds when she stood to welcome them into the circle.

The creatures darted off into the woods to what sounded to many in the group as peels of laughter.

Reynolds, though, continues to spend her time naked in the wildflower clearing, hoping for the return of her gentle giants.