1990, Lava Beds National Monument, California: Hiker Discovers Bigfoot Cave Art


1990, Lava Beds National Monument, California: Hiker Discovers Bigfoot Cave Art

Experienced caver John Stromberg was exploring a series of interconnected caves in Lava Beds National Monument. He was mapping the cave system for his own amusement.

As he diligently made his way through the caverns, he came upon chamber that took his breath away.

He came upon three walls worth of elaborate cave art. All of it carved and colored with berry stains. The figures seemed to depict a tribe of hairy, ape creatures as they moved across a great expanse.

Stromberg immediately understood that he came upon a sacred spot for an ancient tribe of Bigfoot. He sat down and copied the carvings the best he could, detailing and tracing the images.

Unfortunately, his notes and tracings were all destroyed when he fell into a deep cave pool. He has been unable to find the chamber again, though he returns to the cave system often to try to located it again


1979, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho: Hiker Stumbles Upon Burrowing Bigfoot


1979, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho: Hiker Stumbles Upon Bigfoot Cave

Noah Garrett was hiking around Craters of the Moon National Monument. Garrett walked all day and as the sun began to set, stopped to have his packed dinner.  He estimates he was about half way Snow and Spatter Cones.

As he sat watching the sunset, he heard a great deal of crunching. According to his report, the sounds seemed to come from underground.  The best description he gave was that the sound was similar to a gerbil running on its wheel if the wheel were placed on a fine gravel driveway. And it seemed to be coming from just a few inches below where he sat.

Barrett was more annoyed than he was curious, but he started to investigate the noise.  Crawling along slowly, Barrett followed the path of the crunching.  Eventually, it led him to the edge of a 25 to 30 foot drop.  As he peered over the side, Barrett saw a very hair paw push through the side of the drop.  Then a hairy head emerged.  Clearly, Barrett saw he was looking at a burrowing Bigfoot.

The creature fell out of its hole.  Once on the bottom of the small ravine, it shook violently, like a dog getting out of a bath, before stretching slowly.  The creature looked around, but did not see Garrett watching from above.  After a few minutes of rest, the Bigfoot started digging like a mole into the opposite side of the ravine.  In a matter of seconds, the whole massive monster disappeared into the earth again.

Barrett is convinced that most, if not all, Bigfoot live underground in this manner, which explains a lot about them.