1967, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, Florida: Bigfoot Witnessed Eating Bones


1967, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, Florida: Bigfoot Witnessed Eating Bones

Calvin Bothers was driving near Waccasassa Bay Preserve when he pulled off the road to relieve himself.  He walked about 50 yards from his pickup to do his business behind a tree, keeping an eye on the road.  Just as he finished with his duty, he heard something that caught his attention.

The noises were coming from farther off the road.  The noises were a cross between a cow chomping its cud, a pig rooting, and a dog gnawing on a rawhide.  Thinking that he was about to see some wild boar or other large creature, Bothers sneaked toward the noises’ location.

Just as he leaned around a big tree, he gasped loudly.  Sitting on a broken stump just a few feet away from him was a large Bigfoot biting large bones in half.  Bothers recalled the terrible stink of the creature more than any concern for his personal well being. 

Bothers watched the monster gobble a few thick white bones, before he felt he was going to vomit from the powerful odor.  Bothers carefully turned around and quietly made his way back up the hill toward the road. 

Later, when Bothers returned with his rifle and his friend Kevin Duncan, they found no evidence of any creature or boney meal.


1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees


1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees

Luke Melba was hiking around Lake Wappapello when he heard some strange noises up ahead of him.  He figured the grunting and hooting came from excited teenagers having a bit of a romp in the woods.  But as he approached and the noises increased in volume and intensity, Melba began to doubt his conclusion.

When he heard the bark scraping, like a dog trying to run on polished hardwood floors, Melba knew that there was an animal or animals out there.  Possibly several attempting to climb a tree to escape detection.

Melba stepped off the path to investigate. A few yards into the woods, he claims that he saw a large blonde hairy Bigfoot halfway up a large tree. He stood and watched as the creature labored upward. Luke Melba recognized the massive body and long limbs as a Bigfoot immediately.  While he never believed in the existence of the monster prior to this sighting, he has spent the ensuing years attempting to contact the creature.

His wife appreciates having so many weekends free as Luke joins other Missouri Bigfoot enthusiasts in organized hunts.

1979, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho: Hiker Stumbles Upon Burrowing Bigfoot


1979, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho: Hiker Stumbles Upon Bigfoot Cave

Noah Garrett was hiking around Craters of the Moon National Monument. Garrett walked all day and as the sun began to set, stopped to have his packed dinner.  He estimates he was about half way Snow and Spatter Cones.

As he sat watching the sunset, he heard a great deal of crunching. According to his report, the sounds seemed to come from underground.  The best description he gave was that the sound was similar to a gerbil running on its wheel if the wheel were placed on a fine gravel driveway. And it seemed to be coming from just a few inches below where he sat.

Barrett was more annoyed than he was curious, but he started to investigate the noise.  Crawling along slowly, Barrett followed the path of the crunching.  Eventually, it led him to the edge of a 25 to 30 foot drop.  As he peered over the side, Barrett saw a very hair paw push through the side of the drop.  Then a hairy head emerged.  Clearly, Barrett saw he was looking at a burrowing Bigfoot.

The creature fell out of its hole.  Once on the bottom of the small ravine, it shook violently, like a dog getting out of a bath, before stretching slowly.  The creature looked around, but did not see Garrett watching from above.  After a few minutes of rest, the Bigfoot started digging like a mole into the opposite side of the ravine.  In a matter of seconds, the whole massive monster disappeared into the earth again.

Barrett is convinced that most, if not all, Bigfoot live underground in this manner, which explains a lot about them.

2010, Burr Oak State Park, Ohio: Americorps Volunteers Catch Bigfoot Bathing


2010, Burr Oak State Park, Ohio: Americorps Volunteers Catch Bigfoot Bathing

Americorps volunteers Karri Liggit and Megan Robinson were hiking around the Burr Oak reservoir.  They were not really paying attention to the woods around them, as they were deep in conversation about the up coming weekend fundraiser.

Karri stopped to tie her shoelace.  Megan looked over at water. Near a bend in the shore, she saw a huge hairy creature wade into the reservoir.  Megan grabbed Karri by the shoulder.  Karri was startled by the force of Megan’s grip, just as she was about to protest, Karri saw how Megan’s face had lost all her natural color.

Then Karri looked over to the water and saw the Bigfoot that had Megan dumbfounded.

“It was near ten feet tall,” Karri said, “and was splashing water up onto itself with huge hands. It was obviously a Bigfoot. And it was clearly trying to bathe itself.”

The two stood there, frozen in fear, watching the Bigfoot for nearly fifteen minutes. Until the creature put its head under water and swam away.

“Once it went under the water, we lost track of it,” Megan said.

“But, boy, did we book it out of there, quick too!” Karri added.

2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs


2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs

Gerry Gaol and his girlfriend Chloe Chang were half way up Burger Peak Summit. They stopped to eat their lunch.  While they were unpacking their sandwiches, Chloe heard strange growling.  Gerry swears he saw dust and rocks fall from above them.

When Gerry called out to alert whomever was climbing above them, they were below, he was answered by a terrible howl.  Then a barrage of twigs and clumps of grass came falling down on them.  Completely ruining their lunch.  Gerry lost his temper. He started shouting obscenities at the person above.

