1964, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina: Camper is Kissed By Bigfoot


1964, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina: Camper is Kissed By Bigfoot

Jake and Lindsey Cannon were camping with their new Airstream camper in the Great Smoky Mountains.  On the first night of their stay, Lindsey said she heard someone prowling around the camper.  Leaves and twigs cracking as someone shuffled around.  Jake, a deep sleeper, reassured Lindsey that if she really did hear something, it was most likely a couple of raccoons.

The next night, Lindsey was up reading a book. Again she heard the shuffling around outside. This time, she woke up her husband.  Just as he was putting on his robe to check outside, the both heard something scrape along the window side of the camper.  The sound was like nails on a chalk board.  Jake yelled loudly, trying to startle whatever was scratching the metal outside.

Instead of scaring the animal, the creature let out a long snort.  Then began to slap and push on the side of the camper with such force that the Airstream rocked back and forth. Lindsey screamed in terror, which seemed to stop the assault.

As soon as it was light enough to see, Lindsey and Jake went out to examine the side of the camper.  There were large footprints in the dirt.  And there were large hand prints on aluminum panels.  But the weirdest part, there were two gigantic lip impressions on the small window.  Like an ape kissed the camper.

Jake and Lindsey left the Smoky Mountains that same day.

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