1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees


1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees

Luke Melba was hiking around Lake Wappapello when he heard some strange noises up ahead of him.  He figured the grunting and hooting came from excited teenagers having a bit of a romp in the woods.  But as he approached and the noises increased in volume and intensity, Melba began to doubt his conclusion.

When he heard the bark scraping, like a dog trying to run on polished hardwood floors, Melba knew that there was an animal or animals out there.  Possibly several attempting to climb a tree to escape detection.

Melba stepped off the path to investigate. A few yards into the woods, he claims that he saw a large blonde hairy Bigfoot halfway up a large tree. He stood and watched as the creature labored upward. Luke Melba recognized the massive body and long limbs as a Bigfoot immediately.  While he never believed in the existence of the monster prior to this sighting, he has spent the ensuing years attempting to contact the creature.

His wife appreciates having so many weekends free as Luke joins other Missouri Bigfoot enthusiasts in organized hunts.

3 thoughts on “1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees

  1. Chuck. I grew up around lake Wappappelo in the Ozarks of Mo. Southeast Mo and the closest town there, Poplar Bluff Mo are known as the gateway to the Ozarks. There you will find 3 National Parks: The Irish Wilderness The Mark Twain National Park and The Ozark National Scenic Riverway. I return to those areas ever deer season. And no doubt, it is one of the Squatchiest areas that no one ever speaks of. Great Find, Big Fan as always. MKB.

  2. I was checking out the Irish Wilderness area a few days ago and I thought the exact same thing…Squatchy!!!! Has anyone ever heard of reports in the area…many years ago before the clear cut possibly?

  3. I swear that I seen a bigfoot below wappapello dam drinking out of a fresh water stream that flows into the river this was about a week ago then it went up the ridge and then a really loud grunt and really loud and continuous knocking sound.

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