1981, Stevens Pass, Cascade Mountains, Washington: Bigfoot Fender Bender


1981, Stevens Pass, Cascade Mountains, Washington: Bigfoot Fender Bender

Carol Bogdis was driving along a very snowy road through Stevens Pass at dusk when, “…I thought I saw a deer off the side of the road.  I slowed down and flicked my headlights, just like they teach you in all those nasty safety videos.  But the deer did not move and I said to myself, ‘Now Carole, you better stop this car. Stop this car this very instant.’ So that is exactly what I did.  I stopped my car.”

“I know that stopping along Stevens Pass is a dangerous thing to do, but gosh, I was willing to risk getting rear ended, if it meant that I would not crash into that poor, sweet deer.  Anyway, I sat there in my car.  Just looking at the deer and the deer looking back at me.  The windshield wipers going, since it started to rain a bit.  I just hate that icy, slushy rain when there is still snow on the ground, don’t you.  Oh it makes the whole world look like a wet cat, all mangy.”

“Anyway, I was growing impatient with this little deer just as I hear this terrible roar.  Then the little deer is lifted into the air and shoots straight across the road.  I heard a grotesque cracking thud as it hit some trees.  I mean whatever else could it be?  Then I saw it!”

“Standing right where the deer just was was the most fearsome looking Bigfoot I have ever seen.  Not to say that I saw a Bigfoot before or after this, but I can tell you based on what I did see on the television programs, this real life Bigfoot was a whole lot more frightening.  In fact, it was downright terrifying.”

“It turned to look at me sitting there in the middle of the road like a dingbat.  Then it let out a horrible roar.  Can you imagine?  Me sitting there?  I just floored it.  But I forgot to take the car out of park.  Why did I put it in park in the first place?  I cannot remember doing it to this day.  But I must have since the car just spun its wheels with out going forward.”

“That is when the Bigfoot started toward the car.  I could not peel my eyes away from that awful monster, even though I did long enough to get my car moving forward again!  Just as I sped by it, the monster reached out a paw the size of four oven mitts stacked on top of each other, to whack at my car as I sped past.”

“Mind you I did not stop until I was in the driveway of home.  And even then I could not examine the damage.  My husband, Roy, went out and told me it looked like someone punched the bumper.  It was bent around a fist dent. “

“That was no ONE who punched that car, Roy, it was a SOMETHING!”

1958, North Bonneville, Washington: Bigfoot Family Makes First Appearance


1958, North Bonneville, Washington: Bigfoot Family Makes First Appearance

Dennis Morgan and his family were driving across country in a recreation vehicle.  They stopped for the night in North Bonneville right near the Columbia Gorge.  As they were packing up their picnic table dinner, the oldest Morgan boy, Bob, shouted in surprise.

He pointed to the treeline, where a group of five figures moved back and forth.  The figures did not move like people.  In fact, they moved more like apes or very agile bears.  Dennis went into the RV to grab his camera equipment, while his wife Joanie, tried to get their boys inside.

Rick, their youngest at age 10, shouted that those figures were clearly a Bigfoot family!  And he started to run toward the group.  Erik, 12, took off after Rick, shouting that those things were going to eat him up.

Bob shouted to his dad to bring out the rifle.  But when Dennis finally emerged from the RV he was carrying all the camera bags.  There was no way he would get them unzipped, let alone set up in time, considering two of his sons were racing across the field shouting and waving their arms like silly people.

Joanie fainted.

The group at the treeline considered the boys running toward them.  The tallest and widest let out a powerful yell, then scooped up the littlest one, turned and went into the woods.  The female of the group grabbed the middle sized one by its hand and yanked it away from a beehive it was poking with a stick.

All the Morgan men’s description of the beasts differed wildly.  Even the drawings the boys made had major dependencies.   For instance, Rick had the fur dark red, while Erik had them all different colors.  While Bob said they looked more like brown bears than apes.  Dennis was bitterly disappointed that he did not get “the shot of a lifetime.”  A fact he continued to bemoan for the rest of his life.

1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Boy Chased After Fishing Trip


1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee:Boy Chased After Fishing Trip

Mark Science tells the following story from his childhood, growing up in the Smokies.

He loved to fish the river about a mile from his house.  Mark loved it so much he would wake up hours before dawn  just to get some fishing in before he went to school.  Even in the pre-dawn dark, Mark knew the way to his favorite spot.  He even knew where the path dipped low and there was always a deep puddle, which if you stepped in you sank up to your belt buckle.

Mark had fished for maybe 45 minutes and caught a good number of fish, when he heard what sounded like a whole group of men coming through the woods.  Quite a loud commotion with shuffling leaves, breaking tree branches, and all sorts of huffing and puffing.

Knowing better than to mess with any of the men who drank all night on the ridge and lived in the hollows, Mark sank into the nearby underbrush, hiding as best he could.  From his muddy hiding place, he watched as the darkness parted and a huge monster appeared out of the woods.

