2008, Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah: Man Discovers Bigfoot Toenail


2008, Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah: Man Discovers Bigfoot Toenail

Steve Grahams claims in a press release that he was in possession of a verified Bigfoot toenail. Grahams’ claim is that while hunting for a rare termite in Cedar Breaks Park, he discovered the toenail lodged in a rotten log.

At first, Grahams dismissed the find as human. But he collected it with his specimens, anyway. Later, back in his lab, he ran some tests on the toenail. The exact nature of these tests, Graham refuses to disclose, but he claims that the tests definitively ruled out human origin. Graham concedes that other animals have toenails, but remains assured that the toenail is not from any known animal.

Graham refused to release photos or display the toenail for second party examination, citing the monumental nature of his find, he fears it will be stolen or maliciously lied about in the scientific community.

When pressed about the press release, Graham said he wanted the world to know that Bigfoot exists. And that there is proof.

2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs


2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs

Gerry Gaol and his girlfriend Chloe Chang were half way up Burger Peak Summit. They stopped to eat their lunch.  While they were unpacking their sandwiches, Chloe heard strange growling.  Gerry swears he saw dust and rocks fall from above them.

When Gerry called out to alert whomever was climbing above them, they were below, he was answered by a terrible howl.  Then a barrage of twigs and clumps of grass came falling down on them.  Completely ruining their lunch.  Gerry lost his temper. He started shouting obscenities at the person above.

Chloe cried out as she saw the looming shadow fall over them.  Gerry saw the actual creature.  It was a Bigfoot climbing above them throwing twigs and branches at them.  Chloe and Gerry had no choice to be backtrack down the mountain.  They plan on trying again in the near future.

2012, Ogden Canyon, Utah: Man Claims He Found Bigfoot Fossil


2012, Ogden Canyon, Utah:  Man Claims He Found Bigfoot Fossil

Doug Burton often goes to the hot springs in the middle of the night because he is a nudist.  When there are less people around, he can swim in the hot springs without his swimsuit on and not get into trouble.  Though, he admits there is always the risk of running into some high school kids partying in the area.  But it being Utah, there is not much worry about the party being too rowdy.

Burton claims that he encountered Bigfoot in the Canyon as well.  On several occasions, but few then ten, Burton actually caught a glimpse of the “gorilla like creature with a really large forehead and a severe overbite; totally covered in fur and smelling like an outhouse at the Boy Scout Camp.”

On this particular evening, the moon was very bright.  Such nights usually give Burton pause because he might be seen by any other late night passerby. So instead of taking his usual nude dip in the hot spring, he decided to walk around for awhile.

It was near the North East area that Burton claims his flip flop caught on the edge of a large oddly shaped object.  Too smooth to be a stone, Burton investigated.  With very little effort, he was able to dislodge the specimen.  As he dusted it off and picked some of the packed earth out of its ridges, Burton came to see that he was holding a fossilized skull.

Burton raced home to further clean and examine his find.  On the way, he dreamed off the cover of National Geographic and maybe a Jay Leno interview! He was going to be famous.  But when he got home and in the better light, Burton realized that what he discovered was much more shocking and frightening – he had stumbled upon a Bigfoot fossil!

While Burton will tell this story to everyone who will listen, he suspiciously refuses to show the fossil to anyone.

1932, Navajo Nation, Utah: Bigfoot Chased by Hail of Bullets


1932, Navajo Nation, Utah: Bigfoot Chased by Hail of Bullets

At dusk an alarm rang out in the town, what today is Monument Valley, that there was a monster loose.

Quickly, an armed group of men were mobilized and running in the direction of the sighting.  A few pick up trucks followed.  The woman who saw the creature stood, shaking, pointing to the outcropping of rocks.  The men crept into range.  The leader, Jack Doli, called out for the creature to come out.

The response came in the form of a blood curdling scream and then a volley of rocks.  Doli gave the order to fire.  The creature’s hiding place was riddled with a hail of shotgun buckshot and pistol bullets.

As everyone paused to reload, they heard terrible sounds.  It was determined that the hiding monster was wounded and possibly incapacitated.   The posse approached the rocks, they only found some blood splatters and large footprints that lead off into the mesquite.