1997, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri: Bigfoot Tree Knocking Explained


1997, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri: Bigfoot Tree Knocking Explained

Danny Katay was hiking through Mark Twain forest. He had heard this time of year two Bigfoot were often seen. The theory was that they were migrating West.

Katay neither heard nor saw any Bigfoot activity nor evidence. Until he heard three distinct tree knocks. He raced toward the direction of the knocking.

Katay came upon a clearing and saw the two Bigfoot. One over 12 feet tall and the small one closer to 9 feet. They were both holding large rocks in their massive hands. They took turns throwing the rocks at a nearby tree. The force of the rocks took the bark off the side of the tree.

Katay thinks that he discovered the origin of the majority of the tree knocking phenomenon. It is target practice. The Bigfoot must use rocks in hunting and defense.


1963, Table Rock Lake, Missouri: Bigfoot Almost Causes an Accident


1963, Table Rock Lake, Missouri: Bigfoot Almost Causes an Accident

Erica Clemons was driving from her family’s campsite near Table Rock Lake. She was cruising along Bread Tray Mountain Road on her way to the small local grocery store to pick up a can opener that her husband forgot to pack.

It was early evening and the sun was just about to set, Erica took note of the way the sun played in the trees. Just as her car turned around a steep bend in the road, she slammed on her brakes. The family’s station wagon screeched and swerved in to the other lane.

Standing in the middle of the road, about twenty five yards from Erica’s front bumper was a gigantic Bigfoot. Erica had heard her husband tell the kids bedtimes stories about the gentle monster that lived in the Missouri woods. She did not approve of the stories then, and now looking creating her very own story, she was even more upset.

Erica remembers waving at the Bigfoot to move. She yelled through her closed windows. The creature seemed to shrug at her before continue its slow lumbering pace across the road. Erica remembers thinking that it really did seem the Bigfoot was taking his time on purpose.

1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees


1999, Lake Wappapello, Missouri: Blonde Bigfoot Spotted Climbing Trees

Luke Melba was hiking around Lake Wappapello when he heard some strange noises up ahead of him.  He figured the grunting and hooting came from excited teenagers having a bit of a romp in the woods.  But as he approached and the noises increased in volume and intensity, Melba began to doubt his conclusion.

When he heard the bark scraping, like a dog trying to run on polished hardwood floors, Melba knew that there was an animal or animals out there.  Possibly several attempting to climb a tree to escape detection.

Melba stepped off the path to investigate. A few yards into the woods, he claims that he saw a large blonde hairy Bigfoot halfway up a large tree. He stood and watched as the creature labored upward. Luke Melba recognized the massive body and long limbs as a Bigfoot immediately.  While he never believed in the existence of the monster prior to this sighting, he has spent the ensuing years attempting to contact the creature.

His wife appreciates having so many weekends free as Luke joins other Missouri Bigfoot enthusiasts in organized hunts.

1890, Bollinger Mill, Missouri: Man Assaulted While Crossing Burfordville Covered Bridge


1890, Bollinger Mill, Missouri: Man Assaulted While Crossing Burfordville Covered Bridge

Sandy Sparks, an employee at the Bollinger Mill, was walking home from his shift grinding corn.  He stopped on the Burfordville bridge to smoke a cigarette before making the walk uphill toward home.

Sparks admitted that he was not paying close enough attention to have seen which way it came from, but suddenly he was being attacked by a hairy ape-thing.  The creature, completely covered in hair and smelling like manure, was pummeling him with large meaty fists.

Caught unawares, Sparks suffered for nearly a minute under this hairy attack.  But quickly, Sparks recovered his wits and fought back.  Sparks prided himself on his boxing abilities, which he honed while in a prison camp during the great war between the States.

Sparks quickly turned the tables and made short order of his ape attacker.  Sparks delivered furious blows and eventually landed a knockout punch.  It was this punch that sent the beaten apeman over the railing of the bridge, falling the 14 feet into the Whitewater River.

Sparks watched as the ape creature sank like a stone.

1975, Joplin Missouri, MoMo Bigfoot Creature

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Steven MacFowl says that a large hairy, “from head to toes completely covered in long spindly hair,” creature was walking down the middle of the two lane highway that leads to his Joplin Missouri home. The creature stood in front of MacFowl’s car, perfectly still, in the headlights for several minutes. MacFowl flashed his headlights and tooted the horn with no reaction from the creature. Suddenly the monster broke into a sprint headed right at MacFowl’s car. MacFowl gunned the engine and managed to swerve to avoid hitting the beast. MacFowl’s car suffered minor front end damage when he drove it off the side of the road. MacFowl was informed by the local Sheriff that several other sightings of the Missouri MoMo were reported that same night.