2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs


2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs

Gerry Gaol and his girlfriend Chloe Chang were half way up Burger Peak Summit. They stopped to eat their lunch.  While they were unpacking their sandwiches, Chloe heard strange growling.  Gerry swears he saw dust and rocks fall from above them.

When Gerry called out to alert whomever was climbing above them, they were below, he was answered by a terrible howl.  Then a barrage of twigs and clumps of grass came falling down on them.  Completely ruining their lunch.  Gerry lost his temper. He started shouting obscenities at the person above.

Chloe cried out as she saw the looming shadow fall over them.  Gerry saw the actual creature.  It was a Bigfoot climbing above them throwing twigs and branches at them.  Chloe and Gerry had no choice to be backtrack down the mountain.  They plan on trying again in the near future.