1967, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, Florida: Bigfoot Witnessed Eating Bones


1967, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, Florida: Bigfoot Witnessed Eating Bones

Calvin Bothers was driving near Waccasassa Bay Preserve when he pulled off the road to relieve himself.  He walked about 50 yards from his pickup to do his business behind a tree, keeping an eye on the road.  Just as he finished with his duty, he heard something that caught his attention.

The noises were coming from farther off the road.  The noises were a cross between a cow chomping its cud, a pig rooting, and a dog gnawing on a rawhide.  Thinking that he was about to see some wild boar or other large creature, Bothers sneaked toward the noises’ location.

Just as he leaned around a big tree, he gasped loudly.  Sitting on a broken stump just a few feet away from him was a large Bigfoot biting large bones in half.  Bothers recalled the terrible stink of the creature more than any concern for his personal well being. 

Bothers watched the monster gobble a few thick white bones, before he felt he was going to vomit from the powerful odor.  Bothers carefully turned around and quietly made his way back up the hill toward the road. 

Later, when Bothers returned with his rifle and his friend Kevin Duncan, they found no evidence of any creature or boney meal.


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