The creature, probably 12 feet tall and covered in dark black hair, sniffed the air.  Its huge nostrils puffing up to snort like his grandfather did after dinner when he dozed off on the couch.  Then cocking its head, the monster turned to where Mark had his morning’s catch hanging from a tree.

The creature grabbed the fish and devoured them all in two big gnashing bites.  Watching as fish parts flew in all directions, mark got incredibly scared and bolted out from the safety of his hiding place.  He ran with all his might.

The creature grunted in disgusted and chased him.  Mark never ran so fast in his life, but he remembered with the sinkhole was and nimbly dodged it.  The creature was not so lucky.  The last Mark heard of the monster was a powerful howl and water splashing.

1987, Mayacama Mountains, California: Bigfoot Walks Across Hiker’s Path


1987, Mayacama Mountains, California: Bigfoot Walks Across Hiker’s Path

A vacationing Wisconsin man was walking his dog in the Mayacama Mountains when he says a Sasquatch suddenly stood up, looked at him, then crossed the path.  The man’s dog took no notice and did not even glance up from the patch of dead leaves it was rooting around in.

At first, the man thought that the creature was just a very hairy tree stump.  But once the Bigfoot stood up, it towered over 10 feet tall and had massive and meaty hands.  Its feet looked more like paws than human feet.  When the monster looked at the man, it had the features more like a chimp than an ape, which the man found very odd.

Once the Bigfoot started to walk, its stride was long and wide and thundered with a fleshy slap with each pawfall.  The Sasquatch was too far away and downwind to get a good description of its smell.

The man was very shaken by the encounter and has refused to walk his dog any longer.  A fact, his wife despises and blames less on the Bigfoot than she does her husband’s inherent laziness.

1962, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon: Campers Report 6 Hours of Howling and Tree Knocking


1962, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon: Campers Report 6 Hours of Howling and Tree Knocking

While camping with his family in Umatilla National Forest, Ed Krolak reported to the rangers that he had been kept up all night by suspicious animal howling.  More disturbingly, though, were the sounds of tree vandalism.  Krolak clearly heard someone breaking branches from trees, banging logs together, and what sounded like rocks being thrown at tree trunks.

Krolak did not venture far from his camp.  But he did yell out into the night for whomever was making those noises to stop.  And that he would report them to the proper authorities.

The park ranger noted that there were several sightings on the same night of a large ape-like man animal that was howling and throwing rocks.  Krolak was incensed that the park ranger, an employee of science, would even recount such childish tales of monsters in the woods.

1978, Viscount, Saskatachewan, Canada: Several Bigfoot Observed Dancing In Wheat Crops


1978,  Viscount, Saskatachewan, Canada: Several Bigfoot Observed Dancing In Crops

Fisher Rangdon and his wife, Milnar, are awakened in the middle of the night by sounds of snorting, grunting, and what sounds like monkey shrieks.  Fisher goes to the back porch to investigate.  He shines his flashlight around his farm. He does not see anything that is making the noises.

Then he hears a powerful rustling in his wheat field.  It sounded like an old time thrasher harvesting the crop.  Fisher, against the pleas of his wife, creeps out into the field.  He hopes to catch whomever is out there making a mess of his crops.

As he approaches the area where the sound is loudest, he steps back in horror.  Dancing around paw in paw are several Bigfoot.  Huge, heavy, hairy creatures that look nothing like any ape Fisher ever saw.  In fact, they seemed to glow in the moonlight, shimmering with sparkling silver and gold.

Fisher turned tail and ran faster than he ever had before in his entire life.  The next day, when Fisher and his sons, Dale and Tully, went out to the area where Fisher had seen the Bigfoot, the whole area was evenly trampled down.  Seen from the sky, by the local news helicopter, the Bigfoot had danced an intricate design into Rangdon’s wheat field.

Fisher is now, wholly, convinced that all the other crop circles in the area were caused by the same group of dancing Bigfoot.  Not maybe Crop Circle enthusiasts share his conviction.

1999, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada: 220 Sequential Bigfoot Prints Documented


1999, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada: 220 Sequential Bigfoot Prints Documented

Brandon Mirr, a 19 year old professional miniature golfer, claims that while hiking with his girlfriend, Svetlanda Palmer, in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, he came upon a disturbingly unprecedented trend.  Mirr claims he and Palmer were looking for mice when they saw the first print.

“It was deep in the dirt.  At least an inch. Maybe, an inch and three quarters, deep.  And it was big.  Really, really big.  From toe to heal was probably the size of my forearm,” Mirr reported, making a fist as he held up his arm.

“We followed those tracks. By the time we lost them along a slight hill where the snowberry grew thick, Svetlanda counted over 200,” Mirr paused to silently recount in his head, “220.  Yeah, it was 220.”

“We were real stupid too.  As we followed the tracks, we did not take a single cell phone picture.  And in fact, we were not at all careful, either.  So as we followed them, we stamped all over the tracks too. Dumb. Real dumb.”

Svetlanda could not be reached for comment.