1919, Boomer Hill Area, Oregon: Bigfoot Seen Eating Beehive


1919, Boomer Hill Area, Oregon: Bigfoot Seen Eating Beehive

Buck Troll and his brother Heck Troll were fledgling Oregon moonshiners. Not that they were very adept at concocting the stuff. In fact, they nearly blew themselves up with their second still. The first failed due to lack of piping.

Their third still was brewing up nicely. Buck arrived to relieve his brother for the afternoon, since Heck had an appointment with a judge. As the two brothers exchanged their scant pleasantries, there came a loud commotion from a few yard behind their stillhouse.

Heck grabbed the shotgun as he followed Buck toward the noise. Both stood in wordless amazement at what they saw. A 12 to 18 foot man creature was pulling at the large honeybee hive hanging in the upper branches of one of the trees. The creature was entirely covered in thick stringy hair which smelled like the bottom of a fish barrel.

Heck started laughing something awful when he saw the monster finally pop the beehive from the branch and stuff it into its gigantic mouth. Buck did not laugh on account of being so scared. Buck knew what he was looking at, while Heck did not. See, Buck was the older brother and grew up knowing about the Boomer Hill Monster.

A creature so fierce it would eat whole beehives including the bees and not care one whit if it got stung in the mouth or the throat or the belly! Now Buck was face to face with his worst nightmare, he was too scared to run.  But not too scared to knock the shotgun out of his damn fool of a brother’s hand, when Heck leveled it at the creature.

Heck’s yell in protest scared the Boomer Hill Monster, Buck figures, because the creature leaped from the tree and took off like a stuck pig into the woods. Buck refused to return to the stillhouse ever again, even through Heck assured him the creature never returned.

1967, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, Florida: Bigfoot Witnessed Eating Bones


1967, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, Florida: Bigfoot Witnessed Eating Bones

Calvin Bothers was driving near Waccasassa Bay Preserve when he pulled off the road to relieve himself.  He walked about 50 yards from his pickup to do his business behind a tree, keeping an eye on the road.  Just as he finished with his duty, he heard something that caught his attention.

The noises were coming from farther off the road.  The noises were a cross between a cow chomping its cud, a pig rooting, and a dog gnawing on a rawhide.  Thinking that he was about to see some wild boar or other large creature, Bothers sneaked toward the noises’ location.

Just as he leaned around a big tree, he gasped loudly.  Sitting on a broken stump just a few feet away from him was a large Bigfoot biting large bones in half.  Bothers recalled the terrible stink of the creature more than any concern for his personal well being. 

Bothers watched the monster gobble a few thick white bones, before he felt he was going to vomit from the powerful odor.  Bothers carefully turned around and quietly made his way back up the hill toward the road. 

Later, when Bothers returned with his rifle and his friend Kevin Duncan, they found no evidence of any creature or boney meal.