Chloe cried out as she saw the looming shadow fall over them.  Gerry saw the actual creature.  It was a Bigfoot climbing above them throwing twigs and branches at them.  Chloe and Gerry had no choice to be backtrack down the mountain.  They plan on trying again in the near future.

1902, Golden Gate Park, California: Bigfoot Attack The Bison


1902, Golden Gate Park, California: Bigfoot Attack The Bison

 The Golden Gate Park Commission purchased a herd of bison to live the park in 1891.  The herd population slowly grew so that by the turn of the century there were nearly 20 bison roaming the park.

in 1903, the Park Commission created a designated area for the bison.  This area was created in direct response to an incident that occurred in 1901.  San Francisco’s Free Love Society, a prototype hippie group who practiced sex outside of marriage and consumed a lot of marijuana baked goods, started to hold their weekly meeting in Golden Gate Park.

Usually gathering at dusk, the 50 or so members would call their gatherings to order by chiming bells and burning a small wood fire.  Yet on this night, the group witnessed a terrible act of sexual aggression.  Several members started to yell and wave their arms, pointing at a group of three bison.  These bison were being violated in the most unnatural and deviant manner by several hairy ape men.

San Francisco was plagued for a time by a tribe of Bigfoot.  Usually the Bigfoot just overturned carts and told fruit from locked storage sheds.  This night, though, the Bigfoot were engaged in unmoral carnality.  The Free Love Society raced, en mass, across the field toward the bison and Bigfoot.

The Free Love Society shouted and shook their fists trying to frighten off the Bigfoot.  To no avail.  It was one of the newer members of the Society, Trevor Hutchinson, that suggested luring the Bigfoot off the bison with marijuana brownies.  When the Bigfoot did not respond to the aroma of the baked goods, Trevor started throwing them at the copulating Bigfoot.  This got their attention.

A few minutes after the Bigfoot consumed the pot brownies, they lost interest in the bison.  They wandered off hooting and looking intently at their paws.

1972, Grand Coulee Dam, Washington: Bigfoot Preservationists Stage Sit In Protest


1972, Grand Coulee Dam, Washington: Bigfoot Preservationists Stage Sit In Protest

Kirk “Col. Bluefin” Roberts came to national prominence during the late 1960s for a series of protests he and his granola cult organized in Washington State.  Col. Bluefin’s pet causes were all lost causes.  With his 15 female followers, Col. Bluefin advocated for boll weevil reproductive rights, to get the humble leek on a US Postage stamp, and staged several sit ins for Bigfoot Preservation.

During community meetings held by General Electric to inform the public about the ongoing additions to the Coulee Dam Project, Col. Bluefin’s disruptions were all in iambic pentameter.  As the final phase of the third generator were being undertaken, Bluefin and his group chained themselves to various pieces of construction equipment.

When the police came to arrest the group, Col. Bluefin led a chant “Bigfoot Rights and Peace!” The Coulee Dam Expansion Project was completed slightly ahead of schedule in 1974.  Col. Bluefin became an investment banker at WaMu.

1964, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina: Camper is Kissed By Bigfoot


1964, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina: Camper is Kissed By Bigfoot

Jake and Lindsey Cannon were camping with their new Airstream camper in the Great Smoky Mountains.  On the first night of their stay, Lindsey said she heard someone prowling around the camper.  Leaves and twigs cracking as someone shuffled around.  Jake, a deep sleeper, reassured Lindsey that if she really did hear something, it was most likely a couple of raccoons.

The next night, Lindsey was up reading a book. Again she heard the shuffling around outside. This time, she woke up her husband.  Just as he was putting on his robe to check outside, the both heard something scrape along the window side of the camper.  The sound was like nails on a chalk board.  Jake yelled loudly, trying to startle whatever was scratching the metal outside.

Instead of scaring the animal, the creature let out a long snort.  Then began to slap and push on the side of the camper with such force that the Airstream rocked back and forth. Lindsey screamed in terror, which seemed to stop the assault.

As soon as it was light enough to see, Lindsey and Jake went out to examine the side of the camper.  There were large footprints in the dirt.  And there were large hand prints on aluminum panels.  But the weirdest part, there were two gigantic lip impressions on the small window.  Like an ape kissed the camper.

Jake and Lindsey left the Smoky Mountains that same day.

1994, Cooper’s Rock State Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Captures Two Bigfoot On Polaroid Film


1994, Cooper’s Rock State Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Captures Two Bigfoot On Polaroid Film

John Brickman was driving through Cooper’s Rock State Forest.  When it turned a bend, he noticed to his left that there were two hulking figures moving through the trees.  He slowed his car down. He pulled to the side of the road across from where the figures were walking.

He watched as they made their way through the trees.  Suddenly, he remembered that his daughters Polaroid camera was in the glove box.  He dug it out.  He checked that it had film before taking the first photo.  Since he did not roll the window down, all he got was the bright reflection of the flash. 

Quickly, he rolled the window down.  The creatures saw the bright reflection. The started to walk faster. They did not run. Which Brickman still does not understand.  But he is grateful since he managed to get three photos of the creatures’ backs as they strolled away.

Brickman is convinced that the photos clearly show two large Bigfoot.  Many who see the Polaroid images are unconvinced.