1997, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri: Bigfoot Tree Knocking Explained


1997, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri: Bigfoot Tree Knocking Explained

Danny Katay was hiking through Mark Twain forest. He had heard this time of year two Bigfoot were often seen. The theory was that they were migrating West.

Katay neither heard nor saw any Bigfoot activity nor evidence. Until he heard three distinct tree knocks. He raced toward the direction of the knocking.

Katay came upon a clearing and saw the two Bigfoot. One over 12 feet tall and the small one closer to 9 feet. They were both holding large rocks in their massive hands. They took turns throwing the rocks at a nearby tree. The force of the rocks took the bark off the side of the tree.

Katay thinks that he discovered the origin of the majority of the tree knocking phenomenon. It is target practice. The Bigfoot must use rocks in hunting and defense.


2001, Forked Run State Park, Ohio: Rocks Thrown at Hunters


2001, Forked Run State Park, Ohio: Rocks Thrown at Hunters

Vinny Dick, Jr and his hunting buddy Danny Drake had set up their tree stands a few hours before sunrise. They were already four beers into their twelve pack and had not seen a single white tail bopping around the forest. The pair drank in silence. Waiting.

The first rock hit the tree next to Dick’s head. Shards of stone and bark hit the side of his face. The second and third rocks hit Drake in the chest and shoulder. The impact made him drop his rifle to the forest floor.

The rocks flew fast and furious after the gun hit the ground. Dick managed to stand up and shout that he was going kill who ever was throwing rocks them. He managed to get that out before a rock knocked his hat off and broke his nose.

Drake jumped from the tree sit and rolled his ankle pretty badly. He managed to crawl behind some boulders that shielded him from the barrage. Dick was not so lucky, he tried to climb down the rope ladder, but kept getting pelted in the back and legs with rocks.

Dick was bruised and bleeding when he hit the ground. By the time he crawled over to the hiding spot next to Drake, the rocks had stopped, but he howling began. At that point, it became clear that the two had been under attack from an angry Bigfoot.

Dick thinks that the Bigfoot wanted to hunt that same area and was upset by competition. Drake is thankful to be alive, really.

2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs


2000, Burger Peak Summit, Utah: Climbers Hit With Twigs

Gerry Gaol and his girlfriend Chloe Chang were half way up Burger Peak Summit. They stopped to eat their lunch.  While they were unpacking their sandwiches, Chloe heard strange growling.  Gerry swears he saw dust and rocks fall from above them.

When Gerry called out to alert whomever was climbing above them, they were below, he was answered by a terrible howl.  Then a barrage of twigs and clumps of grass came falling down on them.  Completely ruining their lunch.  Gerry lost his temper. He started shouting obscenities at the person above.

Chloe cried out as she saw the looming shadow fall over them.  Gerry saw the actual creature.  It was a Bigfoot climbing above them throwing twigs and branches at them.  Chloe and Gerry had no choice to be backtrack down the mountain.  They plan on trying again in the near future.

1979, Neches River, Texas: Cappy Soileau Gets a Spider Bite While Looking at Two Bigfoot


1979, Neches River, Texas: Cappy Soileau Gets a Spider Bite While Looking at Two Bigfoot

“I was just walking along one morning,” Cappy Soileau told us while picking at he teeth with a toothpick, “pretty much minding my own business.  When what do I spy but a couple of figures out over across the river.  First, I thought they were just teeny boppers, since they were throwing rocks at a plastic bag caught on some rocks.  They were not doing a good job of hitting anything other than the water.”

“I was just about to call out, ‘Hey you hooligans, stop throwing rocks, you could hurt someone,’ when they both stood fully upright.  Erect they were over 10 or 12 feet tall and super dark.  Pitch.  Like they were made from suits of the dark starless night.  It frightened me, I am not too proud to tell you.”

“I know I thought it at the time, but I know it now, they were Bigfoots.  One of them squatted down for a spell, while the other one hugged a tree.  Don’t know what or why they were doing that.  But as soon as I could get my wits about me, I turned tail and ran.  Ran as fast as I could, until I was out of the woods and back in my car. Even then, I did not feel safe.”

“So that is my Bigfoot story.  Gave me the worst scare of my life. And while I was fleeing the scene over by the river, I got a nasty spider bite on my neck.  Took almost a month to stop itching.  No matter about that, though, I know I think I saw a couple of Bigfoot that day.”