Who We Are

Author and Bigfoot Scholar, Rene Ffarben

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! is researched and written by John Xerxes and Rene Ffarben.

  Rene Ffarben is the grandson of the infamous Rene Ffarben, author of Destroy All Monsters (published by Love Bunni Press). Mr. Ffarben has collected Bigfoot stories since boyhood. The beast first inspired and captivated the young Mr. Ffarben in the early 1970s, after he witnessed a disturbing hit and run accident.

Mr. Ffarben lives in NYC among millions of photographs and pieces of paper, all dedicated to his many interests and passions.

* * *

John Xerxes is a free range librarian and publisher of Love Bunni Press zines. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio in an outdated residence hotel.

* * *

Partial view of the Bigfoot Archive

11 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. I read your post “2002, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Suspicions arise that Missing hikers abducted.” We did an extensive archival search and found nothing about this. We are interested where you obtained the information contained in your article? Thanks.

  2. Mr. fFarben responds:

    “Mr. Paulides, I am not sure how you could possibly have done an extensive archival search, since you did not search MY archive.”

      • Ah you will have to wait for the book. Then you can purchase a copy to see the documents for yourself. Until then, you are free to believe anything you like. The facts do not lie…

  3. Nice collection of stories. It would be great if these accounts were organized by cronology, place/region, type/encounter, &/or probable hoax, etc. You should add Teddy Roosevelt’s encounter as well. A number of of bigfoot encounters here in PA have a possible UFO connection. Check out Stan Gordon’s site.

    • Mr. Paulides explains where he obtained his sources for his publications, like archival microfilm and other validated documents from media centers, including and not limited to FOIA requests…Mr. Farben, unless I know your sources ahead of time, I will not be buying your book…

  4. Hi- I read your Devil’s Tack Lake article. Small typo I suppose but its called Devil’s “Track” Lake.

  5. I was a trained investigator for 30 years and I’ve concluded that since there is currently no sourced documentation on this material, you are presumptively disingenuous. That’s a polite way of calling you a liar. Nothing personal, I just call ’em like I see ’em… I hope you prove me wrong

    • Rene Responds: “Thank you for your interest in our blog. I suppose it is easy to make false claims like yours on the internet. I do not for an instant, believe you are trained in anything other than being a troll. Good day.”

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